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Updated: 7/1/03:
(leavin' on a jetplane...)

Yep, I'm back from Canada for a little bit. "A little bit" meaning until tomorrow. Yeah, I've been home for a few days, but I've been busy as hell and haven't exactly been in the most sociable mood. -_-

Okay, four reasons for this blurb:

One: Please, PLEASE do not e-mail me while I am gone. If you do, please e-mail me at My evilemail account isn't REALLY full, but I've been getting a HORRIBLE influx of spam lately. I went four days without a computer while in Canada and received over 100 new e-mails, nearly all of which were spam. This filled my inbox up over 90%.

Two: I met Voltaire. Unfortunately, I did not know he was Voltaire. This upsets me. Ah well. At least some good stalking was snuck in there. I am still smitten with Verika.

Three: I took some damned good artsy pictures during senior week activities and a few more with my digital camera. I am proud of myself. Have some photos:

Probably my favorite, a decrepit old boat.
Another one of my favorites,
the DOMINATOR, in Dorney Park.
A picture of the hall from my parent's room.
It looks evil.
I screwed with the saturation on this one,
but it made it look cooler.
This looks far too much
like a post card to be likable.
One of the coolest cloud-formations I've ever seen.
A sea serpent attacking a boat. See it? Isn't it badass? :D
Under some bridge.
It's all washed out-y.
Screwing with my digital camera some more.
It's me.
Also, I'd like to introduce the newest member of my dragon sculpture family, Alva. I made him in art class. He holds pens.
One, two, three. Try to ignore the ugliness that is... the carpet in the guest room. (dundundun)

Four: I would like to briefly discuss my displeasure with Harry Potter. I'm going to do my best to not give away spoilers, but it's best that people who haven't finished the book or are planning on reading the book to not read the following. Especially if you know me well.

One of my favorite aspects of Rowling's writing is that it is very simple and easy to follow. And the ending of Order of the Phoenix, at least to me, seemed extremely sub-par. Especially when it came to the "death scene." (I say "death scene" because it was kinda ambiguous. I'm hoping that Mr. <insert my favorite Harry Potter character here> isn't dead. Call it denial. I call it obsession.) It took a couple reads over to actually understand what had happened. And plus, it was completely pointless. If Mr. <insert my favorite Harry Potter character here> had died for a cause rather than an accident, it would have felt more worth while.
In any case, I cried in a fashion that can only be rivaled to my "I'm a depressed angsty whiny little middle school kid" -days.
Of all the Harry Potter books I've ever read, Order of the Phoenix is the first one I've ever actually owned. All others I've borrowed from Megan. Unfortunately, unlike all the other books in the series, I don't think that I'll ever be able to bring myself to reread it.

H'mmyep. Goodness am I a big dork. Here, go entertain yourself.

I'll be back... I think the 22nd of July or so. I'm not actually completely sure of the date. >_o


Updated: 6/23/03:
(hectic. X_x )

New Fallen

Okay, that's IT. I don't care how unfinished everything is, I'm giving you people a sense of closure before I leave. Five new pages, bizatch! Ignore the fact that two of them aren't colored at all.


This has been the hectic month of lack of comic-ness, hasn't it? Oy, many apologies for that. I've been so unbelievably busy between packing and preparing for going on two out-of-country trips in a row, and getting the guest strips ready for my mom to do some nice updates for you people, and hanging out with two of the coolest people I have ever met....

But I won't get ahead of myself.

First, I just want to thank everyone who sent in guest strips for my absence. You people ROCK. I love you all so very, very much. I got about 20 strips, all of varied lengths. (Two people gave 3-page long comics. One of those people gave three, yes, THREE comics total.) It is because of you people that the masses will be entertained! Be proud!

Second, I wish to acknowledge how completely smitten I am with Erika and Vera. I met the both of them yesterday at MoCCA and I love them both very, very much. I also met up with Becky, who is also very very cool and is in need of a plug. Go give her site some love, for she has quite badass stylings. I gots me drawings. *glee* Also, met up with Dmon, who I met at I-Con last year. He sent me a guest strip-- sweet b'jezuz, does he have fantastic coloring skills.

