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Updated: 1/31/02:
(SAT's, midterms and groundage.)

Sorry I haven't been doing much lately. I got grounded.

Now that I think of it, I still am.

I'm so naughty. 11:00 computer curfews are a bitch, ne?


Anywho, don't expect me around much for the next month or so. On top of being grounded for the next week-- (since it seems my dad has learned his new and innovative parental power over me... since I'm such a disappointment, he can just make me very very unhappy to join in his angst...) --I've also started a SAT prep class which will be sucking my soul dry until I actually take the SAT's. (the real ones, not the b'zillion fake ones they make us take...)

...So I may or may not be updating the comic on a regular basis in the upcoming weeks.

At least midterms are over.

Happy, successful futures are for the weak. -.-


Heh heh... check out Mory. ^^ Mmm, phoenix-y.

And in other news:

Mmmmm, shiny new layout...



Okay, that's about it... I should probably go before I get eaten. I leave you with the microbrewery of evil. Good luck figuring that one out. *grinn*



Updated: 1/27/02:
(huzzah for me!)

New Fallen

I.... finished part 1.... o_0 Wow. I feel so cool.

The last five pages are very very half-assed. I didn't really write a script or make a layout for them... it was all very improv... so I added some textures as a last-minute thing to make them look a bit less half-assed. It still looks really half-assed.... but that's okay because it's a flashback.

...I'll just keep on telling myself that.

I'm going to redo the first section of part one once I get part two done... because Megan desperately wants me to get to the part with Gabe.. who is in part two. XD

Oh, yeah. I gots some art, too. All of my gods have received a forth form because I rather enjoy bringing myself great pain. So they all have spiritual forms now. Woohoo. X_x

I found a silver paint pen whilst sitting in on an art class. Then I found some blue mat-board and proceeded to subjugate myself to some nice fumes. Arellus' spiritual form.

Kaijyu's spiritual form.

And some doodles of some characters who'll come in part 2 of the comic and Suitachi in the corner over there.

Mm'kay. I'm done. I'll have some non-half-assed comic pages next week. Maybe.

Bed is good. Yes.


ps... let's see how many times we can say half-assed in one update!
pps... thanks to everyone who e-mailed me about the Yuri-thing. I think. All e-mails were either:
#1- I looked up "yuri" in a japanese dictionary. It means "lily". Don't feel you have to change it to appease people. Blablabla.
#2- You don't know what yuri means? HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! I find amusement in your misfortune.

.... anywho. You guys can stop complaining. It's changed. I just wanna save myself from some unnecessary trouble. It's not like she's going to be in the comic anyway. :P

ppps... holy crap. You bastards. o_0;;;
pppps........ half-assed. Hehe.


Updated: 1/23/02:
(or something of that nature.)

M'yeah. So here's the deal with the god-names. I was GOING to keep Yuri's name. I figured, "okay, I'm sure most people haven't heard of the americanized japanese slang for lesbian anime porn... right?"

Boy was I wrong.

The very next day TWO of my friends came up to me at school and mocked me. Yes, you know who you are. I didn't even know you people checked my site regularly. Don't you have anything better to do? >_<

... anywho. I happen to like the name Yuri. If it didn't mean what it does, I'd think it was a very pretty name. So I looked up Japanese names that started with Yuri and came up with Yurime.

Does Yurime mean anything dirty?? Are you perverts appeased??

...anywho. Any complaints, I'd like to hear them.


Doodles of gods. Yes.

I got around to finishing Kaijyu's beast-form. (sub-goddess of fire. the only god who was at one point mortal.) She's a tropical feathered drake. Reáleigh doesn't care for her much. Yippee.

Taishou and Reáleigh. She teases him relentlessly. But in good humor. (unlike how she teases everyone else...)

Silhouette-ish looking anthro Dhio.

... needless to say, Reijt was a bad influence on Reáleigh..

.. and that's it.


Woohoo! I inspired Rai to draw gods! I feel muchly cool.

g'nite then. X_x


ps... Woa. Jar. Yeaah.
Sluggy's really really starting to scare me... I'm serious...


Updated: 1/21/02 (2:30 am)
(oh, for the love of...)

Sett told me Yuri means something bad. I didn't know that. Dammit, I made up all these names. Arg... I'll change it then.


Updated: 1/21/02 (2:00 am)
(gods... X_@ )

New Fallen

Ouch. Yeah. OUCH. Too many gods.

I have officially gotten through the most horrifyingly stressful, depressing week of my life. And I am victorious... kind of. Well, I'm mostly victorious. The glass is now half full. And I can move my neck again.

Only one page o' comic. M'rrff. Sorrae. Much time in scanning pictures of gods and studying for midterms and visiting Pennsylvania. I have about 4 pages to go until I'm finished with part one. Gwahhh... X_x

My niece is cute. I don't like kids. She's still cute. Weird.


