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 Updated: 7/1/01
(Can't sleep... vegans will eat me...)

Really, don't mind me. I apologise to any vegtables I may have offended in any way.

I viewed the 'fridge from the animation lab and this place looks like crap! Dang! >_< The text looks enormous, now I gotta change that... and the alignment is off on all of the pages! It all looks fine on this computer... that's what I get for working with a tiny screen. Blarg. -.-

I will work on the next pages! Really! I swear!


Updated: 6/28/01
(Hooray for counters!)

Moved some stuff to the updates section... No more excess at the bottom of the page. I *still* will make a image map for this area... just... not yet... (just like those banners I'm planning on making... Hah... -.-; )

Ah.... decently good day. ^^ Had me first animation class... we have a 150-page flip book due next week. With all of my other homework, I suppose I won't have much time for the Revival art or the Fallen pages I wanted to work on. Dang. Anywho, animation was great, great fun. For the first time I got to seriously work with a tablet! And not just a tablet, the biggest tablet I've ever seen in my life... it has to be at least 12"X14". Insaaane. Anywho, we had to draw a series of some kinda inanimate theme and I chose feathers, since they're fun to do. Here's some of me faves:

feathers one | feathers two | feathers 3

Other than that, no new art.. a least nothing I can scan. Everything I've been doing lately has been on 18X24 paper and in charcoal. Have I mentioned charcoal hates me? I never cared for messy mediums... that's why I use pencils, pens, and photoshop. Either way, I've come out with some kikass stuff. If I ever get a hold of someone with a digital camera, I'll post some charcoal drawings. ^^ Plus, I've started working on the Storm Leviathan design again. They now have 6 limbs rather than 4, The hind legs as wings thing wasn't where I wanted to go; I want them to be mobile on land.

Speaking of web-comics, Tochi's computer got fried by a virus, which means no Strings of Fate for another extended period of time. My deepest condolences, Tochi-- I hope things work out. (eep... with the amount of crap I download from people I don't know, I probably have 12 viruses on this computer right now... ahg, curses. -.-; )

Jyiis is sick, probably from sleep deprivation. Speaking of which, I should stop replying to my insane amount of e-mails and sleep... I can run decently well on 5 hours of sleep, but I miss my 8-hour sleeping schedule. We went PVC piping-shopping today so Jyiis could make a... erm... dijerydoo... digeridoo... dijeridu... uhm... it's one of those Australian instruments that makes those nifty organic "HwaaaAAAaaahhHhhhh" noises. She kicks so much ass. *nod* I will probably have my final animation project on something with Jyiis and Aido... actually, probably not. 30 frames per second and really complex wing structures make for a very unhappy Aido.

Oh, and I got meself a counter... I just wanna check how many hits I get because I've gotten an influx of mail recently, which also seems to be inversely proportional to the amount of free time I've had. Blarg. Tomorrow's Friday, maybe I'll have time over the weekend. *laughs sadly* Riiiight... (note: Aido will actually be spending all her time in Jyiis' room doing a combination of the following: drawing her flip book/playing Neverhood/blasting the Beatles Yellow Submarine/cutting things up that were found in the dumpster this past afternoon/sleeping.)

Oh, and for all those of you wondering: I have no AIM. I'm sorry, no talking to Aido until August 5th. I'm not dead, I'm just... well, yeah, I'm dead. >_o

'nite, all... *passes out on the keyboard*




Updated: 6/27/01
(people are idiots.)

I'm really upset about what happened at elfwood... because of some idiots who want complete free-reign, it's down now. No one knows for how long. It's understandable with all the crap and threats Thomas has been getting. No wonder... it's really sad.

Anywho, yet another day of Jyiis and I drawing fun stuff. She did this for me today... I'm absolutely in love with it. I'm hoping by the time we leave my wall will be covered in Jyiis art. ^^ Oh, and we got ourselves a mascot... Corey, some guy who likes to hang out in Nickerson and likes to listen to our music. He is now, appropriately titled, our bitch. *grinn* Oh, and Megan sent me a package and I got a burned copy of Beatles: One, some bubbles, and one of those sticky-film cameras! XD I'm so happy! *Megan-hug* I'm afraid to take pictures, though, because the film is so dang expensive.