Erika said I was cuter than Todd Webb. And seriously, that guy's adorable. I suppose being short and asian has its advantages.

Anywho, I must be off. For all those of you wondering, I'm headed to the Shakespeare Festival in Stradford, Canada for a week, then to a tour of England, Scotland, and Wales until somewhere around the 20th of July.

So I'll see you guys then! Stay good! And enjoy the guest comics!


Updated: 6/19/03:

Okay, still no new Fallen. I'm really sorry. I drew a page on Sunday, but it was crap. Then I redrew it. It was less crappy but still crap. I reworked the blocking and made it simpler for a feebleminded person such as myself to be able to draw. I'm working on it.

To fill the gap, I have some tidbits of art...

First, how I feel about the graduation robes. My high school's graduation is tomorrow evening. I'm feeling pretty apathetic about it, considering that I'm never going to see most of these people ever, ever again. Pyr isn't very helpful. (Hoo-jaah. Check out mah honors tassel-y thingies. Who has a 3.7 average? Oooh, I don't know, might it be... ME? Oh, why must I be so impressive? *dancedance*)

Anywho. Number two. Artsy playing around with Selal's hair. Then I did some photoshopping on the colors. She looks funky without a mouth. Ah vell.

Number three. Some marker doodles. I might make a banner from that one of Void.

Four. Fanart for Return to Sender. I'm hopefully-hopefully-hopefully going to meet Vera this Sunday at a comic-y thing at the MoCCA and will give her that little tidbit. If anyone is going and might actually be looking for me, I'm... er. I'm short and kinda asian. And I have really really long hair. And glasses. Whoo, that was helpful. Okay, if anyone's going and might be looking for me, just e-mail me. I'll respond, I swear.

Also, I would like to mention the graduating class consists of, among other things, a great deal of idiots. Some people snuck in pot and alcohol for the senior trip. They just couldn't wait another hour to get themselves plastered.... I'm completely disgusted. Another reason that I don't really care that tomorrow's my last day of high school ever.

M'mm... yeah, that's it. I have absolutely nothing else to say.

(*froth* Harry Potter... must read....)

Updated: 6/12/03:

Eep! Sorry about the site being down for the past two days. It's back and all healthy now! Really!

Oh, yes. And check me out in the latest San strip. I think that's my first guest appearance in a comic, ever. E-hehe. I am SO hot.


Updated: 6/9/03:
(Cafepress is eebil.)

Two quick things. First, I've closed my Cafepress account because of the evil things they've been doing. Plus I never put anything interesting up there anyway.

Second, my elfwood account is updated.

That's about it. Bio final tomorrow morning. Yarr.


Updated: 6/8/03:
(Ah. There we are.)

New Fallen

Okay, I actually completed the page. Fantastico. ^^

I wanted to mention this before, but didn't remember to. It's been.. well, a long, long time since I've received a chain letter. Some were interesting, like the 'real warning labels from around the world' one. But most were along the lines of "Jane liked Mikey, and never told him and then he died. So send this chain letter to 20 people or else you'll never find happiness." Remember those? Yeah, I remember when I got those all the time. Anywho, for some unknown reason, I got one a few days ago from someone whose e-mail address I didn't recognize. Just wanted to share this bit of joy from the end of the letter:

Now send this to at least 5 people or you'll get bad luck for 7 years!!!!!!!!!!!

0-4=Bad luck for 7 years
5-9=your crush will start to like you
10-14=your crush will ask you out
15-19=you and your crush will makeout all the time

Ah, yes. I so totally want to make out with my crush ALL THE TIME. Hehe, the simple joys of adolescent shallowness.

Figure I'll plug San, since I've become convinced that it's among the cutest webcomics out there. I was watching over Shao's shoulder when he was drawing this comic. ("Communist bunny? o_0; ") He never ceases to amuse me. I'm so glad we're going to college together.

Tomorrow's my last day of class. Ever. Hoooolla crap. I thought I'd look forward to it... but... I really don't want to go. For all the people I can't stand and all the teachers who wish me dead, I have so many friends who I'm afraid I'll never see anymore. And what about my freshmen? Who will give them pocky?? ;_; They'll go through life completely POCKYLESS!! You can't take away their pocky-giving senior!

