1. Do you do requests?

Basically, my answer is a big fat no. I'm sorry, but I don't have the time and when I *did* take requests, I either took months and months to be guilted into doing it, or never did it period. So overall, no.

2. Do you do commissions?

I wish, but once again, no. With the addition of the above stated, I'm not allowed to give out my home address, too lazy to get a P.O. box, and too paranoid to get a Pay Pal account. So, no money for me, no pictures for you. Try me when I'm in college and desperate for money.

3. How about picture trades?

It depends, I like to see who I'm trading with because it's kinda annoying to work hours on a picture and receive something in return that's poor quality. Also, it really depends on how I'm feeling or how much time I have. Because I don't have that much free time and what I do have usually goes into checking e-mail or drawing my manga and such. So go ahead and e-mail me if your interested... I just can't guarantee that I'll say yes.

4. I e-mailed you and you haven't responded!

I got rid of AOL a while ago, so I can't really complain about my e-mail being deleted anymore... In reality, I'm just a lazy ass. I've had e-mail in my in-box from way-back-when in January 2002. I try to reply to 1 or 2 e-mails a day, but it really isn't enough to keep up with the demand. Sooo... just be warned. E-mailing me won't necessarily get a reply back. It's not because I hate you, it's that I'm notoriously lazy. If you want, feel free to e-mail me again if I haven't responded in a month or so. Subjects in all caps help if you really really desperately want a reply.

5. Can I have a Kendii character?

I know this sounds really mean of me, but I really don't want people to have kendii characters. Any other species that I've created is fine; Dewin, Storm Leviathan, battle drake, etc., but it's just that I've created a rather complex society and language and other people don't know about it and can't really act accordingly. Sorry.

6. Can I display some of your art on my website?

I'm personally rather you not, bad things tend to come out of it... but it you must, please e-mail me saying that you are going to do so and give me credit.

7. Can I print out some of your art for personal use?

Of course! It's not as though I can stop you... just don't sell it or anything.

8. Would you like to become my pen-pal?

Honestly, I'd love to have more contact with people I know through the internet, but as I mentioned in #2, I'm not allowed to give out my home address... so I'm sorry, but no.

9. Can I link to you?

Of course!! Not only can you link to me, I highly encourage it! Check out the banners I've made for m'self!

10. Can you link to me?

I can't make any promises, but if you send me a link, I'll take a look at it. ^^;

11. Can you critique my art?

Ermm, I'm not very good at it, but if you really want me to, send it over and tell me what you're having trouble with. I'll do whatever I can to help... just please, no files over 200K. My in-box can't take the abuse.


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