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 Updated: 11/11/01
(quick one...)

New Fallen

Sorry, only one page again... I kinda got caught up today. I started reading Harry Potter, y'see... and it's quite addictive. I'm already over half way through. Then I had to watch the X-Files season premiere out of habit. Plus it had Cary Elwes and Lucy Lawless. And then my brother called... and I haven't talked to him in a few months. He called me a loser for not being invited to parties and playing AD&D. Hehe.... the funny thing is that he was EXACTLY LIKE ME when he was my age. It's so hard to believe he's 25... Feels like I was just 8 and he was still in highschool.

*reminiscent sigh*

Anywho, e-mail wants my soul. Still. I think a bunch of e-mails got deleted... meep. I remember specifically one from a person named wither Blizzie or Blizzard... they sent me their gallery. I meant to comment on a few pictures there at a later point... then it got deleted by AOLmail because it was too old. Erm, anything that was sent before October 16th was deleted... if you want a response, please resend it! I really gotta be using my hotmail account. X_x

Oh, and I tried to jump on the bandwagon and do an elemental picture on that damned oekaki board... seems it really hates macs. It would only let me work in black and white and wouldn't save. So I got a screen shot of it. Blech.


meep, gotta go...



Updated: 11/10/01
(lost... all will.... to live..... X_@)

Okay, so Pete didn't need me to color for him. I think it just got too inconvenient for him. Blarg.
So I'm hoping if he needs help in the future he'll give me a call. Which he just might. (at least that's what I'm trying to convince myself of. -.- )

I've been a complete lazy ass this entire weekend, as usual. Don't expect a big, flashy comic-update tomorrow.

Erm, art-y stuffs... right. I was playing with dip-pens.... so here's a pink golden kitsune and Faus. And here was my entry for Oni's halloween picture contest. Fergot to post that before. >_o She's all Cheshire cat-y. Huzzah.


Holy crap, I've looked at the site in Explorer and it looks like crap. >_< That's what I tried to AVOID by redoing the MFoD layout... the text is still really big and it breaks up my toolbar! That pissed me off to no end. Netscape may be annoying, but I really hate Explorer. And then there's AOL... don't get me into AOL.


... and in the AD&D we're playing I now have.... a neon-blue horse. For the sake of being inconspicuous and all. I've yet name him... it'll probably be something along the lines of "Moog."

 'nite, all...



Updated: 11/6/01
(the cat came back the very next day... the cat came back and she wanted to stay... lalala...)

*DEEP BREATH* ..... SPIKE... GETS... SOME!!! SPIKE GETS SOME!!! SPIIIIKE!!! *insane laughter*
*bouncebouncebounce* Happy happy singing musicalness!! Bunnies! And Spike gets some! Woot! I'm so very very obsessed! My head hurts! And bunnies!


Oh, and Tiny came back this morning, by the way. She snuck back into the garage during the night and was waiting by the door when Meg's dad went off to work.

I always thought it bad web-karma to load a person's counter with hits to get a cool number... I mean, refreshing a site MAYBE 50X MAX to win a contest, yeah... but 1000-2000X? EH? That ain't good. Plus it's making Rai look more popular than me. And we can't have that.

(note: people with any moral sense tend not to win stuff. Curse my scruples.)

Hell-O Yasuzo!




My apologies to everyone I was angsty to in the past few days... Among other things, I kinda have 2 A's and 3 F's in math and I've yet to build the courage to tell my mom so that she can keep my dad from cutting off all of my limbs when I get my report card...

...Spike gets some. Ye-gads, I gotta watch that again.


Hmm... gotta see Monsters Inc..

I will now proceed to try and put a dent in my e-mail. (*plays japanese engrish ska-punk music in the background*)

The great thing about Engrish music is that you can sing practically anything and it'll sound right because the lyrics don't make sense anyway.

Cookie day, cookie day... it's a beautiful cookie day....
(yeah, those're the real lyrics.)

Spike gets some!! And HOW!

Okay, I'm done. I apologize to everyone who doesn't know what Buffy the Vampire Slayer is or hates the show, so on and so forth. ^^;


*maniacal laughter, goes off to try to reply to e-mail*



Updated: 11/4/01 (11:25 pm)
(I miss my japanese engrish ska-punk music.)

New Fallen

First, there is... *drumroll* ONE new page. Wohoo-huzzah. Don't hurt me. At least I'm updating weekly. Plus I futzed with pages 30-33 because Jyiis complained about the grey color. And she was right. Because she's always right.

BUT I discovered how to make word bubbles with outlines in photoshop. I feel really stupid.

