In the past I've been mixed up in several instances where people have stolen my art or claimed it to be created/owned by them. This has upset me to no end. I've recently taken to branding my art with copyright information and my e-mail address to hopefully discourage potential thieves, but I know people will find a way around my efforts.

I can not stress this enough: all art and other material posted on this site is copyright to me unless otherwise noted. If you wish to display my art anywhere, it would be very appreciated if you would contact me before you do to avoid complications.

If you have any questions about copyrights, please first visit these sites:


What the government says about automatic copyrights

The law that protects internet material

10 myths about copyrights



True Stories font taken from:

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All art, material, and characters copyright to Kaido Rakaen unless noted otherwise.


Also, a special thanks to:

My mom, for supporting me through everything, helping me with the general layout of this site, just for being there, being a good friend... jeez, what's wrong with me? Is it okay to be friends with your parents? o_0;

Sett, for doing the layout of the galleries for me... I'm so useless. ^^; Also, thanks for just always being there and praising my art when think I suck.

Megan, for being my best friend! *hugs Megan and embarrasses her in front of everyone* Hehe....

Xay, for not going insane when times were at their worst, and for writing Revival, which I've been lucky enough to be a part of... and for just being an overall kikass person.

Etonia, for supporting me when I need it, for giving me cookies, for drawing me pictures, for being an overly-nice person. (which isn't a bad thing!)

Rai, for being a kikass person, drawing me nifty nifty stuff and being very artistically... erm, political. ^^;

Cara, for listening to my complaints, for being modest and giving people shit who need shit to be given to them.

And of course, to everyone else I forgot... for helping me, inspiring me, backing me up when times seemed hopeless, listening to my complaining, just being there. So thank you all. *gets all mushy*


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All art and other material posted on this site copyright 2001 to Kaido Rakaen unless otherwise noted.