And Jyiis has also introduced me to Neverhood... it's like Myst, but for animation geeks/people obsessed with the random/people who like to make fun of religon. It's perfect for me! Oh, and I almost fell asleep in art history (and I erased the lines and colored it for the heck of it... isn't she pretty? ) ... the building is so hot and so crowded and the lights were off to keep us cooler but it only aided in making us very sleepy and I'm very sleep deprived, which just made it worse. Speaking of which, I gotta get going-- I have basic design tomorrow. :P



Updated: 6/26/01
(Blah, art history)

I changed the layout of the links at the left. Is this better?

I'm having much much fun. ^^ After a while, Jyiis and I were able to find each other. (turns out she's in the room directly below mine. It's puzzling me why it took us over 48 hours to find each other.) She kicks much ass! Plus, I'm in all of her classes (except art history) since we're both computer animation majors. We have fun drawing each other.

It's kinda frightening... I'm like a shorter version of her. Unless she's a taller version of me... we're both half-asian and have glasses and people mistake us for being Native American. Anywho, their room (the room belonging to her and her room mate) has somewhat become home-base... we're looking for bean bag chairs and tinsel and stuff to decorate. Much fun. ^^ She's really inspiring... suddenly I want to be artsy... I wanna buy shirts so I can bleach nifty insignias in them and I bought an umbrella and I'm gonna paint dragons on it and I painted Raitaro on my bag. Hehe.

Bah, I got a bit over 5 hours of sleep again last night. Not like that's a bad amount, but I'm used to getting 8 or so and during the summer it's kinda annoying.

We found a sushi restaurant! Gwahaha! Mmm, raw meat... Nyumm.


Updated: 6/24/01
(At RISD! *cheers*)

Okay, my parents have now left, I now have the internet AND a phone. (and a scanner! Gwahaha!) It's great here! I thought I'd lost my studnet id (which means I woulnd't be able to eat or get my class supplies) but I found it in the most obvious place (in my wallet -.-; ) and all is well other than feeling kinda like an idiot. ^^;

Anywho, I've met one kindred spirit so far, a nice girl in the South dorm named Kim. We wandered around campus last night talking about anime and bishounen. *laughs* Good times. ^^ Then after cerfew (11:00) I went and called Rai (hooray for obscene long-distance bills!) and we talked... until 3 in the morning. And my head hurts from lack of sleep. But it was so worth it! :D RAI, YOU KICK ASS! Oh, and I doodled a picture for her which I will send to her as well as the angelology book if I can manage to get my grubby paws on another one. As well as some stuff for Eto. *nodnod*

I'd love to type more random crap and bore you all since it's raining out, but I'll spare you all. I'll go off and work on some manga. *wavewave*



Updated: 6/22/01
(going to RISD tomorrow... don't know what's up yet)

Hey all, it's Aido... I'm hoping to eventually get a nice image map or something here, the 'Fridge' isn't really done at all. Speaking of which, like the name? I really have no idea where it came from... and it's Sett's fault I stuck with it.

I don't know what's going on with the galleries yet, I'm really sorry. I'm trying to get some kinda format out, Sett's working on it with me. Until then, there are links to my outside galleries over at the art sections to hopefully tide you over. The only interesting things here so far are really the Fallen and the Links sections. (which may be too big to load from all the banner-image files, I don't know, I may have to split it up.)

(sorry about the incoherentness of all this, I'm in a REAL RUSH to get this typed. XP )

Overall, please excuse everything about the place at the moment. I'm REALLY new at this and have never made a webpage before... my mom's helping me along the way with the really technical stuff, but I'm kinda on my own for a lot of it.

If there's anything really screwy with the viewing, please tell me. I have a REALLY big monitor (for all the graphics stuff I do... it's really helpful) and I don't know wether the page is normal size format or not. I can't know until I get her onto the net and see for myself how little I really know about patching together a page.

I thank you all for bearing with me.

(Whoo! I'm all lara-Croft-y! Image created by Zoe 'Xay' Foster... is it not the niftiest thing you've ever seen? *hugs Xay*)

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