And to everyone who thinks I can stay in a bad mood... I laugh at thee. Like so. Hahaha.

That's all I have to say.


Updated: 6/8/03:
(Bio final! *brandishes spear* )

Ugh. I don't know if I'll be able to finish the page for tonight. I mean, I'll post what I have, I just don't know if I'll be able to finish prettying it up. Spent most of the afternoon studying for the AP Biology final for Tuesday. (Not to be mistaken with the AP test for Bio which I took some weeks ago.) Fortunately, I have high enough grades in all the rest of my classes to place out of having to do the final. (It's good to be a senior. *happy sigh*)

The people at the forum have been bugging me to not redo the beginning grayscale pictures of Fallen from two years ago. I'm not entirely sure why it struck such a chord with me, but it completely ruined my day. I'm in such a awfully sour mood right now. Ugh. I think it's that I feel like they're saying that my art's just as good now as it was two years ago. It just feels completely insulting. So, I'm sorry, guys. You're not changing my mind, though.

... and then there's the fact that 60 minutes just had a whole interview with these completely psycho Evangelists who believe that if we give all of Israel back to the Jews, it will mark the second coming of Christ and then everyone will convert to Christianity. And that put me into an even worse mood.

But on the bright side, Hugh Jackman grew out his hair to his shoulders and it looks freaking sexah. Long haired men with aussie accents make Aido happy.

So, all is will in the world.

Off to color more Fallen.


Updated: 6/3/03:
(Ah, blog. Yes.)

It's been a while since I've done a non-weekly-Fallen-update blog. It's sad. I must not abandon my blog so, for I have things to say.

Unimportant things, but things nonetheless.

Originally, I wanted to write something about plagiarism. In the past week, both I and someone at the forum discovered that our art and ideas were being victimized. (although by different people.) For me, this is not the first time, nor is it the first time that this particular person has ripped me off. The last time I "spoke" with her, she feigned this appearance of being a changed person. But after two years of having to deal with her and her friends and a near legal battle, I shouldn't have been so naive to believe anything that she had to say. Ugh. The insincerity and unscrupulousness of some people really pisses me off. I really didn't want to write this much on this subject. I suppose it still gets to me. *sigh*

I finally finished that accursed pekkage to Jess. (well, and Rai, too.) I was supposed to get that out for Jess' birthday, but nooooo. Now I have to start worrying about the pekkage to Katie. >_>

Anywho, I wanted to BS a bit about my trip to New York, since it was highly entertaining, but now I'm all out of inspiration to do so. I'll just summarize it in the following: chinatown is exceedingly entertaining i like fried mochi and sprite remix woohoo the cute guy at trash and vaudeville was hitting on me and i bought a pair of badass punk boots no one makes sandman shirts in a size smaller than xxl and that makes me sad.

... y'know, sometimes I'm really glad that no one reads this blog. At least... about a quarter of the people who read Fallen read the blog. And considering that I think that number of readers Fallen has might be up to 1,000.... that's kinda a lot. Being popular is weeeird. I'm glad I'm still in denial and think that only my weird friends read what I have to say.

Anywho, art.

This past week was my AP Bio's fetal pig dissection week. At first I loathed it. Poking at the juicy innards of a preserved jaundice-y pig is not my idea of fun at 9 in the morning. But after a week, I started to become attached to the little bugger. (Which I named Zhu because I'm a fangirl. Despite the fact that it was a male.) Today we had to toss our pigs out and I actually felt sorry the poor little pig carcass. Oh yes, and I drew this picture. Crappy doodles of Dhio on the right.

I don't miss the goggles, though. OH do I not miss the goggles.

I also bought a very very nice trenchcoat-y thing last week. It's beaaauuutttiiiffuuulll.

Oh yes, and I made my first fan wallpaper ever. For Strings of Fate, of course.

The moral of the story: Never, ever gargle butter. Matt, that's awful. Absolutely awful.


