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 Updated: 10/21/01
(huzzah for weekly updates!)

New Fallen

Hah! I've done it! Two comic updates in less than a week! I am so cool!

Actually, I have no social life. Haha.... ha... *cough*
There's a major error on page 28. I won't tell if you don't. ^^;

And before I forget, Meo! Look! You've been mentioned! Don't you feel popular?


Gyaah... shirtless Mordred... must draw fanart... (note to self: get a manservant)

Oh! *bouncebounce* And Jyiss drew Ves! Pretty pretty Ves! Yesyes! Birdy things with teeth are cool! Jy knows this from experience!

be the bat. I AM.... the bat.

Oh yes, and I need your people's feedback on this... I'm thinking of getting a scratch board on my site.... my mom (since she's a computer teacher) came across a really great java applet with nice brush sizes and spray can and hundreds of colors and such.... I wanna know people'd use it and not abuse it... like drawing male anatomy and such... I just think it'd be fun.... the few web-based paint programs I've seen are either really good and in Japanese or kinda crappy and have 6 colors.

Hmm... this was pretty accurate for me.
"Acts calmly, with the minimum of upset, in order to handle existing relationships. Likes to feel relaxed and at ease with her associates and those close to her."

That..... is all. *nod*



Updated: 10/15/01 (10:20 est)
(comic-y updatedness!)

New Fallen

Woohoo-huzzah! ^^ Got more pages up... all photoshop colored-y and such. My brain has been thanking me profusely for the past two weeks since I got off the markers. So's Jyiis. *snicker*

BE WARNED! IT'S BLOODY. Not for the weak of heart. I apologize the battle's so short. I also apologize for what had to happen on page 25. I really feel bad about that.


Anywho, I fergot to put these links up earlier...

Apparently, I'm worth exactly $1,788,230.00. I'm worth less than both Sett AND Megan. (the only 2 people I've heard results from.) It's probably the non-caucasian/small br-- wait, nevermind. *cough*

 Click here to find out what robot you really are
SHINY! :D (someone got Al Gore... I find that ceaselessly humorous. XD )

Oh yah, and I'm also apparently moderately schizotypal, histrionic, narcissistic, avoidant AND dependent. (dono how those last two worked out...) Woa, big words. Scaaary. o_0
How about you, hmm?

Oh, and thanks, people... I managed to get second place in the Neopets contest-y thing. ^^ Gwahaha, I am... a minor diety. Worship! *nyarharharhar*


Aido needs to get more sleep. Aido is now addicted to her tablet. *gets the tablet patch*

And that be all. 'Nite all!



Dangit, I can't find my Beatles: One cd....


Updated: 10/14/01 (11:04 pm est)
(psat review evilnesh.)

First, if you see this in time, vote for me in the neopets beauty contest! I'm down from second place by one vote! o_0; *twitch*

Seems I didn't enter in time to get into the next one. Ah well, gotta wait a week then.

I have 2 more Fallen pages done... I'll finish coloring the third one tomorrow or Tuesday or so. So expect an update Monday or Tuesday.

Went to a college fair today... luckily, most art colleges toss out SAT scores. Unfortunately, I'm not allowed to go to an art college. Plus, almost all of the colleges there were from the east coast. Blahrg.

And thaaat's it. 'Nite. :P




Updated: 10/10/01 (10:40 pm est)
(Spike VS Michael!)

Erm, no real update tonite... but for Rai's enjoyment, I give you... fangirlness from me and my best friend. *watches everyone twitch* It's Michael from Roswell vs. Spike from Buffy. Unfortunately Meg has the upper hand since I've never seen a whole episode of Roswell... Anywho, this went on for a good 40 minutes this afternoon....

Meg: Michael.
Me: Spike.
Meg: Michael is hot.
Me: Spike is badass.
Meg: Michael has a cool haircut!
Me: Spike wears black leather and rides a motorcycle.
Meg: Michael can blow things up with his hands.
Me: Spike is a vampire.
Meg: He can't bite anybody!
Me: He's still a vampire! And he has a badass scar on his eyebrow!
Meg: Michael has a really dark and depressing past! ... wait, so does Spike...
Me: Spike has an accent.
Meg: Spike has a COCKNEY ACCENT. XP
Me: Spike has an accent. ^^
Meg: My mom says Spike is "damned cute." That's a horrible pun.
Me: *laughs*
Meg: Michael is a reincarnated alien.
Me: Spike was a washed-up poet.
Both: ....
Meg: Michael is better!
<hangs up>

Meg's phone rings.

Meg: Hello?
Me: Spike!
<hangs up>


The battle is not finished... yet.... there must be much phonetagging done...


and there was much audible blinkage.

