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Updated: 12/29/03:
(Happy Birthday to Me. Again.)

This is depressing. Aido goes and finds a more interesting place to complain and suddenly the MFoD isn't good enough. Three months later, she leaves it to me to update.

Oh, hello. It's Pyr again. I get to do my yearly update thing. Also depressing that I usually get to update on my birthday, which happened to be three days ago.

So? So. In reality, I have nothing to say. Aido's still alive, she still updates Fallen on occasion. She enjoys going to RIT and does interesting things in her classes. (By the way, that file happens to be 60MB.) And me? I've been busy. Quite busy, in fact. Aido doesn't help much.

Anyway, if you haven't seen it already, check out my guest strip for Fallen.

page 1 | page 2 | page 3 | page 4

Yep. G'nite then.


Updated: 9/19/03:

Arr, it be International Talk Like a Pirate Day. I hope ye landlubbers 'ev been talkin' like pirates. Me, ay've been wearin' me pirate bandana all day.



Updated: 9/18/03:

Sorry, haven't been very motivated to blog lately. >_o I really don't have much to say, either. I've been spending my time slacking from both homework and comic. And I haven't been getting much sleep. Which makes me very uninteresting to listen to.

Thank you to everyone who sent e-mails of support. I must have gotten 60 or so in the past several days. It really means a lot to me. I think the thing's basically worked through. Many thanks to everyone.

By the way, if anyone, anyone at all wants to buy me Endless Nights... I will love you forever. >_> *coughStefan*

And in conclusion.... Lance in outer space, the evil peanut race, corned beef antelope.


Updated: 9/10/03:
(just what I needed.)

I just can't seem to get away from this kind of shit. Every six months to a year, the same girl pops up, accusing me of copying her intellectual property. And it seems that she's gone and paid for the copyrights for my creations AND she has a lawyer, too.

I hate this. I hate this.

There's nothing I can do now but wait and feel sorry for myself. I feel so useless.

In 2000 and 2001, this girl nearly drove me off the internet. I won't let that happen. If not for me, then for the people who appreciate my work. I will not be beaten, goddammit.

Go ahead and check out the links posted, here, and here. She didn't even have the DECENCY to change the blurb at the world or make a new map.

Updated: 9/8/03:
(into the dark, black Schnider...)

New Fallen

Before I do anything, a quote from Sett.

"I do have some hairy frenchman perfume that came with my suit, though. It smells like a hairy frenchman drinking coffee and has a picture of a hairy, naked frenchman drinking coffee on it."


Well, I found it amusing.

So, anywho. I've been hanging out with people far more interesting and cool with myself. Had an interesting time watching Bastard!, which was thoroughly MST-ed and generally made fun of. That mixed with DDR was the source of today's title.

I thought I'd have something more interesting to say... but alas. I am not an interesting person.

Hmm. I'm sleepy. And thus...


Updated: 9/2/03:

I suppose I should post something to tell you people I'm alive... eh-heh...

Okay, so I arrived at RIT on Sunday. It is now technically Wednesday. Things are going relatively well, I get along with my roommate and I am currently desperately trying to make friends. And have succeeded. Kinda.

I live on the 6th floor. The elevator doesn't like to work. It's a pain in the ass to climb up all those damned stairs. I've spent the past three days being exhausted.

Went to a thingie hosted by the Anime Club tonight, which was nifty keen. They're my kind of people. Kinda nutty, very geeky.

Haven't actually sat down and drawn since I got here. Feel guilty about that. I'll get started soon enough. But not now, because I'm exhausted and incoherent.

In other news, this is the ugliest thing I've ever seen. It must be six or seven stories high. And it's RIGHT in the middle of campus.

In other other news, check out my sweet pad. One, two, three.

Tino and STEEEEEVE should be coming relatively soon. I'm looking forward to seeing them.

Whoo, bed now.

Oh yah and the Altermeta comic is up. It's silly.

Updated: 8/29/03:

Oookay, this is it. Wynthrop is getting packed away. We're going to pack the car up soon. No more computer for me until I get to RIT.

Deep breaths... deeeeep breaths....

(oh yes, and don't expect a Fallen update. Wasn't able to do the page. I was, however, able to do the guest comic for Altermeta. So look for that some time in the future.)