Ooh.. Pete's on an artistic binge. Oasis is scary.


Pictures? You want pictures you say? Well, this is your lucky day, my friend! I just happen to have pictures!
(I love making crazy complex polytheistic societies/religions. I'm so masochistic. Make me stop....)

Okay, erm... here's kinda a nicer version of the god-circle that was in the comic. Jibberish languages are fun.

Arellus is cool. She's the tiger/ice goddess, subordinate to Palslaed. She's not very friendly... but she likes Dhio. Dhio makes pointy things.

Yay, Dhio. Jackal/metal god, subordinate to Eouen. I muchly likes him. He looks too clean-cut in this picture. And I don't like this one, either, but you get a good view of his vest. Mmm, black leather. Mmm, scythe.

Eouen, the major fire/phoenix goddess. I was... erm, hyper in physics. Started singing the sun song with my teacher. (he's nuts... he has a bumper sticker on the front of his desk that says "I love mullets" XD ) Couldn't finish coloring it in markers. Arrr.

Oria, the earth/monkey goddess. I haven't done her costume design yet. -.-;

Reáleigh (pronounced ray-AH-lee) is nuts. After Reijt, she's the most chaotic. It's strange that she's subordinate to Suitachi, the calm, composed god of dreams... anywho... yeah. She's the mantis goddess of the air. Psycho pixie. *nodnod*

Ah, Suitachi. The only one of my gods who has a name that means anything. (it means 'first' in japanese.) Say his symbol looks like the Atari symbol and die. Arr.

Taishou is really cute. He's the messenger electric/bat god. He's the only god whose favored form is of a kid. For the heck of it I drew him as an anthro.

And here's some little collages of doodles. First. Yuri (the wood/deer goddess subordinate to Nokomis) She's mute, so she makes instruments. In red is Taishou and at the left being all chibi is Dhio. Second. Reáleigh being herself. To the left, Naristu (now named) water/shark god subordinate to Nokomis. Below, crappy doodle of Dhio with some minions. To the left is Reijt, (pronounced roughly RATE) the crafty squirrel/fire god who got his ass expelled for trying to kick out Eouen and take her place. And below is Taishou.

I think that's it.

Oww, my head.

I'm going to bed. -.-


Updated: 1/14/02:
(legolas keeps me sane.)

M * A * S *

You will marry LEGOLAS from Lord of the Rings, live in an ancient elven palace in the middle of the forest, and spend your days walking on top of snow and rowing ivory boats and just being beautiful.

What's YOUR M * A * S * H future?


I didn't cheat, I swear I didn't....



damn he's sexy....



Updated: 1/13/02
(u.... gh.....)

New Fallen

O... kay... I didn't do any homework this entire weekend. In fact, I did only ONE thing this entire weekend. I'm going to wind up doing all my school work during class tomorrow morning... >_>;

8 pages. 8. That doesn't sound like much, but they're all digitally colored. I'm almost done with the first part now--one more short section... And... ow.

Never again.


Never ever ever again.


Make the hurting stop.

I'm going to bed. -.-



Updated: 1/12/02:
(clearing a few things up...)

Okay, a few people have asked if my birthday was in December or if they missed it or somesuch. My birthday is April 25th. Pyr's birthday was in December. He's the guy who writes in red who occasionally pokes his nose into my text.
Hi there!
Go away.
*snort* fine.


I can't say much, can't even post my random god-doodles, but I *did* make a nifty smart selector during school! So go and check out who your elemental god is! Now!

I'm Dhio. I feel so cool. And then I got my other 3 favorites following; Eouen, Kaijyu, and Suitachi. Muahaha. (I gotta post pictures of these people so you know who I'm talking about... >_>;

Also, according to Jess' Mory's Education Survey, I'm Mordred. XD


ookay, just got yelled at. 'nite all.


(ps... nice new layout, Rai. ^^ )

Updated: 1/9/02:
(Art. And... that's about it.)

Merm... much doodlage. I'm hoping to get a nice number of comic pages up this weekend... like on the number of 5+. Ha. Haha. Hahahaha.... *sadsigh*

Anywho. Doodles. Yes.

Doodled Ves as a human for the heck of it and a character from the comic who hasn't appeared yet.
And doodles of
Sin as a kid. There'll be flashbacks at some point in the comic.

Plus, I owe FireEyes a lot. So I doodled something for her and decided it'd look nice colored.

I have a'great many doodles and notes of the god-system and such (Mwaah... must worship Dhio...) but they're all in my history and english notes. And I still haven't figured out a name for the secondary water god. Nyar.

*... blink.* ... for the love of pete, I'm Agent Smith...



If I were a character in The Lord of the Rings, I would be Elrond, Elf, ruler of Rivendell and father of Arwen.

In the movie, I am played by Hugo Weaving.

Who would you be?
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