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Updated: 7/22/01 (2:45 am)
("What's going on and how can I kill it?" --Reis )

(the following is really incoherent because I seem to be in a perpetual state of sleep deprivation. Take proper precautions.)

*ahem* Anywho, extreme happiness showered upon you and your kin! I have received fanart-- but not *just* fanart.... fanart from two kickass artists. First, a "hooray for Aido finally getting her page up" picture from Zalyina, and some Fallen fanart from TOCHI. *twitch* I've been in this funky mellow happy-happy state since 4:30 this afternoon because I not only got fanart for a comic I've written 7 pages of, the fanart was from Tochi, overall kickass artist and writer of Strings of Fate, m' favorite web-comic-type thing. The picture is now printed out and adorning my sketch book with much masking tape.

And all was well in the world.

Quite a bit has happened since whenever -it -was -approx. -two -weeks -ago -when -I -updated... which includes me finishing my 40-second Flash cutout short of Pyr not sounding like Pyr (which I can't post on the internet because it's 10 megs -.- ) and some random crazy Christian guy at a booth harassing me and Jyiis. *twitch-shudder*

We've finally restarted our RP campaign in advanced dungeons and dragons... it's rather entertaining. I'm still playing as Län, much to his dismay. (he's always the first to get attacked. *snicker*) Jyiis is now playing as a Kobald sorcerer named Kazef with a flying fox familiar by the name of Guano. -.-; (we're too weird for our own good.) And here's Cade, our halfling-halfdragon-type guy who still hasn't really done much.

Jyiis has this intense burning hatred of generic anthropomorphic vixens... so I turned her into one. Green hair and all. (her hair's now all shiny and green in certain light. Mine's raven black. ^^ ) And she turned me into a bunny. -.-; With pink bows and clovers and shininess.... all's fair in love and art-wars, I suppose.

Not much else to ramble about... Jyiis and co. saw Jurassic Park while I was coloring my new splash page and has been making chirping noises and walking digigrade and jumping on chairs all night... last week our class got into the sumi ink. We like making dangerously toxic tattoos on each other's faces. We look like SoF characters. But no one really gets it but me and Jyiis since I've gotten her hooked on th' comic. (what else would we do in animation class?) Oh, and here's the original picture of my splash page... Poor Josh in the corner didn't get into the final cut. From left to right: Me, Carolyn, Jyiis (yelling at her animation) and Josh. (trying to get out of the room as quickly as possible)

And here's some other random crap that didn't fit into my ramble... Kim made me draw her a picture of Taro since he's so adorable. He has my shiny ninja stick. And I was really bored in animation. Okay, going to bed now. Much homework to be done tomorrow. (3:30 am)


Updated: 7/15/01 (3:30 am)
(HAPPINESS! *fallover*)

SoF IS UPDATED!!! ALL IS WELL IN THE WORLD! The planets have aligned! There is no longer sickness nor death! There is universal peace!

-- actually, there isn't. It's just that the best web-comic EVER is back from its long hibernation to continue to ridicule my horrid excuse for talent. Mmmm, Tochi-art... *drool*


*humms fiddler on the roof and reads new spiff-tacular pages in a state of complete bliss*


Updated: 7/15/01 (2:30 am)
(acryllics are evil)

Not much to say... I'm alive. Saw Final Fantasy... It's basically 2 hours of eye-candy. Very very pretty, but really lacking... in all honesty, it would've kicked ass if they'd based it on one of the games. Specifically 7. *gwee* The bad guy in the movie was so horribly generically FF...but it was pretty funny that there they added in a guy named Cid... Makes all FF-parifinalia complete, y'know. Anywho, the movie was overall kinda lacking and cliche and such. Mrrarr. And so, we watched Princess Mononoke. And all was well in the world.

Erm, I'd have a cute 2-frame animated gif I made of the paintings on my feet being evil, but I left the polaroids in Jyiis' room and I don't want to go back down. Too late, her room mate'd throw mini-soccer balls at me or somesuch.

Dangit, my mom's coming to visit tomorrow and I forgot to ask her to bring my chop and maiden sacrifice dress.... *gets a bunch of blank stares* ... erm, nevermind.

Oh, hey! Lookit what I found last night! It's so nice to know people are STILL trying to pose as me on the internet! I'm so damned used to it by now, I'm really not suprised at all.

Ah, yes, and other stuff... Here are some photos I just got developed:

Funny signs around providence... or at least ones that we thought were funny at the time...

Josh and Jyiis asleep in animation class. Hehe, sleep is for the weak.