Updated: 8/29/03:

Not... getting.... anything... done.... X_x

Hmm. I said I'd work on a page for Fallen this week so I could update it on Sunday while I'm getting set up at college. Haven't started it yet. I don't even have most of the page written out. I have some of tomorrow free, but it's probably all going to be spent packing the car for the drive up on Saturday morning.

Wanted to draw a guest comic for Altermeta, too... which seems to have gone completely out the window. I'm still going to try my damnedest to do a pinup or SOMETHING for you, Casey...

And for pete's SAKE people, don't abandon the forum! ;_;

You guys are mean.

Right. *eh-hem* Art stuffs.

One. Redesigning Gesshoku Foxxis. One, two. The foxxis community seems to be building up again, although I'm probably going to wind up not doing anything yet again because of my schedule of pain. (yeesh, as though I didn't have enough characters to take care of...)

Two. I seem to be getting in the horrible habit of blogging my life as comics. (Bad Aido! Bad!) So, here's some things that happened on Tuesday (the perils of having an asian father) and Wednesday (bad touch! BAD TOUCH!). The one from Tuesday has horrible comedic timing. This is why I do not draw either a gag comic nor a generally "funny" comic.

Three. I had the most fantastically kickass dream about Pyr a few nights ago. Tried to put it down in comic-form, but then got discouraged from my 3-am art stylings and decided not to finish it. But I got some nice brush-pen doodles of him down anyway.

Four. Finally got up the gall to e-mail Cara Mitten after something like two years of not talking because the both of us were lazy and/or busy. She... is so cool. Still one of my big idols. Got inspired, drew this. Yeesh, it's been a long time since I drew m' dragon form. *reminiscent sigh*

Oh yes. And I forgive you, Steve. It's not your fault that you didn't know that I was so great when you were at Otakon. I blame it all on Tino. XD


(And my elfwood gallery is updated, by the way.)

Finished up Sandman today. I cried. Don't know whether the ending was sad or happy or whether I should just be miserable because there isn't anymore for me to read. Well, except for Endless Nights... there's always that to look forward to...

Updated: 8/26/03:
(damn, I suppose I AM a girl...)

Okay, four things, then I go to bed. Number one:

Elizabeth's Pirate fetish

You are... Elizabeth's pirate fetish. You're a secret, closet
fetish that no one knows about. Except maybe
Jack. Something about rum swigging, ne'er do
well cads gets your goat. It's okay, I'm sure
lots of people feel the EXACT same way. Really.

Which Pirates of the Caribbean Character's Unhealthy Fetish are YOU?
brought to you by

Number two: I would like to say how much in awe I am of Neil Gaiman. The man blogs from his cellphone. At a Renfaire no less. (one day, I swear I shall write him a piece of fanmail so fantastic, he shall be rendered completely speechless. But until then, I look forward to buying the last two Sandman books.)

Number three. Also from Mr. Gaiman's weblog. It is official, I am actually female. This doohickey evaluates your writing and tells you what gender you are. It got me 100% correct, every time. (which has to be something like 25 times by now.)

Number four. Also also from Mr. Gaiman's weblog. Nice Hair, a comic about people worth reading about. Adorable style. Go through the archives, there's some Sparrow-y goodness in there.

And that, as they say, is that.


Updated: 8/24/03:
(it is 4:00 am. do you know where... okay, bad attempt at humor.)

New Fallen

All galleries are updated. I haven't gotten off my ass since about 11:00.

Once again, this lifestyle is going to do me in.


Updated: 8/24/03:
(early update!)

New Fallen

Yep, an actual early update for once. (But only because I had that damned page finished on Thursday...) I'm currently working on finishing up updating ALL of the galleries at the Fallen site, then I'm going to go work on a new page of comic. And it's all because I love you people and want to be all set to entertain the masses when I go to college. O_O

I'm going to kill myself with this lifestyle, seriously...

O_@ arrr.


Updated: 8/23/03:

Okay, okay, okay, STEVE. There, you've been mentioned. >_> But just because you mentioned my name so many times in one sentence.

Jeez, it would've helped if you came and met me at Otakon, but nooooo.

Whine, whine, whine.

*snigger* by the way, I was kidding.

