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 Updated: 8/22/01
(*whew* ... that was a close one.)

New images in guest art

Thought I was going nuts with last night's SoF-scare... seems the server was acting... strangely. Dono. Either way, Strings of Fate is back online. I can continue to worship Tochi and her mad, mad talent. *worship*

First, congrads t' Rai for getting hit #4000. (people keep track of these things? o_0; )

Erm, I got a few new images... *rummage-rummage...*

Some stuff I did on a nifty web-scratch-board at Jyiis' house: (Gwah! I miss her! XP )

Serik | Me n' Jyiis | The day I left

And a random doodle of me turned into a kit. No, he's not going to eat me.

Oh, yes... and I've got a couple new links. So I'm going to rant about them now.

First, I have a new love in my life... the art of Matt Rhodes. He's the artist for ShadowMarch, some online book I have no interest in... but they had these beautiful banners for it from Sluggy Freelance and I had to look... just incredible art... check out the gallery section here.

Next, for anyone who likes/knows of gundam wing, Heero is not toast. (thanks t' Eto. ^^ ) As in the toast you put jam on. It's hilarious. As is the Relena torture game. And the art is badass. Chibis were never so.. erm... toasty. *gets smacked upside the head*

And this is what we really did in animation class. Well, at least what Jyiis did... (I'm gonna get smacked for this, aren't I...? *meep* ) Oh, the humanity.

And finally... everyone should see the epic of Mr. Man. I want that dog. hehe.

Aido sucks at voice overs.

That is all. *nod*


Riff doesn't know what to do... o_0;


  Updated: 8/19/01

New Section: Guest Art

O-kay! It took me somewhere around 10+ hours BUT I finally got the damned Guest Art section together. So you'd better like it!

My hand hurts. -.-


Yes, I'm going to work on those illustrations.

And the gallery sections.

And the new pages.

And update elfwood.

As well as VCL.



..... oy.


Aido's going to bed now.



Updated: 8/16/01
(the eraser poo wants your soul.)

Ermm... I have way too much to do... and honestly, I haven't done any of it. The script is written for another few pages of the comic, I just don't know how I'll draw it out and make it as half-assed as possible. *nervous laugh*

Yah... anywho, I start driving on Monday. Meaning I get my permit. Hooray... and then I gotta learn stick... and I can't get out of first gear in stick... it goes all jerky because I go too slow and stalls out and... *twitch* Oh my... I'm gonna get an earful from Pyr. Not as though I already haven't.

Oh, and beware the eraser-poo. It's nasty stuff, that.

No, I still haven't replied to my e-mail.

'Nite all!


Updated: 8/14/01 (2:05 am)
(hah! banners galore!)

New section: Link to me

Okay, I got most of my banners done... didn't finish the one with Fluffy because I'm going to try t' make an animated gif. Raitaro's manning the new section to go with his other links section... seemed only fair. *evil gwee-sounds from random girls in the audience*

Nothing of interest happened today. Nothing to ramble about. My apologies. Aido's going to bed now. *passes out*


Updated: 8/12/01
(home again... blah.)

*sniffl* I miss Jyiis.

Erm, we went to see Osmosis Jones on Friday... too many little kids scurrying about... *twitch-shudder* Anywho, the badguy, Thrax, had the best character design I've seen in a long, long time. Shades and black trenchcoat and big big claws and random chain and fire... lots of fire.... Mmmm... yes, good character design. Hence the first fanart I've done in a verra long time. Rejoyce. Or something.

Me, Jyiis, and six other people entered in the Crane's beach sandblast and made a really wicked sand-sculpture... we got first in our category. (now everything hurts from shovelling sand for 5 hours...) I got a Cape Cod Potato Chip towel! *cheer* I feel special. ^^

M'rright... it's storming outside now, so I'll work on the other banners tomorrow... I really gotta start working on replying to e-mail.... n'rrggg....


Updated: 8/9/01

Erm... I gotta go... But I made banners! (actually one banner with 2 sizes... >_o ) I have 2 more but they're not finished. One has me and the other has fluffy. ^^;;

So, erm... have fun. Don't make trouble while I'm away.

*goes off to take a shower*

(last minuiite note: holy crap, I'm 13 hits away from 3,000... o_0; Wow, I feel... really popular... you people kick ass.)


Updated: 8/8/01
(dumplings. evil, evil dumplings.)

It's 3 in the morning, isn't it?

Yeah... yeah it is.

I should be asleep, shouldn't I?

Mmm, yeah, basically.

<end conversation with subconcious> Erm, roight. Anywho, I forgot to post this before, for your viewing... erm, displeasure... or something of that nature. This is what happens when I leave Sett and Xay alone for 6 weeks. Dumplings happen. -.-;;

Oh yah... and happy birthday, Josh... I swear, I'll draw something nicer for you.

Also, Län somehow managed to do polymorph without turning into a piece of sod. (erm, don't ask.)

And somehow, within the past 2 hours, Sett turned Pyr into a pocket-sized chibi thanks to some fruit pastries and evil laughter. Don't ask, you had to be there. Anyway, we can't figure out how to reverse it. I guess Pyr's going to be riding on my head for a few months.

-.-; this is humiliating.

Riiight. Going to bed now.



Updated: 8/7/01
(Yer all miseable cod nuggets... the whole lot of ya')

new fallen pages

WHAT?? Oh dammit, does this mean I have to update..? Curse you all.

Bah... I just got home from RISD... it's really depressing. I miss my friends... I don't miss the fashion majors. *twitch* But I won't get into that. Anywho, I'm gonna be gone from Thursday to Sunday because I'm gonna be at Jyiis' house! *dance-dance* And Josh, if you read this... come, dammit! Puh-leeeaaze? *gets smacked upside the head... really hard*

Oh, if you want yet another web-comic that's better than mine, take a gander at Slimu's new manga, Directions of Destiny. Damn him, it looks professional... *grumbles something about highschool sophomores*

On that same note, I apologize for the time it took for me to get my Fallen new pages up. RISD and all... At one point Jyiis got e-mails telling her to tell me to get off my lazy bum. Now *that* was interesting. So, uhm... hooray for big, gaping black squares. I learned it from deamonology 101. ^^;

Thanks to the graciousness of my mother, I have been allowed to publicly post a photo of myself on the internet. *cough-hack-hack* (unfortunately, this is a bad scan and I lost the original photo. -.-; ) M'rright. This was kinda a result of the Great AOL CD War... which consisted of me, Jyiis, Carolyn, and Josh going to CVS and Kinkos over a period of about 4 days and stealing somewhere around 180 AOL CD's. And then throwing them at each other in the Nicerson Basement halls. They shatter REALLY nicely. *snicker*

And for your general information:

I am not a kangaroo rat nor am I any kind of rodent.

Län is not a jawa.

Reis is a giant flying bucket.

I like AOL CD passwords.

Kazef likes AOL CD passwords, too.

Jyiis is a pirate. Sett is her cabinboy.

Pyr doesn't like the way you're looking at him.

Mickey kicks ass. (she's also the first person to ever draw Pyr's human form for me.) Go worship her. Now.

The new scanner makes weird noises. Dunt like it. I didn't eat dinner. I gotta start making the sub-galleries... >_o Grrarr. Osmosis Jones comes out this weekend! Huzzah!

Oh, yah... and elfwood's been resurrected.. I gotta update my gallery... >_o

M'rrmm... sleeepp....


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