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 Updated: 9/5/01
(Head... in pain... much pain....)

Uhm... school=evil. I still don't have an art class. I'm trying to take it as an independant study, but I don't know if I can fit it in. And it won't count in my GPA. Which is... well, not good. :P

Did you know marker fumes kill brain cells? You'd think the killing of brain cells would numb your head, but it seems with an excess of hunks of dead cytoplasm floating throughout your cranium makes it pain a great deal. Ugh. Comic bad. Bad comic, no biscuit. Yeah, I'm working on it. I'll have a few pages by next week sometime. Unless, of course American Studies strikes.


and then we all know what happens.


*stares blankly*


Anywho, school doodles. Random eastern Dragon.

And short hair is EVIL.

Strings of Fate did a kinda-sorta update. So go worship Tochi. And I'll.... just stay here and walk in a circle.

Oh, and congrads to Pyxaron for getting hit 6000. ^^; (I still can't believe people keep track of these things. ^^; Hehe. Makes me feel special.)





Updated: 9/4/01

Holy crap, I'm 2 hits away from 6,000! o_0;







Updated: 9/4/01
(gag me.... pleeeaasseee....)

School starts tomorrow. *fallover*

Much evilness.


Just wanted to complain. No pictures for you. <insert evil laughter here>


Found yet another spiffy-keen flash movie. It's not funny, but it's cute and kinda freaky and REALLY REALLY well-done.

I cut my hair today... 12 inches. Donating it to wigs for kids. Used to be down to my waist, now it's a bit below my shoulders. My head's so light! I haven't had my hair this short since I was in 3rd grade or so... and it fwooshes!! GAAHH!!! >_<

*ahem* anywho... see y'all on the flip-side.



(Yes, Rai! Draw me something! Now! XD )

(Strings of Fate still hasn't updated. *withdrawl-withdrawl* )


Updated: 9/3/01

Just finished this and decided I might as well show it off. *muahaha* Please please don't hurt me... I feel all fasion-y... I actually designed a dress. *twitch* Actually, this was from a kinda screwy dream I had a few months ago and I quickly sketched the dress in a half-concious stupor because it was kinda nifty... found the paper and decided to do something with it. Erm, yah. Experiment with light and texture. *nod*

Singe in a dress. (never saw that one coming...)

After playing with color-balance a bit (and adding some stuff)

Lah-dee-dah. Enjoy, enjoy.

Ah yes... and since Jyiis was so nice to scan it in, I have a copy of the evillest thing ever which I doodled in her sketch book. *nod*



*note to self: Slimu is silly.*

 Updated: 9/3/01

Okay, we're back. It's all good.


Updated: 9/2/01
(gypsy whore!)

(*sigh* I can't FTP to Can't load m' site, can't upload. Nyar.)

Went to the Rennaissance Faire today... much fun. ^^ As with tradition, I dressed up as a gypsy whore, we saw the mud show, drooled at the pretty pretty swords and armor and leather-work that I'll never be able to afford, and fried in the sun. And there was much fun had. And much traffic sat in. But I won't get into that.

Oh, I've gotten over the block... kinda. I've been playing with the new tablet... it gets some niiiice effects. *nodnod* Erm.. this would be Eto's fault. Blame her for that one. *cough*

David Blaine is obscenely cool. *nodnodnod* Worship him.

Also, m' best friend and I saw Earthian. We didn't know it was Shounen Ai. ^^; I'm very open-minded and have nothing against homosexuality, so on and so forth, but I'm still disturbed by the idea of 2 animated male angels having sex. If at all, I prefer more subtle stuff.

But overall, the moral of the story is: I like guys. A lot.

Meg made me draw some sex by necessity, but I'd rather not show that off. So I won't.

Lookit what Fumei linked me to. Gyah! I gotta get a translation! Laughing... too much... it hurts... XD



Transcend your pants.


Meg's watching a show where they're catapulting flaming cars and pianos into the air. I wanna have a hobby like that. Mmm, exploding grand pianos.... nyum. (the guy is now talking about making a larger catapult so they can throw around a flaming double-decker bus. Daaaamn.)

