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Updated: 10/2/01 (10:46 est)
(o_0; you want me to do WHAT??)

New Fallen Pages

Yoi... I'm feeling really tired... yet really accomplished. Even though I can be a self-bashing ass a lot of the time, I love the pages I just put up. Even though there's only three. But... there's shiny shiny color.... and I get to draw Serapis and Quick Blade, who, at the moment, you'll be seeing a LOT of because I still suck at drawing humans. I gotta get details of those pages, I hate having to shrink 'em all down to 35% for th web. :P


Anywho! Mull3t's still in the neopets beauty contest! (Codnugget's going in the next contest) So all of your neopet-ers, go vote for me! Because I'm getting beaten by an edited version of a moehog done in MS paint! Nya!

Speaking of which, some little twit went and posted one of Cara Mitten's pictures as their entry. (I sent a nice, long e-mail to both the admins and the little turd. the offending picture has now been removed.) Of all the people in the world, CARA DOES NOT DESERVE THIS KIND OF CRAP. And she gets it all the time. That's bad karma, people.




And that's all I have to say about that.

I'm planning to revamp the Fridge of Doom... after looking at the site off of many computers, it's just too big. The title images are all different sizes, it's bulky, and the only computer it looks really good on is my computer. So this'll take place eventually. Probably when I have a lot of time on my hands. (ie, never... like how I said I'd get my galleries up over the summer... ha.... haha... oy. -.-; )


Oh yah, and people have asked if Ves has an accent. Originally, I just figured he'd have some kinda twang, just for a bit of interest in dialogue, but what the heck? Megs says she hates Cockney (I think that's how it's spelled) accents and how he talks reminds her of that. So let's say it's that, eh? *evil laughter*

(Pyr: Is the word 'twang' correct in that context? >_o
Aido: Just smile and nod... they'll never notice...)


WHAT?? I have to get an art portfolio together?? GYAAAH!!




Updated: 9/28/01 (12:50 est)
(Sluggy Partyyy! :D )

Sluggy party!! Sluggypartysluggypartysluggyparty! I'm going to a Sluggy Freelance halloween party! Yaah! XD *much happiness* Hehe, see? I told you guys I live near Pete Abrams. ^^




... and if you were wondering, YES, I am working on the new pages. Really. I swear. Coloring on the computer is annoying. And the new character's annoying to draw... but he's REALLY cool and I don't have to draw humans for a bit. Especially now that I'm at the Arena. So I get to draw a lot of... oh, wait... I shouldn't say, should I? Hehe. *eeeevil*

O-kay, really big update today. Teaches me to not update for 5 whole days. Hehe... *gets a giant blinking neon sign saying LOSER hung over her head*

As I've said before, I'm going as Crowley for halloween. ... or for all of you who've never read Good Omens, (98% of you) a badass deamon with black feathery wings. (I didn't want to do homework at the time.) And yes, I still go trick-or treating. And I am now addicted to suspenders. Hehe. *neon light glows visibly brighter*

Much doodlage in english class. We're talking about the Crucible and SCARY SCARY PURITANS IN SALEM and I couldn't help doing sinful-type art. And who better but Faus? (Christian mythology would be really interesting if some people didn't ruin it fer all of us. :P ) This was on a manilla paper folder and I tried to clean it up a bit in photoshop, but to no avail... so I redid the manilla coloring and it turned out better. And then I tinted it yellow. Dono which one's better. So there's both.

And speaking of English class and the Crucible and scary scary Puritans in Salem, we were given a really scary sermon from the 1700's about how god hates us all and we're all going to hell no matter what we do because god is vengeful and hateful and hates all living things and the only reason we're still here is because we amuse the guy. And we were told to illustrate it. Now, if that isn't my bag, I don't know what is. And Joe told me to draw George Carlin as god.... so I did that, too. My english teacher has no sense of humor. :P

Erm, doodle of Void from school on the back of a piece of music. Crappily colored in 20 minutes. :P Turned out even crappier in the jpg conversion. -.-;

Oh, and Rai and I have decided to make a monopoly on the neopets beauty contests. So I drew Mull3t (with a mullet XD ... looks waaay too TLK though... ) and Codnugget. Gyahaha. *neon sign shorts out and blows up, sending shards of glass everywhere*


... roight.


