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 Updated: 2/17/02:

New Fallen

Hah, about 20 minutes short of midnight I finally get my Sunday update in. I'm so proud of me. Revel in my goes at humor. And find out why the chapter's called "ink and metal." *snicker*
I almost feel bad about it... I did Faustus' character design a long time ago and now I almost feel like I'm dirtying him. Poor fellow.

... well, not really.

I was added onto the fingerlicking links loop! I feel so special! After several minutes of poking at html that I can't really comprehend, I got the little scroll bar-y thing to cooperate with my site. So the FLL links are over on the main fallen page. ^^ (about 2 hours later: WAITasec. Okay, I deleted something out of the html that I shouldn't have. I'll play with the scroll-y thing later. Until then, just lookit the pretty Target icon-y thing and don't send e-mails saying "hey! this doesn't work")

There was something relatively pointless that I wanted to say, but I can't remember what it is.

hm. ah well.

I finally got around to updating my elfwood gallery... there's nothing there that hasn't been posted here, but comments are always appreciated. ^^;

Ah yes... and from Wednesday to Saturday I will be in California looking at colleges that I will never be able to get into. So don't expect me to me moving around. But we get to stay in Japan Town! I love japan town so much... it reminds me so much of Japan... except with occasional white people. ^^;

Spike. Kicks. Ass. X_x

In other webcomic-tacular news....
New trippy
return to sender page... so much happiness...
... and
SoF. Because SoF always kicks ass.


Torg got shot down. Ouch.

And DDR and spoofs thereof are always obscenely badass. XD

mwah. loofah.


Updated: 2/15/02:
(fridayy... sleep... zzzz... flkhbr945hjjjjjjjjjjj)

I half assedly colored that picture of Dae. Yay. Lalala.

Hm, okay.

For the past week or so I've been getting these hits from this place spiked art and for the life of me I couldn't figure out who was linking me.... well, I finally found out. And frankly, it depresses me. Melissa 'Spike' Erikson remembers me from when I used to update my elfwood page. And.... and... she kicks my ass. In fact, she kicks everyone's ass. I've never seen photorealistic art done like that. My brain hurts thinking about it. Why must the gods mock me so??

it burrnnnss.....

I want my tablet back. *cry*


... oh, codnuggets.

Updated: 2/14/02: (10:45 pm)
(quick! hide the children!)

I skipped my math homework, but I finished coloring the picture... and that's all that matters.

I must say, I've begun to thoroughly enjoy my yearly tradition of drawing Izzy in lingerie for Valentine's Day.
...So have my
Valentine's Day picture. Please keep the small children away-- Izzy tends to have a very bad effect on them. Gives them bad ideas and all.

And for all those of you new here who don't get what's with the black shouldered kite Avian Kin in the corner... his name's Erros. As in Eros, as in Cupid, as in Greek/Roman god of love. Bad pun. Bad Aido, no cookie.

My work here is done. I hope your brains have been muchly warped. ^^


Updated: 2/14/02 (6:30 pm)
(local news never ceases to amaze me.)

I couldn't resist scanning this in. XD It's comforting to know that stupidity is universal... Okay, so it's not that comforting...

I have my annual scary Valentine's day picture, but it's not done yet. I'll scan it in later.... I'm covered in black paint at the moment. Gonna go take a shower.



Updated: 2/12/02
(Happy New Year!)

Okay, so I'm not Chinese. I'm not even full blooded Japanese... still, I gotta do the mandatory "woohoo, it's a new year, let's make Aido draw a card to send the weird relatives overseas!"-thing. I'm not good at equines. And I couldn't find a reference picture. Nrgg.

So, happy year of the Horse. May it be full of horse-y goodness and whatever- the- year- of- the- horse- is- supposed- to- bring- which- I- don't- know- but- I- should- because- I- find- that- kind- of- stuff- interesting- and- I- read-Strings of Fate- religiously.

Oh, and have some doodles. The paper on this one got crumpled because the sub for my physics teacher tried to take it from me... I think I edited out all of the crinkles in the paper. >_o My school's doing West Side Story for the annual spring musical... I'm not actually in the play because I can't sing worth a cheese doodle, but I get to paint the stage, inadvertently get high off of paint fumes, laugh while everyone messes up their choreography, get free food, and most importantly, look important. Of course, all while being covered in black paint.

I'm so versatile.

And, uhm. Qez as a kid. My friend has a little button on her bag that says "hopscotch." I thought it was cute and deserved a doodle.

And I remembered why I don't work in black. No Megan, no Hannibal Lector mask. I never watched those movies. Nor do I plan to. Drapey clothing is immensely entertaining.


AaaaAaaaAAaaannd.... that's it.

Happy new year. And for all those of you who live in states where fireworks are legal... go play with fireworks.

Stupid New Jersey... nrgg.


PS... Oh, and thanks fer pointing out that error in the comic, Nanaki. ^^
PPS... Really, I swear I'll get cracking at the rest of my
e-mail... really..... >_>;


Updated: 2/10/02:
(must-go-or-will-die! o_0 )

I always feel really unfulfilled if I don't update weekly. So have one uncolored page. Woohoo.


uhm, yeah.