Okay, I'm done. 'Nite!



(*cough* my apologies)

I gotta apologise about last night's rant. I was feeling icky.

I don't like to use the term "depressed"... because that's with the generalization of artists-- they get depressed. I don't get depressed. I get (as Jyiis puts it very nicely) dark. So I was in a dark mood. *storm clouds disperse*

Erm, I'm not over the block, but I felt much better after writing that thing out. I'm also still kicking myself about giving out this addy to relatives.... *cringe* But there's nothing I can do about it.


Jyiis kicks ass. I wish I lived closer to her. I also wish she'd get onto AIM sometime... or tell me whatever AIM name she's been using.

Rai also kicks ass.

And Xay needs to get her bum online when I'm online.


... And Strings of Fate still hasn't been updated. No, I'm not obsessed! Really! I swear! ... *cough*....


... what're you looking at?


Ooh! Survery! *typetypetype*

1) What sort of art do you draw?: Anime/attempts at demi-realism

2) How many characters have you created?: I think I counted 76... but I probably left some people out.

3) How many characters have you created that are supposed to represent yourself?: Well, there's always Kai and her 6+ different forms... so I'll go with 2, although I'm sure there are more... and all my characters have a bit of me in them.

4) What are their names?: Aido (and her many forms) and Siri.

5) Out of all your characters, which is your favorite?: Taro! Heh, actually, no. I really can't choose... Arashi and Pyr and Quetzal and Void and Serik... and some others... they're so interesting.


6) Do any of your friends have characters of their own?: yeahp... most of 'em.

7) Which of your friends has (in your opinion) the best designed/best characterized persona for themselves?: Jyiis, definately.

8) Out of all of your friends' characters, which one do you think is the hottest?: (hehe, who comes up with these surveys?) I have personal favorites of most all of m' friends, but to piss of Rai, I'll say Tre! *Tre-steal-run-run-run-run*

9) If you had to make one of your friends into their persona character, who would it be and why?: Uhm... *thinkthinkthink* I... really don't know. How about Slimu because it'd be really really funny? *snicker*


10) What medium do you find the easiest to use?: .5mm hb black quicker-clicker mechanical pencils. Huzzah!

11) Have you ever/can you color with a paint program?: *vigorous nodding*

12) What real media do you prefer?: .5mm mechanicel pencils! And markers.

13) Would you rather color with markers, pencils, or a paint program?: It's a toss-up between markers and Photoshop. >_o

14) Does it bug you when other people watch you draw?: Only if they have to CONSTANTLY COMMENT. -_-;

15) Name one medium that you'd like to master: Acryllics'd be nice, but they're evil. So I'll say photoshop.

16) What medium do you think you are the best at right now?: Markers, I guess... I don't know.


17) Who's your hero artist?: There's many... Erm, Nambroth, Cara Mitten, Tochi, Aja Williams, Pseudo Manditou, Julie Dillon, manymanymany more....

18) Who's drawn you the most pictures?:Erm, Sett.

19) If you could draw one picture and have it become the most famous picture in the world what would it be of?: Uhm.. I don't know... but certainly not a picture of me.

20) How many of your friends think you're crazy when you tell them about your characters?: Probably quite a few. ^^;

<end survey>


Zoë went away?? o_0;; WHAT?? Gah! This can't be! No, poor Torg'll be heartbroken! Nooooooo!! My vote says he'll revert back to Torg of the Jungle.

(aido likes her web-comics too much.)

Oh, and I saw Jay and Silent bob Strike Back... the blatant AICN spoof was hilarious. ^^ Especially because I've been going there for years.


And I forgot to post this before... I found an actual restaurant in Providence called the Hole in the Wall. Hehe. ^^;

That is all. G'nite.


 Updated: 8/28/01
(warning: unhappiness. and some swearing.)

I just want somewhere to rant right now... I'm feeling really worthless all of the sudden.


I haven't turned out a finished picture by my own accord in the past 3 months. No, longer than that. And now my freedom is nearly gone. And I've done nothing of the summer. And I feel like shit.