Updated: 6/1/03:
(Church for sale? I'll make into my brothel!)

New Fallen
Fallen gallery

Quote above care of Amanda. There is a church for sale in NYC. It is amusing.

Yep. I had a nice blurb planned out in my head about going to New York and buying boots and eating fried mochi and how I hate plagiarism... but it will have to wait until a later date.

Instead, have some nice reading about the guest strips I need for Fallen. I even got a new e-mail account for it... I can't believe that Hotmail had Angry_Cherub open. XD I am pleased.

This movie also pleases me. MacHall did a spoof of it a b'zillion years ago. That also pleased me.

HOLY CRAP! Riley is wearing COLORS! Mine eyes! They burn!

Oh, and if anyone I know happens to want to buy me this, I'll love you forever.

Updated: 5/25/03:
(M'nerrg? *snort* Zzzz... )

New Fallen

There were a few things that I wanted to mention last week that I didn't get to. So I'll mention them now.

Probably most importantly, I should go and plug Kagerou. For the love of pete, give Fireball some money!! I wish I had paypal or a membership at ebay... (or rather, was allowed to have either... >_> )

Also, I would like to mention that the current Mory's Education storyline is adorable. I'd like to believe that it's my fault that Jess decided to do the storyline... but I'm sure that's not true. Alas. I owe her fanart.

I'm not entirely sure why, but Kung Fool was linking to Fallen for something like a week. It was quite random. Like when Arcana was randomly linking to me. I don't quite understand that one, either. Maybe some day I'll be important enough to have permanent links somewhere... >_>

Scott Kurtz should go into business with Apple. Because of the current iPod storyline, two of my PC-loving friends are getting iPods for themselves. What about the person who uses macs? Why can't I get an iPod? ;_;

Mmmm, what else... Oh yes. Someone linked to this little bit of joy at the forum. It's a Honda commercial. But it's wonderful. It's like a huge physics domino game. Just... just fantastic.

Yep... I think that's just about it. For my art contribution of the week, I was wandering around the deviantart gallery of someone infinitely more talented and not to mention much younger than I and was inspired to work on my chaos dragon designs some more. So here's the tablet sketchie. They're turning out to be quite badass looking.

H'mm. That's about it. I must be off to work on my galleries of soul-devouringness.


***OH! Also, I'd like to mention that I will be gone from the end of June to the end of July. That's a month of no comic! I have a horrid tendency of leaving for a couple of months over the summer vacation, but this year I want to do something to fill the giant gaping hole of comic updates!
That's right, I'm asking for guest strips! I haven't made anything official yet, and please don't send me anything because my in-box is almost full AGAIN, but I'll keep you updated. ***

Updated: 5/18/03:
(unicorn flesh.)

New Fallen

Uuugh. Okay, I'll make this quick. Art-art-art.

I've been considering doing a side-comic with Dhio and Reáleigh. (The Eastern jackal god and Northern mantis god, respectively.) It probably won't make much sense, but then again, nothing I've been doing lately has been making much sense... >_> I can blame it all on Reah. Sooo... have some costume sketches. And one tablet doodle of Reah. Ahhh. She's so nutty. I love her. (Her costume's probably inspired by all the Sandman I've been reading lately.)

Speaking of Sandman, have some Death. I'm sure it's illegal for me to be posting that, since it contains confidential information from the AP Bio test... >_>

And something really odd inspired by Sandman. I hate doing heavy shadow...

Aannndd... how I feel going to Christian drama productions. I only go because I love Megan. And she'd hit me if I didn't come....

And now... I shall complain about my comic.

I wanna finish this section! *whine-whine* I set up so many artistic barriers for myself that I'm never going to get this done! Without borders and partitions in a page, there's zero flow and it makes the pacing slow as hell. And Wynthrop's hating all the layer effects I've been making on everything... files so big... saving time so slow.... X_x And on top of that I've been getting a'great many complaints from confused fans.... bwaahh. I'm sorry guys. If you're really lost, go to the forums. I share information with the people there.

Faustus looks weird on page 21. I dunt like it. The blanket on page 20 turned out pretty nifty, though. I'm liking that.