We tried to dye our hair today... didn't have enough time. Jyiis is going for green... pretty, pretty darkdark green... like Xay-hair green. She's obsessed with the color green. I'm doing black. I'm obsessed with the color black. Wheee, my head is starting to hurt... it is now 3:00 in the morning. My brain has been melted by repeated playings of Jyiis' mp3's of the beatles, animaniacs songs,the pinky and the brain theme song in german, fiddler on the roof, the arrogant worms, and the "sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell" song. It's all good music, but it melts my brain. It's now a gobulous mass of melted almond chocolate-chunk icecream at the bottom of my skull. Mmm, icecream....

I have to do 3 acryllic paintings by wednesday... got one done... it was on the subject "happy and sad." -.-; I'll get ahold of a digital camera eventually and post all these pictures that've been forcing me to take time off of the comic. I think it's been worth it... although I'm sure no one else would think so.

I think I'm going to bed now.


*humms sheep go to heaven, goats go to hell*

Updated: 7/10/01
(tickets to nowhere... -.-; )

Bah, it's been an insanely busy week. I apologise for not updating sooner, I have a slew of new images. Whilst going through my sketchbook, I found these which have nothing to do with what I'll be ranting about:

Aido | Osopher | history bordeom

Anywho, whilst looking productive, Jyiis and I got ahold of a bag of mini-pretzels. And you know how dangerous those things can be when you get around two dorks like us.... oh, and we're also now "sisters." Well, kinda. We look like we're related and we're good as room mates. She gave my lazy arse a piggy back ride from the park a few days back. It was very entertaining. ^^ Plus, I've started to make a staff out of a large, shiny blue plexi-glass rod. It is very pretty and shiny and has many nifty symbols carved into it as well as pieces of my shiny collection hanging from it. I will take many pictures.

Oh, and I've been working on the storm leviathan design a bit, too. This is what I have so far... the 6 limbs work much better than the 4... I really wanted to take a more dolphin approach than what I had-- a mammilian land dragon returned to the sea. I got a nice, elegant, flow-y look, too. I'll color it eventually. And for the heck of it, I drew Ryuame in a half-form. I love those flipper-wings.

We've started our RP campaign.... It's great fun, I wish I had people into RPing at my school. I now have my gnome character, Län. (say his name aloud and you'll get the joke. We're a real silly bunch. ^^; ) Län (who is about 3'9'') is from a noble family and happens to have this 6'11'' horny elvin body guard by the name of Reis. Kim, her player, is really insane. She really brings life to the entire game. Lookit the height chart! XD Anywho, our first excursion was pretty entertaining... had something to do with a dragon and maiming pixies. Josh (our DM) got some books and I had to do a doodle of a portable hole. *snicker*

Overall, it's been a rather productive week. It is now 1:30, I will be sleeping. G'nite.



Updated: 7/4/01
(fire... FIRE!! *nyarr*)

Today was suprisingly interesting considering Jyiis went home to see family. An intersting fact: Providence doesn't have fireworks. Nope. We watched the ones in different towns from a distance. The mall *did* catch on fire, though. Although I feel bad about its entertainment value, it was pretty dang interesting. We watched it all from a nice lil park on a cliff with a really nice view and a statue of someone who looks like he's doing the macarena. I'll post a photo later. (RISD was built on a vertical plane, I swear... everything's hills and stairs. XP )

Anywho, this was basically my day-- my first finished animation project. Took way too long and it's a bit too jerky for my taste... but I like it anyway! Taro makes a cute chibi-esque cartoon character. ^^ (I'll post my other animations later.)

Anywho, I also have a sadistic flip-book done tomorrow which I'm only half through and it's already past 10:30. *twitch* Happy 4th, all! ^^



Updated: 7/2/01

(instant ramen for all!)

Whoo! Fun-fun. My parents stopped by and dropped off a mega-pack of instant ramen and a water-heater. So we've had ramen-parties. The veggies taste like corregated cardboard. Yummm...

Anywho, we have convinced Josh, a really kikass guy with green hair from animation class to start an RP-group. I don't know when we'll have the time, but it'll be much fun. Jyiis and I also got him to create a "persona." And so, Osopher was born. We've been drawing him non-stop since... between class and doing our flip-books, which are quite sadistic.

Bah, Fundamental Drawing again today... that lady hates us. (with plenty of right, too, I suppose... ^^; ) Jyiis and I survive by talking loudly with Josh and Kim and passing notes. But we still do all of the work and give useful feedback! (<~ note for my mom, who checks the site periodically... bah, why did I give her this address... *curses herself* )

(Oh, and Rachel! Your e-mail still isn't working! Get it to work! Grarr! )


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