I told Xay, I told Xay, I told Xay... I said I'd work on those damned illustrations. And now that I have the time, less than a week now... I can't get it out. Nothing's turning out how I want it. And I'm just sucking. Royally.

I've hit a block and there's nothing I can do about it.

I've tried, I swear I have.

And on TOP of that, I broke down and gave this web-address to my aunt. And now my cousin's e-mailing me. Soon all of the relatives on my mom's side will giving me grief about my 'interesting anti-christian hobbies' or somesuch... Goddammit, isn't it bad enough that I have to have my MOTHER regularly visit and COMMENT on what I'm drawing? Now I have to take it from my damned RELATIVES? Why am I such an idiot? I never like people picking through my belongings who I don't want to and now I'm doing this to myself. And... and.....

I didn't eat dinner.




I want to do everything at once, I want to feel accomplished, that I've done something with my dwindling time... RISD is over, did I LEARN ANYTHING??

apparently not.


no, I didn't learn anything.

and even if I did, it's worthless... I'm not putting it to use.


Just damned worthless.


I'm going to take a shower now. And I should eat, too. But I know I'm not going to.

Sorry, no update today, kiddies. I have nothing of worth to offer.

Screw that, I have nothing to offer PERIOD.


Threw you the obvious and you flew with it on your back, a name in your recollection down among a million, saying: Difficult not to feel a little bit disappointed, passed over. When I've looked right through, to see you naked but oblivious and you don't see me.


mmm, been looping that song over and over for the past.. what now? 2 hours? more? it's a damned good song.

My throat burns. And for one reason or another I haven't been able to reach Strings of Fate for the entire day... and now that I can, it seems that the comic wasn't updated. Hopefully it will be tomorrow.


Cause I threw you the obvious, to see what occurs behind the eyes of a fallen angel, eyes of a tragedy-- oh well.... oh, well. Apparently nothing. Apparently, nothing at all.


(Pyr's post script: Aido's being grumpy. I'm gonna go and give her a nice dose of reality and then make her watch Fushigi Yuugi OAV's for a few hours. It'll get outta her system. ^^ Don't bother sending pity/flame mail or anything about the above. I entitle her to a bit of grief now and again from someone other than m'self...)


Updated: 8/25/01
(is it not nifty?)

New Fallen Pages

Erm... I was up until 2 or so last night finishing the pages up.. I wanted to do more... but that last page with all the squares and geometry and the insane amount of text I had to squeeze in kinda killed me. I hate to make Faus talk so much, it's kinda out of character... but he has to explain himself a bit. Ah well. And he looks waaay too much like Meishuu in page 12. *cough* heh. ^^; My 60% warm grey decided it wanted to explode half-way through page 11 and I kinda ruined a really nice acryllic brush trying to fix it... bla bla bla, complain complain complain... *gets smacked upside the head* Okay, I'm done.

Speaking of comics, Sluggy Freelance is 4 years old today! Worship the comic! Sluggites unite! *gwahahaha* I downloaded the "Secret Cranky Office Temp" song... it's really funny. But only if you read the comic. And the Gofotron part of the comic is only funny if you've watched Voltron, Sailor Moon, Power Rangers, and other assorted old-school geeky-type shows. Like me. ^^

Oh, and I finally changed the font size of the site... it looks really nice on a Mac... but if you have a PC, it looks like crap. And since everyone and their brother has a PC... well, can't argue with statistics.

I've started watching these really cute Nosferatu shorts... it's in 3d animation, nicely done, good backgrounds, environments, etc.. They take forever for my computer to load, but some of 'em, like the mallet scene, make everything worth while.

Erm... here's a picture of Arashi. I'm sure I meant for it to be deep or something. RIP, my faithful .8mm micron pen. *head bowed in silence* And I drew some fanart for Ali because she gave me a picture and she desperately needed fanart.

Oh, and I updated my elfwood gallery.

And for all of you wondering, yes, I did get my permit. Now I get to learn to drive stick. Oy.

GAH!! I'm going to be an aunt! o_0; Erm... a half-aunt. >_o





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