My computer blew up. Actually, it just started flaming one morning. Actually, it was just the monitor. And it was just smoking a lot. But either way, my badass 18-inch monitor is no more. It has ceased to be. It is an ex-computer monitor. In a related incident, I now have a new craptacular 12-inch monitor (don't laugh) and therefore my computer is having bad marital-relations with my scanner. So I have to use the new scanner on the "normal family computer" which I don't know how to use and tend to have to restart and kick a lot every time I want to scan something new. In another related incident, I started using Photoshop on the "normal family computer" to save time with the scanner and all... and it doesn't have the font Geneva. So I had to use Charcoal. So the text looks different. In yet another related incident, I can no longer use my tablet pen because it's attached to my usual computer with the busted scanner and craptacular 12-inch monitor as previously mentioned. So I'm coloring pages half as quickly. In yet another another related incident, THE RES LOOKS LIKE CRAP ON THE NEW PAGE!! GYAAHH!! *proceeds to bludgeon computer* In a not-so-related incident, I've realized that I have no variety in my portfolio because I'm not taking an art class because I have no room in my schedule so they're trusting me to do stuff at home. Haha. In another not-so-related incident, I left my Japanese Engrish ska-punk music at Joe's house with such songs as "blue oyster poisoning" and "sushi-sushi-sushi bar we're going to a sushi bar." In a incident that is in no way related, my mom is insisting that she has to meet Pete Abrams before I go to work for him on Saturday. (well, it's technically not work because I'm not getting paid.)

In short, it sucks to be 16. First, because I can't drive, and second, my life is so pitiful that I spend my only excruciatingly small period of free time complaining about what could technically be termed as "nothing." So there you have it, folks.... a paragraph and a few sentences of nothing.


On a tangent, Meg can't find her cat. I'm sure she'll show up... but to show my support, I'm going to rant about how very cool Tiny is.
Even though she has a really weird name (I think we were in 3rd or 4th grade when she was adopted so it's okay) Tiny is most definitely the coolest cat I've ever met. (well, except maybe for Blades, but he died a few years ago...) Anywho, she's this really neat runt-of-the-litter calico with a blind eye who likes to get high off of catnip. (I'm serious. Ever seen that scene in
Strings of Fate? It's like that.) She's not paranoid, bitchy, aggressive, or exceedingly arrogant. And she likes me a lot. And she's polite. She'll ALWAYS say hello to me every time she sees me. She just gives this really short "mew" and then starts purring. And she likes to sleep on people's legs at night. Which is annoying when you want to roll over, but it otherwise really cute.

In conclusion, Tiny is cool. And if she isn't hidden in some closet, she's definitely smart enough to come home.

So nya.


Oh, and Rai... Look! Sasha was the only one NOT EATEN. BAH-HAHAHAHA. (save Torg... and Bun-Bun and Kiki, but they weren't in this storyline...)

And I still haven't replied to my e-mail. 



Updated: 11/1/01
(I am SO COOL.)

No trick-or-treating for me. Or Rocky Horror Picture Show-y ness at insane hours of night at the local crappy theater. At least I can now eat solid foods. That's always a plus.

Anywho, for the sake of bragging, I am probably going to color next Sunday's Sluggy strip. (If I can manage to get a ride to Pete's house... curse my non-driving-ness.) I am so very very cool. No, wait.. Pete is so very cool. Worship Pete.

Thanks for the human heart, Fumei. It was very chewy and tasted good with excessive amounts of fresh garlic.

Anywho, I did get some random stuff done despite being horribly icky for the past 48 hours. Here's a picture of Eouen's human form. (she's the white phoenix-goddess from the comic) Not only is she incredibly cool, her beast-form is an 8-winged version of what is possibly the coolest bird of prey ever, the secretary bird. Serik makes a really good Vash the Stampede. (and Pyr makes a really good taxi.) I might still color this even though Halloween was yesterday. >_o And this is Rai's fault. (warning: somewhat schmoozy.) I shouldn't really be posting this... it gives away a cool little plot-twist that I'll probably get to is 2 years (heh)... but as long as you don't know who the guy is, it's okay. I would like to take this opportunity to say that I can't stand using the mouse as an artistic medium/tool.

Almost forgot, a person I met at the sluggy party recently got a keenspace comic called "Holding Down the Couch." I said I'd get him some hits. ^^


And whatever you do, don't view this movie.


... you're going to view the movie, aren't you? Sure, fine, don't listen to me. I don't like you, either. And don't say I didn't warn you.



(who's been fasting for far longer than she should've been. Whooooo.... colorrss...)


Updated: 10/30/01
(must... go... trick-or-treating.... *passout* )

Curses... I think I'm going to be sick on Halloween. Someone must pay! Give me a human heart! NOW!

*ahem* Anywho, just wanted to mention that. As well as some really idiotic anagrams from a site Fumei linked me to.

