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Updated: 1/6/02:

New Fallen

Erm, I apologise, only one page. There would be 3, but I couldn't finish coloring them because I saw LotR again. Legolas walks on top of the snow. ON-TOP-OF-THE-SNOW. Everyone's sloshing around waist-deep and he's dallying on top of it. MWAH. X_@

Erm, that's about it.

Oh, and FireEyes-- thank you SO much for the package! I've always wanted one of those universal-survival books! And the calendar is just cool. ^^


Updated: 1/5/02:
(stupid fire dragons...)

Riiight. *cough*

My apologies.


I was expecting to get something done over vacation... At least work on the comic. But then I got sick and had to write 2 research papers, 2 essays, finish my application to the governor's school and get together the slides for my portfolio. And humor my brother. And parents.

On the upside, I did get Mewtwo as a hidden character in Smash Bros Melee. *gwee* He's far too slow, though... so I'm staying with Sheik. Her attacks are worthless, but she's fast and looks really cool in black.

I should go and start working on the comic then... 2 weeks hiatus is far too much. I've been spending far too much time on the hierarchy of gods instead of the characters themselves... it's too entertaining. In the meantime, have some angsty art:

Taro | Version 2 | Version 3

And Meo's Xmas picture... tried to draw Akira as a human. She drew Slaed for me. ^^

Mwa. (warning: half-conscious ramble...)

I wanna get a poster from XD

I still can't breathe out of my nose.

Sleep is good.

Inuyasha is now my second favorite anime.

I now have a new-found respect for pink balloons.

My socks are black.

I got a free swirly chair from my school. They were going to throw it out.

I gotta go through the site and change the copyright to 2002 now. *cry*

Our school is doing West Side Story for the school musical. I get confused every time they mention Riff.


Pyr is going to get friendly with the hose soon, methinks.

My parents got a cable modem. It isn't working.

As of yesterday, I am now an aunt! ^^

... well, technically, half-aunt.




I need to get some sleep. The war of 1812 wants to eat all of my internal organs.


Yes, Rai... Come to our side... Legolas is pretty... muahaha...

They have a parody of a local restaurant in Sluggy! XD

Hey, it's Pyr again... I just wanted to thank Rhiannon for sending me my first birthday card ever. Thanks!

Updated: 12/28/01:
(no one ever remembers my birthday...)

... not that I have any major gripes. It's a wonder that Aido remembers her own birthday, let alone mine. But still, it'd be nice to get a picture drawn or something. I mean, I have been hanging around the girl for 4 years now. *sigh*

Moving on.

Aido happened to get a Game Cube for Christmas and has been quite blissfully ignoring all of her schoolwork and obligations. I have no qualms with it at the moment, although her history teacher as well as all those of you looking forward to an update of her comic this Sunday may be rather disappointed.
Still, she has left the MFoD unmanned... so I have rather graciously taken over for her for the time being.

Don't expect her back any time soon. She apparently has to play 20 hours of VS-mode in Smash Brothers Melee to unlock Mewtwo as a hidden character... whatever that means. And I'm sure most of you are well aquainted with Aido's Mewtwo-fettish...


... anyway, what's the idea of having a fire-elemental born in December? I'm a fire-dragon for pete's sake... I don't like the cold or short days with little sunlight.

Oh yeah, and I have decided to grace you all with my little rendition of Fallen.

heh heh heh....


And Sett... e-mail Aido. She's worried.

Updated: 12/25/01 (12:01 am)
(we're back)

Sorry, furvect was down for the past few days. The admin was away and her computer was being naughty.

And sorry, no comic update this week. I have to spend time with my brother, haven't seen him since spring. Sometimes it's nice having a brother. He... actually appreciates what I do. It's scary. Stupid graduate school in Arizona. *sigh*

...too bad he's been spending most of his time harassing me about finding mp3's for him.

And again, apologies that I didn't do a holiday picture or draw presents for anyone. <insert horrible memories of last year's holiday picture here>

A guy from my dad's work linked my dad to my site. I'm scared.

Heh heh... hooray for my anti-update.

Merry Christmas, happy holidays, happy Yule, Kwanzaa, post-Chanukah, new year's etc., etc.. >_o

so on and so forth.

Oh, and for all those who really want to know... Legolas is the most beautiful man I have ever seen. And I mean that in the best way possible.


ps... Sett, please e-mail me. Please.

Updated: 12/19/01
(you have displeased the loofah.)

I know!, I said... I won't have to spend much money if I make Stacey and Becky t-shirts... I said... They both like Inuyasha, I can make iron-on transfers really quickly, I said....

[6 hours later]

arg. I don't like drawing in that style. X_x

Life is sucking muchly. Methinks I'm going to have to apply for a'great many scholarships if I want to go to college. I suck.

On top of that, everyone saw Lord of the Rings but me... and everyone says it's shiny, the cinematography is beautiful, and Legolas is damned sexy. Cuurrses.

It's only Wednesday??! X_@


Updated: 12/16/01

New Fallen
banners for Fallen

Ookie. Updatedness. If that's a real kind of bird, I'm going to be very suprised. Sorry about last week... my parents aren't out to kill me quite as much now.
I was going through old files and found the original page-banner I had for Fallen and realized it was far too shiny to go to waste. So I made a few banners out of it.