Erm, that e-bay ass-kicking auction was taken down about 5 minutes after I posted the address.... but I got a screenshot of it! *shards of neon sign make tinkling sounds*


And that's it in the art department.


Gwaaah.... must... get... horizons... so very shiny... o_0


Oh yah... and here's an article about why you should never ever learn Japanese that Sett sent me. I already know everything complained about. And I'm still taking Japanese. Whoo, am I stupid or what?

"The Japanese Writing System: The Japanese writing system is broken down into three separate, complete, and insane, parts: Hiragana ("those squiggily letters"), Katakana ("those boxy letters") and Kanji ("roughly 4 million embodiments of your worst nightmares")."

*cry* it's so true.

And yes, one of my nicknames at RISD was "deer caught in headlights." It's a way of life or something of that nature.




I should update the guest art section... forget that, I should create my galleries! o_0; And elfwood's still down. >_o Mlah.

'nite all!



  Updated: 9/23/01 (10:50 est)
(ooh, pants...)

I don't have time to scan anything else, but Sett made me scan in my pants. Don't ask. (the part that's cut off says CODNUGGET.)

By the way, if you'd like to pay for someone to kick your ass, they're selling it at Ebay. Damn, I swear... you can buy anything over the internet these days... *snicker*

Oh, and Strings of Fate updated. Unlike Fallen. *nervous laugh*
Jyiis had to go and complain about the poor quality of the pages I've been turning out lately and I know she's right, but half-ass-ed-ness and I go along very well together. But.... she's right. because she always right. So I'm upping the quility and therefore less updates. Gwahaha!


<insert anguished cry of Aido's already unbearably low pre-calc grade>


Erm... yeah. And I got... *twitch* A neopet. Actually, two. Their names? Mull3t and Codnugget. I should take life more seriously. So if you want, look me up under aidolikesbacon. (It's Rai's fault. And Ioxie kicked Codnugget's ass in the battledome. XP ) Oh yah, and I lied about my age to get into the over 19-bracket. haha... *cough-hack-hack* ^^;


And things like this are not supposed to happen! The site's owner is not supposed to get cool numbers such as this! Nyar!

I'm dressing up as Crowley for halloween. ^^ Black wings and all. Got about $30 worth of variously sized black feathers. .... this is gonna take a while. >_o

'Nite all!



(Slimu says his mom bought him bluky shoes. Erm, yah.)

Updated: 9/16/01 (9:25 pm est)
(art and such.)

In honor of those lost.


Aww! Rai has a baby! I wanna baby. Unfortunately, the only kinda baby my mom'll let in the house are the scary incestuous black convicts... at least they don't need to be potty trained.

Oh, and if you were wondering, the book does in fact kick ass. Crowley's so very cool. I must draw him getting drunk. ^^ Everyone read Good Omens.


M'rright, gotta post art. Gotcha.

Playing with scratchboard- Faus (I had reread all of SoF that night. You can tell.) | Taro. >_o

I'm starting to become obsessed with ballpoint pens... problem is there's little room for error. Lined paper is evil. I wanted to use this as my index page icon, but it's going to wait a bit. Unfortunately, in about 20 years, the Earth as well as the majority of Mars is going to be owned by the Microsoft-AOL-Time-Warner-Coca Cola-Sony-Monsanto-Disney co..

Please, no one take offense by this. ^^; I wanna bumper sticker that says that, but I'd be afraid to drive through the south... it's just my general take on religion. Everyone's trying to beat the crap out of everyone else in the name of a pacafist god and.... I'm going to shut up now. Short hair is evil.

And I got some fanart for Long, m' favorite character from Strings of Fate. He's just so verrae cool. ^^;


Oh, and Eto's comic, Mory's Education is up at Keenspace! Worship Mordred! (he's so much like Sett it's scary. o_0; )

And Fumei introduced me to this really neat flash horror-game called Arcane. Unfortunately, it really freaked me out since I was playing it at 1-2 in the morning and I couldn't beat part 2.


Erm, that's it. Tuesday is off! Huzzah! I have a history test I'm not ready for! Uhm... not.. huzzah. >_o



Updated: 9/16/01 (1:46 am est)
(sorry about the wait.)