Kaido Rakaen: "A drake in oak", "In a Kodak era"
Aido's Mini Fridge of Doom: "I'd sniff a demigod or I moo"
Eve Wilde: "evil weed"
Amadeus: "use Adam" *snicker*

okay, I'm done now. What a pitiful update.

I've decided I'm going to attempt to update Fallen every Sunday. Note the term "attempt." This is probably a temporary thing and don't try to keep me to my word... but I've been doing well in the comic-department lately. I hope to finish chapter 1 by the end of the year. *nervous laugh* And I'll eventually redo pages 1-20, or whatever number of them that were in marker. I'd like to believe I'm a better artist than I was 6 months ago.

must... reply... to e-mail.... *choke*

(who's currently attempting to eat solid foods at the moment)


Updated: 10/28/01
("Two?! Good lord, that's one more than one!")

New Fallen

GAH! ijustcamebackfromthesluggypartyandimetpeteabramsandhedrewriffforme! XD

Erm... *cough* just came back from the Sluggy party. ^^ People were petting my wings a lot. I wasn't able to win the costume contest (I won't have a guest appearance on the strip...) but I got a runner up-prize... a nifty miniature of Bun-Bun. Much spiffiness. Plus I might be able to get a summer job at Sluggy! Woohoo-huzzah!

And Pete drew a doodle for me. Shiiiiny.

On a tangent, I've been invited into an RP group consisted of 5 males and myself. So I'm now Cricket, a half-elf thief. I believe I've gotten the crap kicked out of me on two separate occasions and most people in the party want to kill me, save the gnome with multiple personalities and the half-orc with one hand. Right now we're in a city where all the NPC's have really bad Aussie accents. Joe's a funny DM....

Life is good.

Oh, and pardon the horrible convenient plot-device to explain the Avians in the comic. It's cheesy and stupid, but it's effective.

'Nite then!

(Who spent at least 2-3 hours last night talking to both Fumei and Sett completely in haiku.)

And happy daylight savings.... don't forget to eat your riboflavin.


Updated: 10/23/01
(musicals are funny.)

Gyahaha.... Buffy the musical... James Marsters singing.... too silly... cannot contain amusement......

Merm, anywho, it turns out that my application for independent study for portfolio development art has been *drumroll* approved. Unfortunately, this quarter is over half done and I'm not going to have enough finished stuff to hand in... so MFoD is going in my portfolio. >_o
Luckily for those of you who actually *enjoy* looking through the site, this means that I'm going to be getting the galleries other than the guest art section up. Unluckily for me, I'm going to be working my arse off doing hundreds of little thumbnails... and links.. and... *twitch*


oh, the humanity.


Good job on Mory, Rai. Hey, when do *I* get to do a guest-artist day, hmm?
That character-chart you guys have been passing around frightens me to no end. Hometown?? WHAT? o_0;

Yesyesyes, continuing on... I *will* be updating Fallen the upcoming Sunday or Monday, depending how much time I get around the Sluggy Party. (huzzah!) It's not going to be very art-y. It's mostly bunches of word bubbles and narration and such to clear some things up.

Haha, I am nearly 50% geek. (Meg's going to kill me for using that word... o_0; ) They say I have "social skills." I indeed have mad, mad 50ci41 ski11z.
Rai, you gotta stop linking to these online quizzes.


Ah, yes, and I am now the proud owner of a shiny new Foxxis. (and she's literally shiny, folks!) Merf approached me a while ago and asked if I could make a new armorite Foxxis.... so I did. Kinda. Circuit Foxxis Joule is more like a mouthless kangaroo-armadillo with bendy straws for wings... but I was going for weird. She has solar panels on the backs of her wings! Woohoo! (erm, fyi... armorite is the kind of foxxis that has a harness and metal wings. like gesshoku.)

And before I forget! I'm in the new Neopets contest-y thing! Vote for Codnugget and ignore the stupid descriptions I have to keep tacking on to keep the little 'uns from being frightened of me.
Uhm... please.

Mmm, Strings of Fate is supposed to update tonight. Much happiness.

random story:
I found a big brown fuzzy spider in my basement last night and brought him (or her) into school today for my animal behavior class. (I mean BIG. This thing has to be about 2 inches in diameter) My class is a bunch of wimps who're taking the class for the credits. Spoo. :P Anywho, we fed it some meal-worms, each almost as big as the spider and it ate two. That has to be at least 2-3x its own body weight or so. The boys in the freshman bio class were enjoying themselves immensely. Anywho, we're keeping the spider as a pet in a terrarium my teacher has. Spiders are cool. *nod*


And then I joined the school paintball club. No, really. I'm serious.


That's it then. Nothing to see here.


Kyoht art... so.... very shiny....


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