Complaining... over! Bed now!


Updated: 5/12/03:
(Happy Birthday, Kate! :D )

Ah. I'm really very sorry about the lack of comic-update yesterday. I was up until late hours with fellow AP Bio students studying like mad, with a few discussions of quantum physics and philosophy on the side. On the bright side, my AP tests are ooovveerr! No more AP tests for me... ever! Hoo-hah!

Also, I promised Katie that I'd give her a little happy birthday note on her birthday. And today is Monday the 12th for another 20 minutes or so. So Happy Birthday, Katie! I owe you something cool and perhaps related to Fruits Basket or pocky. (please note that this is my Katie friend in Massachusetts, not one of my other assortment of friends named Katie.)

And I thought I'd mention that I've recently become completely obsessed with Sandman. Been having dreams about.... Er. Dream. I'm looking forward to meeting Destruction. (either in dreams or comic.) He seems like a really interesting character.

I have sketches, doodles, some photos to show off... but I'm tired. And I have early morning band tomorrow.

Yep, that's it. Apologies for my mediocrity.


Updated: 5/6/03:
(poked to death by cherubs...)

Okay, two things. First, the oekaki board is being redone. It doesn't work at the moment. If there's something there that you like, go and save it. Because odds are it's not going to be there in the near future.

Second, cherubs devour my soul. Picture's unfinished. Watercolor and ink.

(10:00 pm) Wait-wait-wait! One last thing that I must share. While browsing Neil Gaiman's weblog, I happened across this little bit of joy. There has apparently been a caped crusader going around somewhere in the UK, doing good deeds. I bet Stefan'd enjoy that.

You can find the neatest things by browing his journal... hehe...


Updated: 5/4/03:
(AP Portfolio? Hah.... >_> )

New Fallen

Jeez... every time I complain about something on the blog, I always get this outpouring of support from so many people, whether I deserve it or not. I'm really honored. I really don't know what else to say. ^^;

I sent out my letter of resignation from the lit mag last week. (Muahaha... sent it to the head of the English dept., the principal, and the superintendent! Bite me, wimpy freshman English teachers!) It was really comforting. I'm really glad that I don't have to deal with those people anymore. I mean, I really like some of the underclass members... but they don't talk to me anymore and probably hate me now anyway, so it doesn't matter much... *sigh* So much for having a legacy of underclassmen at the high school...

I saw the new X-Men movie on Friday. OH MY. I wasn't so hot about the first movie, but I LOOVE this one. There was actual characterization of people, Cyclops wasn't in it much, Colossus was badass, and there were oodles of Nightcrawler. MWAAAH. *_* Sexiest uber-Catholic guy... ever. He's my new background. I'm upset that they didn't show a good shot of his feet... he's supposed to be all badass and digigrade. *sigh* I drew fanart, but it's not great. I'll draw more later. >_> I wanna start watching more X-Men:Evolution now...

Oh man, check me out. I'm in limbo. Much entertainment.

Many apologies about the oekaki board. It's kinda antisocial, isn't it? Be sure to take a screenshot of your pictures BEFORE you send them!

And look! Slimu got a new addy for Directions of Destiny! And he gave me my own personalized affiliate icon! It's so cute!


Updated: 4/30/03:
(listen to aido complain. some more.)

I don't usually consider myself a very vengeful or bitter person. In fact I am possibly the most laid-back person I know. But... I've made maybe one or two exceptions in my life to decidedly dislike something with a passion. One was that one girl who tried to pass herself off as me for two-plus years and made my internet social life a living hell. And really, that's all I can think of. Other than that, I've never held and personal grudges against anyone. Ever.

Well, until now, I suppose. I've talked before about my baby, my school's literary magazine, the Phoenix. Three out of four years that I've been on the staff, (excluding this year, number five.) I've drawn the cover for it. I've been on the staff since I was in eighth grade. And now I'm a senior. And this year, finally, it was my year to be the head editor-in-cheif and have the year's issue dedicated to me.

Haha. The gods laugh at me.