Fumeui linked me to this... I think it's supposed to be a site about a cooking show hosted by an octopus. At least that's what Fumei told me....

Oh, and still on the subject of fangirlness, not only did Sluggy get a picture Riff out there, (huzzah!) Strings of Fate updated as well. (huzzah-huzzah!) And all was well in the world. Except for Aido's reputation and state of mind.


I'm going to regret posting that, aren't I? *prepares herself for a'many'a'flame*


Updated: 10/9/01 (10:31 pm est)
(... woa.)


I don't usually say stuff like this, but... d00d. I mean, really. d00000d.

I have a field trip tomorrow so I figured I could completely slack on homework and finish the site. BAD IDEA. I've been sitting in the same place for the past 4 and a half hours... although I spent about 15 minutes eating a sandwich... so the past 4 and a quarter hours. How's that? Yoi does my arse huuurt.

So, how's the new format? It's much sleeker than the old bulky version, but much less personal. :P And no more commentary from the peanut gallery! *sigh* It hadda get ditched. Plus, Faustus, Gesshoku, and Taro's dragon form are out of jobs. They're not complaining. Especially Taro. *snicker*

Please, if there's any kind of error, broken link, nonexistent link, tell me! I know for a fact that I haven't worked out all the bugs out of the 2.0 version.


Oh, and I forgot to link this last night... issa badass flash movie directory. Some are somewhat.. disturbing.... like the Cow1masked.... which I don't... really... suggest... watching... but some are really cool.

I highly suggest seeing:
Pygmy Shrew
Lobster Magnet
The Ninjai Series
Windows Really Good version (gahaha... take that, pc users! *gets tarred and feathered* )
And there's other kinda odd ones... like all your smurf, the star wars-clerks crossover thing, hachigojuichi (which is actually done to a pokemon song) And then there's the crab one. It's not sick. But damn is that thing f***** up... >_o

Thanks fer the link, Cara! ^^


Mmm... Spike is so dang sexy. XD I wanna Spike. Spiiiiiiiikkkkeeeee....

Everyone: "..."


Hehe... I can't feel my legs. ^^

G'nite all!


Oww... that's cruel. I was hoping for Riff... No, of course I don't have one thing on my mind... Really, peoples, give me more credit. *nervous laugh*


Updated: 10/8/01 (10:34 pm est)
(those trees come out of no where...)

Updated: Guest Art

Heh heh... sorry about the lack of updatedness. I DID get a lot of work done today, though. Unfortunately, none of it's art. First off, I went and updated the guest art sections. A'great many thanks to Ghislan Wild Cat and Emily for their 10000-hit pictures. You guys are great. ^^

Don't ask about the index-picture. I was feeling silly whilst doing the diagram for my physics lab. I hope my teacher has a good sense of humor... heh. ^^;

Ooh! Wanna know what I was doing all day? I've started MFoD: Version 2.0! Here's a teaser... I got all the icons done and everything! ... plus I've decided to keep the main page as a demi-blogger. Because I'm lazy, mostly. *cough*

Whoo... went to a suprise birthday party and whilst playing manhunt in the pitch darkness, tripped on a garden hose which happened to be placed right in front of a verrae large tree. My head has been complaining ever since. >_o

Oh, and I updated Elfwood. There's nothing there that I haven't posted here, though.


Gyaah... must go now.


Ah, yes, and thanks everyone fer voting for Mull3t in the neopets contest. He got second place. ^^ Codnugget's entered now. Vote for her, too! Erm... please...? ^^;


Updated: 10/3/01 (10:58 est)

I... got 10,000 hits. Woa.



Anywho, congrads to Nanaki for getting #10,000. Much spiffiness!

I'd've done a "hooray for me I kick ass"-picture for the occasion, but Jyiis needed a blanket. And that came first. I got some great pictures for the occasion, but I don't have enough time to upload them at the moment. On Friday maybe...? ^^;

I heard there's a lot of broken links in the Fallen section now. I'm not going to fix it now. It'll be remedied eventually, but you have no idea how much time it takes to do those damned little links. *twitch*


Ah, yes.. and I saw the Buffy season premiere (the only show I watch regularly other than Saturday morning cartoons and the Daily Show) and I frankly have to agree with Rai. Spike's still got it, baby! Huzzah for Justin Marsters! <insert fangirlness>

And Strings of Fate updated! <insert more fangirlness> On top of that, I have been acknowledged! Look! I'm mentioned on the blog! Huzzah! :D (it takes so little to please me. ^^; )

And Aido was then rushed out of the room by angry parents.



ps... I still need votes in the neopets beauty contest! C'mon, people! o_0;


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