Updated: 2/8/02:
(*choke-choke-gag-fallover* )

New banners for Fallen

Link to the comic. Link to the comic now.



I redid the update area. It was getting a bit to big to have that toolbar-y thing at the top.

Yay, doodles. Dae doesn't like english class. hehe.

Take the What Color Dragon Should You Ride? Quiz
Made By: myway and teza

I'm suddenly having fond memories of my old blue perneese dragon, Draith. *reminiscent sigh* As well as Caineth and Esbeth.... ( it just me or is that dee dreslough's art..? I mean, it doesn't matter... most of her art is free to take anyway... lalala...)

In other news, Slimu's ultra-Netscape-hating Slime Mansion is open once again! .... not like I can view 80% of the pages or anything. Ye-ah. His comic is updated as well, since the site has been on a month-long hiatus. It's just that it's so.... slow..... X_x

Aww, what a cute little weed, how adorab-- *chomp* GYAAH!

Hm. I don't know if I'll be able to squeeze in a comic update this weekend. I have SAT-class both Sunday and Monday and I haven't done my mandatory 3 hours of homework yet plus I have to do a bunch of illustrations for the school newspaper, redraw a birthday picture, draw and color a guest-strip, write an english essay, drown some puppies....

y'know, the usual.

ugh... sleep.... I've fallen asleep in physics, history, and english nearly every day this week.

Must go and dream of John Stewart....

Mmmm, daily show.




Updated: 2/6/02:
(buffy=sex=happiness. XD )

uhm. ignore the title.


I've realized that all I ever do on this pseudo-blog is complain about life and post crappy doodles I draw at school.

And I've realized something else.

I'm not going to stop.


Moving on... have some crappy doodles! Yay! I drew Reijt being all firey and random and spirally on the back of my notebook. Ooooo. I hate scanning in cardboard. >_o
And I started drawing this thing Meg has started calling
"Kitty-Void" all over my notes. It's Void... but being all chibi and cat-like. It scares the crap outta Megan and therefore has entertainment value. Yeah, I have a pack of crayons with me at all times at school.

And another thing. I set up my tracker 3 days ago. Within a half hour I'd gotten one hit from google... a person looked up "Mewtwo sex" and was led to my site. I don't know whether to be humored or deeply, deeply shamed.

I think I'll go with deeply shamed.
(note: I've mentioned one and the other, but not the two together. Mewtwo is good. Mewtwo sex is bad. Get it right.)

Oh, and more random search engine stuff-- go to google and type in "mini fridge." You'd think you'd get some kinda refrigerator/household appliance company, but noooooo... you get this site. How about that. XD


...My mom got dreamweaver... I think I'll play with that over the weekend. Maybe I'll figure out some way to make the galleries quicker.

but then again, there is no cure for procrastination.

*sad laugh*

Read Return to Sender. Nifty nifty badass comic. Yes.


... I get an average of 180-210 unique hits per day. I'm really confused. Why am I getting so many people at my site if all I do is complain and post crap?

You people are weird.


... I love each and every one of you.

I gotta go and try to draw Kenshin. Again.


ps... oh, and for all of those of you wondering about the underpants gnome comic I posted the other day... it really has little to do with southpark, I swear. A friend and I were asked to do a comic for the newspaper about a series of somewhat-serious thefts that have been occurring at m' school... and that's the explanation we came up with. Underpants gnomes and bunnies. Damned creatures.


Updated: 2/3/02:
(ignore me.)

I got a tracker! Huzzah!

dunt ask.




Updated: 2/02/02:
(uhm. huzzah!)

New Fallen

Ookie, my groundage has been lifted. Yippee. I have my SAT class tomorrow at 9:00. Not yippee.

Ah. the annoyances of life.

Anywho, with the comic, I did title pages for all of the sections except for the new ones in part 2. Depending on how much time I have over the week (which will probably be zero) I'll try and do the ones for part two as well.

Any Tony the Tiger jokes and I'll have your head on a stick.

click to take it! I feel so cool.



Here's Gabe. Sane Guardian. *laughs* Who needs 'em.

And here. Have some wannabe smut. ^^;;;;


Oh-oh! And read Bite Me! Nifty nifty webcomic! The art's a bit angular for my taste, but the script is so well written and witty and silly and.... just read it. Claire is nuts. XD


I really shouldn't do this, but some people should seriously be mildly ridiculed. I've heard from a bunch of people that they have the Two Towers, none of them actually had it. Plus brain-warping grammar and shorthand outta the wazoo. X_x

... Wait, I take it back. Someone just found her (apparently it's a she) website. Go and laugh. Laugh long and hard. And then send flames. Many many flames.

Oh by the way... stealing is illegal. Just incase you didn't know.

... okay, that's about it.



Oh, wait... I'm not done yet. It seems that Sauron and Legolas and Aragorn and a ringwraith and Gollum and Merry and the one ring and... well everyone else has livejournals. And they're hilarious. Especially Gollum and the one ring.


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