Name: Kaido Rakaen. Aido is good. Call me that.

Nicknames: Aido, Kai, Dragon-girl, Pervy elf-fancier, etc..

Gender: female

Birth date: April 25th, 1985. Born in year of the Bull. (moo.) Currently 18.

Sign: Taurus (double moo.)

Physical: 5'2", half Japanese, glasses, straight long dark hair with random short bangs in face mainly because of a tendency to pull out hair while under stress. Wears far too many silver dragon-y rings for her own good. Loves clothing with immense amounts of pockets. And thumbholes. Those, too.

Location: Northern NJ. Soon to be Rochester, NY. (Got accepted to the Rochester Institute of Technology! Gonna be an animator! All is well in the world!)

Food: Japanese food, (sushi, udon, gyoza, mochi, edamame...) japanese snack food, (pocky, gumi, rice crackers, bean cakes...) very very undercooked steak, eggplant parmesan, a good new england clam chowder, nearly anything with potatoes in it, nearly any kind of pie, bacon.

Music: Relatively unworldly in the ways of music. Even so, likes techno and celtic-type music. Also, Sarah McLachlan, Gorillaz, Prodigy, Dave Matthews Band, Flogging Molly, and other assorted stuff. Seems to always be listening to massinova.

Movies: Most anything Miyazaki, most anything Mel Brooks, Nightmare Before Christmas, The Princess Bride, Star Wars (original 3), Lilo And Stitch, The Emperor's New Groove, Lord of the Rings.. it goes on.

Color: Mostly black. Otherwise, anything not overpoweringly white, orange, yellow, or pink.

Animal: Dragon. If not, raven or fruit bat. Maybe pangolin.

Seems to generally like: A good deal of anime, dragons, drawing, skinny guys with long hair, drawing skinny guys with long hair, flannel pants, reading web-comics, updating Fallen on time. Also, getting fanart. Yessss... that brings joy.

Seems to generally dislike: Plagiarism, having a full e-mail box and being to apathetic to do anything about it, christian music, ticks, leeches, most any organized religion.

Hogwarts house: Ravenclaw

Other: Plagued by large firedragon named Pyr who likes coffee. Has a condition called "geographic tongue" which makes eating very acidic foods rather difficult and painful. Loves acidic foods. Has a high pain tolerance.

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