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(stupid minions.)

Icky stress-saturated day. Art to share. Yes.

Palslaed is cool. Badass warrior god. Muahaha.
Lupin. Do not worship badly drawn picture of Lupin. No, that isn't Fluffy... it's a fat, poorly drawn kappa.


Did you know that electrical sockets always look like they're crying?

... and other such deep thoughts.


Updated: 12/4/01
(hairy otter)

Finished coloring Fallen

Grymm is cool. As is Nathaniel.

muahaha. couch.


Updated: 12/3/01
("... in the least sexual way possible.")

Erm, Rai, yer QS commenter hates my computer. I swear, yer all mac-racist, the whole lot of 'ya...

Oookay, lessee, who's a Harry Potter fanatic, hmm? I wonder... (hehe, Grymm's so cute. I wanna little mail-carrier raven who thinks he's a magpie. And Nathaniel's just badass. Huzzah for Hungarian Horntails. Woa, bad alliteration there. >_o And sorry, Rai... Mavis is a Ravenclaw. I'm really not that good at RPing as evil people. :P )

On with the Harry Potter-ness...

I'm a Ravenclaw! (woot!) (survey)
familiar is an owl. (Or bat. Meloves bats.) (survey)
animagus form is a ferret or a bat. I'll go for bat. >_o (survey)
I'm not saying what character I am. It's too embarrassing. Lupin was #3, though. ^^ (yay for bad fashion sense and unpleasantness at certain times of the month. XD

*blink* I'm also apparently chaotic evil. Wow. How am I not a Slytherin now...?


Updated: 12/02/01

New Fallen

okayokayokay, parents breathing down neck. I didn't have much time at all today. There's spelling errors galore and I wasn't able to start coloring the last page, but it gave nifty info and I wanted to add it in. I'll reupload stuff later.

my dad's old friend from college is visiting. Listening to two old japanese guys babbling on about engineering in japanese at dinner for 3 hours is torturous. And I can't spell.


will the suckiness ever stop?

wasn't able to scan in m' doodle of Mavis Blakvyrm, my harrypotterfan-character.

Don't hurt me. It's... uhm...Rai's fault. >_>;;




Updated: 11/29/01
(quick one)

Meep, quick. Art stuffs.

Nokomis. Copper water-serpent goddess of the west.
Palslaed. Golden earth-kitsune god of the south. (I dunt like this one, but the feet are pretty. Earth gods need big feet.)

And then there's Mordred's room mate, who's owned and created by Jess Tuttle, vondeva writer of Mory's Education.

I'm sorry about the scribble-board. For most computers it WILL NOT SEND. (like for mine.) If you want to save something, take a screenshot of it. I did, however, get 3 images from people. I'll put them up the next time my parents aren't breathing down my neck to get off the internet.

This... is possibly... the coolest thing ever. Well, actually, no. But I can't believe someone'd sit down and write this. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

Ode to Aido

The kendii, clawed and furry,
The Fluffy, fanged and small,
The Faustus, dark and sexy,
The Aido drew them all.

The tree the really wasn't,
The art of driver's ed,
The story of the Fallen,
It came from Aido's head.

The Void, all short and spazzy,
The krehs without a name,
The Chibified malusio,
Ol' Aido is to blame.

If you're missing Pyr the dragon,
Or you crave artistic treats,
Flock to the Mini Fridge of Doom
And bow at Aido's feet!

Kouryou, you kick ass. Much much ass. That's insane. Absolutely insane. And in perfect rhyme-scheme.

o-kay, many threats of decapitation from parents.



Updated: 11/26/01:

Our history teacher gave a nifty poem. Here, have a picture. Must color. nyar.

(10:43 pm) okay, coloredness. Yippee...


Updated: 11/25/01

New Fallen

My apologies... only 2 pages up today. I was meaning to get 4 pages up, really. My dad stole the computer for most of the day and I wasn't working very well when I *did* get the computer. >_o

Finished the 4th book of Harry Potter. Huzzah... Lupin should be in the next book. Much coolness. ^^

Mory's Education kicks ass. XD

Aaaand... that's it.


Updated: 11/24/01
(uhm. yay. -.- )

Oookie, I've acquired a scribble-board. I don't know if it works on PC's or if it'll send out to the account I set up, but I suggest you take a screen shot of anything important. (that is, if it actually works.) If things work properly, I'm going to set up a link from the gallery section or the main page or something.

Here... this is possibly the most rewarding thing ever. Other than this, which is THE most rewarding thing ever. Uhm, maybe.

I'll try as hard as I can to get a comic update in tomorrow. It's just that bad things are in need of sorting out. Plus, I'm almost done with the fourth Harry Potter book.

Uhm... I don't know if I'll be updating quite as often with my random blurbs of nothingness. My dad's on the rampage and is insisting that since I got a C in pre-calc, I need to get a job because he's refusing to support me when I go to college. Because I can't be like his sons, both doctors.