Updated: 8/21/03"
(*zombie*) killed my counter. It's gone now. doesn't seem to be working in the chibi Pyr department. He's gone now as well. At least for the time being.

I spent something like two hours yesterday working on one panel of fallen, and another five or so on the same panel today. The page is finished now, but I think it'll be saved for Sunday out of spite. The damned thing killed my brain.

Ever since I finished that page, I've been working nonstop on the galleries at the fallen site. I've most of the thumbnails done, at least. Which also... killed my brain. I have no idea how I have the capacity to type this at this very moment.

On a lighter note, check out Andrew's comic blog. He gave me a 2-comic long cameo. It pleases me. Despite my liquefied brain.

Also, after visiting his blog, I felt suddenly inclined to do my own biographical comic. So here's a comic of what I did in the past week. It's mildly entertaining. The file is also quite large, since I wrote quite small.

I have banner ads up at Grab Twist Pull, which also pleases me. It's written by Tino, a guy I met at Otakon who also happens to be going to RIT. If you want to find him in my con report, he was the guy in the Cabbit suit. Or the guy who was worshiping the bunny. Either one. He has DDR in his dorm room. He is my new best friend.

It is 1:30 am. I think that my mom is lurking around down stairs to pounce and yell at me for not going to bed sooner. Because, y'know, I'm completely irresponsible.

Er, yes. Sleep. Deliquefy brain.


Updated: 8/18/03:
(I'm a rebel. Teehee.)

New Fallen

Late comic update. Bad Aido. Baaad.


Updated: 8/14/03:

My pirate name is:

Black Anne Bonney

Like anyone confronted with the harshness of robbery on the high seas, you can be pessimistic at times. You can be a little bit unpredictable, but a pirate's life is far from full of certainties, so that fits in pretty well. Arr!

Hehe, that was entertaining.

I got my hair cut yesterday. Well, I got many hairs cut, actually. It used to be down to my waist. Now it's to my shoulders. It's all being donated. I did the same thing two years ago, but I don't remember it being this short... ;_;

Oh yeah, and I drew a really cute, really poorly drawn comic. Took me something like two hours. (short in comicking terms.) One, two.

Oh yeah, and I'm putting serious thought into getting t-shirts made for Fallen. I have been made aware of a place that will actually screen-print colored t-shirts (see:black) and a place that will sell the buggers for me.

Thaaat's it. Goodnight.


Updated: 8/12/03:

It's 3:30 am. Con report. Bed now.


Updated: 8/5/03:
(Otakon! XD )

Yes! Going to Otakon. I'll probably be in the artist alley most of the time. (or stalking the Machall guys...) Look for the short asian girl with glasses who brought way too much stuff. That's me. Also, sorry, no soundtracks. I've been well advised against bringing them because it could get me arrested. And plus I don't have time to burn them at this point anyway.

Last minute print: Suitachi, the lantern bearer. I love my gods.

Hmm. Received another one of those "omg if u dont send this to 20 peopl in 1 hour u'll have bad luck 4 SEVEN years!!!111" chain letters.

"Sorry, but this chain letter is for real.

When Anne Wichert got it for the first time, she ignored it and a week later the love of her life dumped her for no good reason so BEWARE, and just send the stupid letter!!!!!!"

I can't believe that I actually believed these things when I was 11. I mean, the person who sent it certainly did, looking at the 25 people s/he sent it to... yeeguz.


I'm leaving tomorrow afternoon, but don't expect me to be around before then. I'll be back Sunday night some time. I'm expecting you guys at the forum to behave.


Updated: 8/3/03:
(Pirate BOOTAH.)

New Fallen

Hmm. Otakon troubles have come up. It's now up in the air whether I'll be able to go. <insert long string of swear words here>

That said, have a chaos dragon. They're cute.

I really should redo the site layout before the summer's over. And update the galleries. Oy.


Updated: 8/1/03:
(Stuff to be sold at Otakon!)

Huzzah! Oookay, so here's a quick rundown of what I'm doing for Otakon.

First, as mentioned before, no costume for me. Boohoo. (John for some reason is going at Black Mage from FF1. Why, I have no idea. I still think he would make a mighty fine Sirius Black. But that's because I'm a fangirl.)