Yeah, I was out all day with some friends going to used book stores and comic book stores. Much fun was had. Stefan bought this book for me called "Good Omens." I open it up and the first thing I see is a character list. It says:

"Crowly: An angel who did not so much fall as saunter vaguely downwards."

Therefore this book will kick ass. Moral of the story? Always listen to Stefan. He has a CD where Lenard Nemoy sings a song about Bilbo Baggins. *nod*


That's the second time the computer has crashed in the past 5 minuites. I will now proceed to kick my computer in the groin and go to bed.


I know I promised new pictures yesterday, but I'll post 'em tomorrow. At least I got those dang manga pages done.

And now foe your viewing displeasure: The Game Cube version of Zelda. Loathe it.


I was upset because I'm 6 months too young and 15 lbs too light to donate blood... but it seems they actually have enough. It's incredible the outpouring of caring, help, generosity, patriotism that the American public has been giving to the disaster victims. I never knew they had it in them. New York now actually has enough blood, clothing donations, and volunteers.






Updated: 9/15/01: (2:30 est)
(Okay, so it's not Friday still... )

New Fallen

Back from party, much fun, watched Empire Records, badass movie, two words: brownie scene. Gyahaha. Erm, no time, must go, will update more when I wake up. The pages themselves are up, the convenient little htm pages are not because it takes a REALLY long time to coordnate and hook up all the handy little links that make your lives easy any my life annoying.

I bet my spelling's atrocious, isn't it? I didn't even spell that right, did I? Gah! Typing too fast! Typo-s galore! I must go or I will be eateen by the savege creature that is Mom!

Erm, Slimu updated his comic, Directions of Destiny. Finally. Go worship his mad skills.




Updated: 9/14/01: (8:00 est)
(I have a social life...? WHAT??)

I *will* update Fallen tonite. It's just...well... I was kinda invited to a party.


<errie silence>


Yeah, yeah... I know. ^^; *cough* I'll be back later and finish coloring the next page and scan them all in and digitally sign them and shrink them and convert them to jpgs and bring them over to this computer (the computer with the scanner doesn't have an internet connection) and make the new htm pages and link them all and make it look all pretty and put up some other art and some random fanart I did for SoF and....

holy crap is it going to be a long night. Woa.



Updated: 9/11/01:
(I don't know what to say.)

The past 12 hours have felt like a dream. There are prophesies about this. The Mayan calendar ends at the year 2012. People say it'll be the end of the world.

I live about 30 minuites away from NYC... the city skyline can be seen from my town. My classmates' parents work there in the city. People are unaccounted for. My mom works at the elementary school... a teacher was talking on the phone with her husband while he was fleeing down the steps of the world trade center.
Most of my school was packed in the library watching the tv. A kid I've known since we were in preschool started yelling,"My dad's in there." I can't imagine how he felt. Luckily, his father was found and is now in the hospital... I don't know how he's doing.


... and Sett's just old enough for the draft.


Cherish what you have. Life is a precious thing.

I truly hope that you and your families are safe tonight.




Updated: 9/8/01:
(e-mail? I do not understand this concept of "e-mail" you speak of.)

Mm, head much pain. Lack of sleep/oxygen, methinks. *nodnod*

Not much to show off today... uhm, my assignment sheet for the past 2 days. Drew some kinda kingfisher-y dragon in American Studies... and Rai made me scan this doodle of a time elemental in. >_o

I got a package from Jyiis todayee.... *happiness* She kicks much arse. ^^ I have manymany shinies to add to my shiny bag! Manymany shinies... *shiny-hoarde*


(fyi: Aido keeps a small bag of shiny objects in her pocket at all times. No, we are not lying. Yes, she does need to get some hobbies.)

Oh! New obsession time! Everyone go to the Hero Machine! I spent all last night making random characters... Ish so much fun! And REALLY REALLY addictive!

Lookit some of the really scary characters I did...

Ryuame | Singe | Riff | Izzy (may not be suitable for young children.. hehe.)

I suggest using the Superhero -> Blaster... there's more of a diversity of hair/ expressions/ clothing, etc.. Dunt think a lot of the tempates are done.

Thanks for the link, Athran!


Sleep=good. I think I'll go do that..



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