February 3, 2002

(read after the 's)


<name deleted>: hi

Ai Ryu: hi there

<name deleted>: my friend told me bout ur drawing and there pretty

<name deleted>: how old r ya ?

Ai Ryu: 16

<name deleted>: coo

<name deleted>: r u in kali?

Ai Ryu: erm, no... I live in New Jersey.

<name deleted>: oh what a shame

<name deleted>: is it ok if i add u 2 my buddly list?

<name deleted>: buddy*

Ai Ryu: sure... I'm not on often, though

<name deleted> oh ok

Ai Ryu: and usually I get swampd when I do

<name deleted>: u do ?

<name deleted>: have u done any work wit artist like i have done pokemon before like helpin have u ever done and cartoons before that r shown on tv?

Ai Ryu: swamped rather

<name deleted>: i c

Ai Ryu: erm, no.

<name deleted>: u should

Ai Ryu: I'm kinda well known in a few circles on the internet. That's about it.

<name deleted>: can u draw anythin other than dragons?

<name deleted>: or can u do peeps,animals, u know that kinda stuff?

Ai Ryu: yeah, I have a web-comic.

<name deleted>: oh coo

<name deleted>: well if i was u then i'd cqall up and tell the peeps dat work in disney and other places like cartoon network and show em what u have cuss ur good

Ai Ryu: if you don't mind me asking, how old are you?

<name deleted> 15

<name deleted>: just a year younger than u

Ai Ryu: gotcha

<name deleted>: lol k

<name deleted>: do u have an new drawings?

Ai Ryu: I always do.

Ai Ryu: do you check my site?

<name deleted>: can i c em plz?

Ai Ryu: aido.furvect.com/

<name deleted>: nope i never have i got pic from a friend dsat saw it

Ai Ryu: http://aido.furvect.com/ rather

<name deleted>: ok thankie

<name deleted>: what this?

Ai Ryu: my homepage.

<name deleted>: oh coo

<name deleted>: do u enter contests?

Ai Ryu: not often.

<name deleted>: ever win 1st place??

Ai Ryu: the last time I entered something it was on 1998. I got first place in most original category or something.

Ai Ryu: I won some pokemon cards.

<name deleted>: that very impressive

<name deleted>: lol u like pokem'on

<name deleted>: ?

Ai Ryu: yes

<name deleted> oh so u collect cards 2 ?

Ai Ryu: not anymore

<name deleted>: i c

<name deleted>: may i ask u 4 a small favor?

Ai Ryu: probably not, but go fer it.

<name deleted>: if u make me a character that i was thinking 4 a long time but never got around to because of school,and actin,and homework..ehh

<name deleted>: ok

Ai Ryu: nope, sorry.

<name deleted>: y not ?

Ai Ryu: I don't have the time.

Ai Ryu: I don't get anything out of it.

<name deleted>: yea u do

Ai Ryu: I'd get swamped.

Ai Ryu: like what?

<name deleted>: how many peeps ask u 2 do this 4 em?

Ai Ryu: 2-5 per week.

<name deleted>: ok have u senn lord of the rings the 2 towers?

Ai Ryu: the movie?

<name deleted>: yep

Ai Ryu: my friend supposedly has it.

<name deleted>: well then i'll make u a deal name me 3 new movies that havent been out yet and i'll send em 2 u by mail

<name deleted>: fair enough


<name deleted>: ?

Ai Ryu: I'm sorry, I don't believe you.

Ai Ryu: where did you get it?

<name deleted>: omg ok don't i have meet elijha jordan wood, orlando bloom every almost cuss i was in new zealand and i got a chance 2 get all three movie cuss there all been made 4 a long time and i know elijah wood

Ai Ryu: uhm... I couldn't understand that at all.

<name deleted>: ok i have movies that didnt hit the screen yet and movies that have but arent out and the reason is cuss my dad works wit the oscars and peeps dat do get movies and we rate em

Ai Ryu: you wouldn't have the twin towers yet. That won't get nominated until after it comes out to theatures.

<name deleted>: umm i have it and the king returns cuss i know peter jackson and elijha wood and we got the movies cuss again my dad works wit the oscars

<name deleted>: ummm hello

<name deleted>: umm...hello.. r ya alive back there dude ?

Ai Ryu: sorry

<name deleted> its all right

<name deleted>: well is it a deal or what?

Ai Ryu: I still don't think I can trust you.

<name deleted>: what do u say that?

<name deleted>: do u want 2 know where elijah wood ,orlando bloom, or even peter jackson live and then ask em if i have the set of all three movies?

<name deleted>: umm.. would u like 2 ask my agent god lord i can't believe u dont believe me its amazes me

Ai Ryu: the fact that I'm inclined to amazes me.

<name deleted>: well ok then suit ur self i guess i'll just ask some one else i thought u would acutely like 2 own all three trilogy movies before they come out

Ai Ryu: *twitch*

Ai Ryu: well, good luck finding someone to believe you. >_o;

<name deleted>: what do u mean ?

<name deleted>: i can ask in school but i just dont get a chance 2

Ai Ryu: your story seems pretty unbelievable.

<name deleted>: well ok i guess this is ur opinion

<name deleted>: when i find that person that can draw it 4 me then i'll have them IM u ok

Ai Ryu: I'd appreciate that. ^^

<name deleted>: alright no problem but it won't be 4 while

<name deleted>: u just passed up a good opportunity...but its ok.. hopefully i shall find some one cuss i just have 2 much thing and 2 lil time...fair well

Ai Ryu: ..... rriiight.