Everything hurts. I feel 30 years older. I feel like I'm going to cave in. I'm so sorry, Sett.

she who can not make sense of her own thoughts let alone the thoughts of others.

oh, and...


Updated: 11/21/02 (6:55 am)
(I can't believe they did it... o_0; )

(fyi: tuesday night is buffy night. aido likes buffy. more in particular she likes spike.)
That... was the weirdest sex scene. Ever.


I don't think I can be properly overjoyed by the fact that they had sex because it was just so random... can't quite follow the thought process...


This morning someone woke me up... except no one was in the house. It was strange. I like to think I know who it was, but I guess I'll never know.

My computer's kinda dead. Hence I haven't been around for the past few days. The USB port (whatever that is) fried out. (my dad got it from his work or something) Anywho, I was left mouseless and keyboardless and unable to put random illogical blurbs on the MFoD since I don't have anything to post.

Yesterday Meg lent me the third Harry Potter book... in my opinion, the best. I started reading it in homeroom and it just went really quickly. 400 pages. Note that I don't read regularly. Carried the book around all day... 3 different teachers asked me weather or not it was my first read through. My animal behavior teacher proudly announced that he's already read through the series twice.
Lupin... so... cool... I hear he isn't back in book four... that.. that's so upsetting... noooo... tooo.... ccooool... And Snape has started pissing me off. At first I liked him... but now he's just all whiny and bitter. Nya. XP <endrant>

Oooh... Rai got a new theme on waha1... verrae shiiiiny...


meep. school.




Updated: 11/18/01
(uhm, meep.)

Sorry, no update tonite... I'm... uhm... behind. *cough* Sorry.

I wanted to put up 3 pages today... but... I didn't finish coloring, though. I'm sorry... Thanksgiving break is coming up. I'll get more stuff up then. ^^;





Updated: 11/17/01
(Harrrryyy Poootteerrr...!)

Whee... a bunch of my friends and I bought tickets to Harry Potter in advance online and saw the movie right after school today. I was pleasantly suprised. Verra cool. I wanna play quidditch.
The diversity of people at the theater was amazing... I saw an old teacher of mine at the theater with a Griffindor sweatshirt on. These books have an astounding appeal. I went in a group of 10 people with an age-range from 6 to 18... and we all enjoyed ourselves thoroughly.
It was very true to the book, suprisingly. (there probably would've been more, but the movie was already something like 2 and a half hours long... what are they going to do with the forth book?) My major gripes are that there weren't enough Norbert scenes and they cut out a big chunk of centaurs. (and Firenze's hair is supposed to be white! Nyarr!) B-but... John Williams did the score... that man is a god.

Megan's in love with Oliver Wood. XD (it's a Scottish accent-thing, methinks.)

Anywho, much funness. Next time I'm dragging John along with us. (He's the exceedingly cool Faustus lookalike who I've been fortunate enough to befriend... Hi, John! *waves to John* )

I had something to scan, but it kinda got left at school. If it didn't get stolen, I'll scan it Monday or Tuesday or something.

Slimu's mad talent astounds me. Curse his ability to redo manga pages and yet already have almost as many as I have. Rharr him.

Dang... I'm 40% metal and 40% grunge. I can't get anywhere in life with stats like that... gotta change my pants less often.


My major diety's name is Carolyn.


uhm. sleep is good. *nod*

Slimu doesn't know what a mullet is. I don't know why I find that so humorous.

Updated: 11/15/01:

I went to the Japanese "field trip" to a sushi bar and.... there's a Faustus look alike in the Japanese I class. Except he's not somewhat insane-ish. Andhesreallyfunnyandniceandandcuteand... *twitch*

I apologize, I didn't really sleep last night. I've been running into walls all afternoon.



Erm, Strings of Fate updated with 9 new nifty shiny pages! Feng is so cool. Worship Tochi-art because I'm lazy and unproductive.

Went to a wolf preserve today... got a few sketches... the wolves wouldn't sit still, though. Erm, and here's a doodle of something that kinda looks like a time elemental and for the sake of randomness, the header for a section of the school newspaper.

And I got in as special mention in Oni's Halloween contest! Dono if I won anything, but it makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. ^^ (I found Hobbes and Amethyst's pictures to be far cooler and overall more time-consuming-looking than mine... ah well.)

Harry Potter comes out tomorrow! I know it'll be disappointing, but I'm looking forward to it.

Wow. Faustus look alike...


okay. I'm done.



Updated: 11/13/01
(with the rising music... and the rising.... music...)

hehe. XD

I've been losing far too much sleep reading the Harry Potter books... I'm almost through the second one now.

and the shower ran out of hot water.

the end and they all lived happily ever after.


Here, have a picture.


ps.. Demonology's back... oooohhh....


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