For the sake of bragging, 3 friends and I painted a hyoooooge mural in less than 4 hours. Then again, it was supposed to be done last week... we all woke up at six-ish on Saturday morning for the thing to be done at 11:00 just in time for the Christmas parade. It'll probably be taken down next week. No one appreciates us. *le-sigh*

Holiday shopping beckons... no... can't resist... must... spend all of my money... Must not... be lazy ass... gyaaahhhh.....

Uhm, ye-ah. Lord of the Rings comes out Wednesday. I still haven't read the book... and I'm guessing I'm not going to.

Blarg... died... that was one of the places with the really neat surveys.


Updated: 12/12/01
(realized we don't have any floppies.)

ignore this.

Okay, I've changed my e-mail again. Thanks, Sett.

I am NOW (and hopefully forever and ever)

thanks. :P


Updated: 12/11/01
("... are there hammocks in the dimension without time?" -- John)

Slaed. Badass. Random haleberd-y-thing. He finally has a human form. Rejoyce!

Stanley and Grymm in the owlery or something. Stanley is Rai's.

For the hell of it, I decided to make a really freaky Foxxis. So it's a mantis-y Foxxis. Swarm Foxxis. Yay! ^^

Arr. Stupid e-mail.


Updated: 12/10/01
(I live! o_@ )

(warning: long, long update. Much talk. Little art. Flee.)

first, congrads to Sett for getting hit #20000! I feel so popular... or something.

Haha, be-HOLD ma charming self. I am muchly cool. Well, not really. But I got my grounding lifted for the most part. It's mainly that my evil brother's got my dad all paranoid that I'm going to have lots of ravenous sex with John.

Wow, that sounded bad.

Uhm... might as well make it public... remember me mentioning awhiles back some really nice guy who looks like Faustus who'd be the male clone of me except he's vaguely older than I am...?

Yeah, well, I started dating him.

And no, we're not having lots of ravenous sex... or any at all, for that matter.


... and they ask why this website has a parental warning.


Okay, now go and ignore everything I just said. On with the useful crap.

FIRST. I have CHANGED MY E-MAIL ADDRESS. Please do not e-mail anymore, even though I will still keep it. AOL is a heaping, steaming pile of crap. My new e-mail address is now:

*goes through every single page and changes every single Fluffy-mail icon by hand*
I WILL finish replying to all of the e-mail that
AOL hasn't deleted at my AiRyu account, but don't expect a reply if you sent me an e-mail before Wednesday, November 14th. Everything before that date has been deleted by the lovely folks at AOL. It's amazing how much better and convenient a free service is compared to something you pay for.

Okay, next all-important order of business. Slimu kicks ass. I worship him. You should, too. His kick-assing-ness puts me to shame. I am shamed. He drew Sin and Faus for me. Worship the blinding shininess.

Rai also kicks ass. She drew Mavis and Grymm. I love that raven so much. XD


Also, Stefan needs a shameless plug for Fantod City. Fergot to give it a shameless plug for the last update. Haikus for movie reviews are pure genius. XD Too bad they didn't like the Harry Potter movie, though. I'm just too far blinded by my complete willingness to be absorbed into a fantasy world and never come out to ever dislike anything HP, methinks.

... moving on.

John sings a mean FF-theme a capella at 2X speed. (Eric, too.) XD

Lotsa online exceedingly entertaining online quizzes:

I am 52.9% cruel and unusual.

If I was an Autobot, I'd be:
Click to see
 what Autobot you could be!

... why do I suddenly have the urge to go out and rent the Transformers movie...?


[If I were an online test, I would be The James Bond Villain
 Personality Test]

I'm The James Bond Villain Personality Test!

I live in a fictional world of spies and blonde women with ridiculous names, and I like to give people plenty of options. Although whether they're villainous is not optional.

And speaking of which...

If I were a James Bond villain, I would be Dr Julius No.

I enjoy fine dining, nuclear power, and initiating global war.

I am played by Joseph Wiseman in Dr No.

Who would you be? James Bond Villain Personality Test

I am a Minimalist Cow Sculpture.

My massive green incongruity mingles with past stitched screwdrivers. Mango potential exudes around my recycled writing gastropods. I fire enraged plastic knees on webbed bags.

What smell fragments hot curiosity? The Utterly Surreal Test

Sweet merciful crap, make the pain stop. Curse you, Fumei. o_@

Did anyone see Walking With Prehistoric Beasts on the Discovery Channel last night? SO SHINY. *_* The saber-toothed cat animation was great. Woooowwwww...

 Oh, and I suppose you're expecting art too, aren't you? Ungrateful lil' buggers. Have a picture of Serik dancing in his boxers. No, I'm serious.

That's about it. G'nite!


Oh, yeah. And Tochi kicks ass. I'm sure you all already knew that, though. 

Updated: 12/8/01
(uhm... crap.)

First, I'm sorry, no comic-update tomorrow. Actually, there may be no updates for a while. In general. I don't know if I'm banned from the internet at the moment.

I was supposed to be home at 11:00. I walked into the door at exactly 11:11. EXACTLY. I am now grounded for a month.

Because my bastard half-brother decided he wanted to give my dad a pep-talk about how I'm going to go out and participate in huge mass-orgies.

And my dad believed him.

Because I suck.

And because my dad keeps on using the whole "you got a C in pre-calc and you are therefore a bad person!"-excuse to make himself feel all justified.

I haven't been grounded in probably about six years.

This is ridiculous.



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