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Artists who are better than you are: (in no particular order)

Cara Mitten: Not only have I been worshipping her art since I was 11 or 12, but she's one of the nicest people I've had the pleasure of talking to. She does mostly fantasy art, lotsa hyenas, too.

Slimu: I think Slimu sold his soul for artistic talent or something. People a year younger than me aren't allowed to be that good. >_< Anywho, he has great anime art and no matter what I say, he's a real sweetie.

Seby: Verra cute-chibi stuff... but not the kind that a person hides behind to mask that they can't draw... she's GOOOD. She doesn't upload anything to this gallery anymore, but I'm too lazy to go out and find a more current place. (and there's lotsa art here anyway)

Julie Dillon: Incredible anime art. If you're looking for tutorials on bodies, faces, hair, clothing, or digital coloring, this is your place.

Tochi: I came across her site by chance and I love her art. She has a really unique hybrid-anime style. Check out her manga, Strings of Fate! (I'm in love with Tony... but then again, everyone is. ^^; )

Pseudo Manitou: I find his art very appealing for some reason... it's highly stylized and most all of his pictures have some kind of purpose/moral to them. (PG-13)

Kyoht: Absolutely wonderful art. Mostly werewolves, coyote-type stuff.

Aja Williams: Ooh, drool-worthy stuff here. Lotsa anime-type furries. (PG-13)

Dee Dreslough: Free art, lotsa dragons, and some very nice tutorials.

Michael Whelan: Of course everyone's heard of Michael Whelan. He's been one of the foremost fantasy artists for the past 20 years or so.

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Rai-chan: Better known as Rachel Witter, she has some GREAT anime art. *nodnod*

Etonia: Rai's neighbor and one of the nicest people I've ever talked to.


John: Proof that if I was a guy everyone'd want to get into my pants.

Heather/Merf: I'm responsible for the nickname Merf... it came out of some kinca half-crazed conversation "way back when." Heather's claim for fame is being the creator of the Foxxis, whose popularity is growing. I'm Gesshoku Foxxis. ^^ She's also a great artist.

FireEyes: Really nice person, really good artist. I've actually known her for some time... she helped me work out quirks in the 'Fridge.

Mickey: Well, I'd like to say Mickey is my friend. She's a kickass artist I met at RISD... I stole her a couple times and made her draw me stuff.

Melissa Jewell: Melissa's always been nice to me. She's also a great artist. "For Dragons, by dragons." Well, this is more like an organization than anything, but I've been a member there since I was 11 or 12 or so, and a couple members I've met there are like family to me.


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Sluggy Freelance: This is probably one of the best web-comics out there. I'm also kinda partial because the guy lives somewhere near me. (I found a doodle he made at a local craft shop!) I've never met him, but... ah, well. It's been running since 1997.. if you want to read the whole thing, (which I reccomend) be prepared to set aside a several free hours.

Sabrina Online: An extremely well-done monthly comic. The artist is amazing. *nod* It's been translated into about... 6 languages now. (curses, I can't find a banner for it...)

Mory's Education: Jess Tuttle's webcomic! Worship Mordred! ^^

Strings of Fate: Tochi's wonderful wonderful online manga with not only a great plot but wonderful art as well. I highly suggest it to anyone. *tries to steal Tochi's talent* N'rrarr...

Deamonology 101: A really nice online manga that's been running for quite some time. It's REALLY addictive.

Directions of Destiny: Slimu's manga. The art is really professional looking. Damned prodigies. -.-

Bite me: Very silly and just obscenely well written. Vampires. And barmaids.

Return to Sender: Such pretty pretty nifty art... and it's all in blue! BLUE! ...and "Often" is just a cool name.

MacHall: Slackers in college. Fabulous art. Great humor. Quidditch.

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Just plain SPIFFY places:

Ain't it cool news: Everything you wanted to know about upcoming movies... and everything you didn't want to know, too. ^^ English is really trendy in Japan... the problem is no one knows how to speak it. ^^; Highly reccomended! (I love the softdrink ad that says "we can guarentee that our product will not kill you" )

Pocket bishounen: Gotta catch 'em all! XD

Mr. Man: A kikass series of flash animations... about Mr. Man.

H.I.N.T.: For everyone who likes Gundam Wing/believes Heero should be smothered in jam.

Peep Research: Fun research with those cute lil' marshmellow birds...

Bunny Survival Tests: The same thing as the Peep research page... except with bunnies. ^^

The Darwin Awards: Bettering society by taking your DNA out of the gene pool. There are 525,000 names in their data base, each having a name-personality analysis. Look up your name or find a name for a character.

Audio Reversal: See how satanic your music really is!

Human for Sale: How much are you worth? (not anything dirty, I swear!)

Googlism: Find out what people on the internet are saying about people with your name! A place to go when you're bored. ^^;

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Free web-Galleries:

Elfwood: The largest fantasy gallery on the net, home to over 8,500 fantasy artists, as well as sci-fi artists, and writers. I recommend joining to an ameture fantasy artist, it's a very friendly atmosphere.

VCL: The Vixen Controlled Library; home to furry artists... but be warned, there's a GREAT deal of yiff. Mostly rated PG-13 to R.

Yerf: Good stuff, they only accept the best furry artists. Which is a problem if you want to get in.

Side7: I personally don't like the place... they accept any kind of art, but the site is so frikin slow... it's really inconvenient.

Furnation: Nice place...furry stuff mostly.

YNA: I don't know much about this place, but it seems nice.

Fantasta: I completely forgot I have a gallery here... It's mostly in French, so I'm kinda lost.

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Flash sites:

Home Star Runner: It's kinda a required taste, you need to like completely ridiculous things. I happen to like completely ridiculous things. Watch the Strong Bad E-mails. Yesss.

Ninjai: EXTREMELY well done.

Orisinal: Cute flash games. Good place to kill a LOT of time.

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Artists who are better than you are
Just plain SPIFFY places

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