How-EVER, I will have my MASSIVE Bunny with Sharp Pointy Teeth with me, at least at my Artist Alley table. Like so. I will also be wearing this badass pair of wings at least one day. (Yes, I made them myself. Yes, you may pet them if you ask nicely.) Otherwise, I'm short, have glasses, and look kinda asian. (although I'm supposed to look native american without my glasses. >_> )

Anywho. I'm going to be selling b/w and color prints. I have a nice list going of what I'm making prints of, including this picture of Kaijyu which I drew especially for the event. I am also going to be selling little postcard-type marker things that I've been working on feverishly for the past week. Here's a few of my favorites: Reah, Singe, Taro, Faustus, Void, Chi. I'm working on a few actual anime characters at the moment.

By the way, markers hate me. And they've made my drawing desk into a warzone. Check it out.

If anyone wants them, I'm burning a few of my character soundtracks, since the people at the forum seemed pretty enthusiastic about it. Or you can just stop by Rey's place.

Plug time! Two badass comics: Damaged, Eidolic Fringe.

... I think that going to bed at 3:30 every night might be bad. Hmm. Must ponder this.


Updated: 7/31/03:
(oh, riiight.)

I said I'd show off photos, didn't I? And I completely forgot to do my usual 'hey I updated Fallen" announcement on Sunday, too. So I'll do that now. *ding!*

New Fallen

Okay, so photos.

There is no such thing as 'YIELD' in England, Scotland, or Wales. There is, however, in Ireland.
Coolest family crest...
Irony at work: A bookstore in what was once a crypt. Giant
Harry Potter display right in the middle of it.
Once again,
irony at work. At Eilan Dunan, niftiest castle ever.
This was on the side of a bank.
It scares me.
The highlands kicked ass. No, I didn't play with the saturation on this.
However, I did play with the
saturation on this.
this one as well.
stalked these people for a few blocks trying to get a good picture of them. >_>
Ah, Scotland.
So many sheep.
Coolest tower I've ever seen. So very evil... XD
I absolutely fell in love with my digital camera when I discovered that I could do
stuff like THIS on it in low-light conditions.
This was
our wakeup call on one of the last days in Ireland. A pair of doves sitting right outside our window. It was weeird. I didn't get the female in there. >_o
"Fun" things in the airport bathroom.

To try and appease my mom, I did my best not to show pictures of myself. Because that would be morally wrong or somesuch.

Yep, that's it. I'll talk about Otakon tomorrow. Which I'm still going to, by the way.


Updated: 7/26/03:
(bad forum! no cookie!)

Huzzah! I can FTP again! (sorry, would've updated the blurb sooner...)

Whooo.... okay, finally the site's back up. Couldn't control the downtime. Also, the forum went and died, so it's still up, just mostly empty. (It had to be restarted from a backup from May, which was when it was created... >_o )

Please post!

Oh yes, and if you had a special ranking or somesuch, please PM me to give it back to you, because it's most likely gone.

The UK? It was fun-tastic. And I wouldn't use such a stupid sounding word unless it was true. The trip was really great. I'm still going through photos, but I'll post a whole bunch for your viewing pleasure at a later date. Went to Stonehenge, Eilan Dunan (the coolest castle EVER), Loch Ness, York, Edinburgh, Dublin, a whole slew of other places... fun-fun-fun. I do wish we could've spent more time in York and Edinburgh... they're really nifty cities.

By the way... Pirates of the Caribbean is a sexy, sexy movie. I was so engrossed in Johnny Depp's character that I completely ignored Orlando Bloom. I love pirates.

Finally, is anyone going to Otakon this year? Apparently Slimu was going to go, but now he isn't and it makes me weep. I'm probably going to be hanging out in the artist alley the entire time, alone and costumeless. (*sniffle* I didn't have time to make a costume this year... >_> ) Please e-mail me if you're going or want to buy prints or something. I'm also going to try to bring a few of the character soundtracks, if anyone wants them. I'll just give one to you if you ask nicely. And if you pose with my Mr. Neutron-sized Rabbit With Sharp Pointy Teeth for a picture... >_>

Okay, off to start this weeks update... hoo-dee-dum...

Yess! I got my roommate's name! Now if only this 'Trisha' person would answer her phone...

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