Well, last year, the adviser of the Phoenix retired and it was taken over by two new, young English teachers. One teaches freshmen English and the other teaches the "special ed" English classes. Immediately they made it their "special little project." And soon, all other upperclassmen members smelled change in the air and fled. And the two teachers replaced everyone with their own students-- all freshmen and sophomores. So it's a roomful of freshmen and sophomores who don't know the first thing about creating a publication... and one very angry all-knowing senior. Yep. Great. Graaaaaand.

The two teachers saw the defiance in me and... well... pretty much feared me for the first half of the year. Well, they feared me when I came to meetings. Which happened whenever they told me to come because they never made any kind of announcement before a meeting.... and then the teachers realized... that if they never told me about meetings... I'd never come. So they never did, and I never did. And all their students came to meetings because they saw their students every day. And so it went.

Until some time before vacation, where the two teachers took me aside and said that I wasn't participating enough in the magazine and that they didn't want me to have my position anymore. And I said that was bullshit because it was my magazine and has been for the past 5 years. Well, I said it in a very nice and quiet way because I'm a pansy and can't defend myself because I've been trained like that from a very early age.

So, finally... one of the teachers came up to me this past Monday and said that if I did the layout, they'd give me credit for that, but not all the work I had done earlier in the year.

And now... I laugh.

Because I know for a fact that the literary magazine has no decent art submissions. Zero. And I know for a fact that I am the only person out of that group who knows how to do layout or use PageMaker.

So... I quit. I resign. I'm not in the Phoenix anymore. It's not my problem! Ha-HA!

My baby, I have to leave you. You've been taken now. I have to kill you now.

Oh, my poor, poor literary magazine. I'll miss her. And Adam will probably never forgive me for abandoning her... but, oh, the trouble I'll cause. Yes, my simple revenge.

I can destroy things with my usefulness. Hah.

Yes. That is all. Aido is done. Her sanity went to bed a good hour ago.

I do beg your forgiveness. I'm usually not this... crazy... I suppose. I'm just angry. Very, very angry. It doesn't happen very often, I do promise. Maybe once every year or so.



Updated: 4/27/03:
(alas, lack of pretty music-y men...)

New Fallen

Unfortunately, I didn't get to meet Voltaire. *sigh* But, I have a nice 3-page update for you people. So go take a peek. It's... interesting.


Oh, and the Oekaki Board is up! I'll put a link from the gallery area once I don't have parents breathing down my neck. Go visit. And be nice!


Updated: 4/26/03: (2:30am)
(Mmm, pretty music-y men...)

Ahh. My birthday was fantastic. I have some of the best friends ever. *happy*

Anywho... main reason for blogyness... my great love for Voltaire. Fantastic musician. Has a great sense of humor. Plus... he's a fsking ANIMATOR. He's a stop-motion animation teacher in New York. He's made commercials for Cartoon Network. He's published comic books. And he's apparently a friend of my boyfriend's sister. And he's pretty.

He's going to be at the Jersey Devil Con tomorrow. Which is about a half hour away from my house. I just found this out... oh, say, 15 minutes ago.


My brain is slowly melting.

Mhrrhmnnhggh..... I'm going to go draw something.

Soo... if you're going to be in the area... Aido's doing her damnedest to be in Edison on Saturday, April 26th.

Oh, and by the way. The oekaki board is nearly done. I need an 'ok' from my host, then it'll be made public. Also, I've been working feverishly on my galleries. Let me say now, I HATE thumbnails.

Loser? Me? Why of course, m'dear.

Updated: 4/25/03:

*dancey-dancey* Oh MAN is it SO my birthday. *dancedance* I can SO go out RIGHT NOW and buy porn... well... if it wasn't 3:00 in the morning.

I can't believe that some people remembered. I got me some of the coolest pics EVER. No, I'm serious. You people are indeedily the coolest people in the world, all linked together by one common website. At least that's what I think.

Soo... lemme show off what I got so far...

First, what is perhaps the best piece of fanart I've ever gotten... a Fallen/Homestar Runner crossover comic. (I'm serious.) It has Faustus in his underwear. Go look. (I know I've said this countless times before, but that kicks ass, Katie. Now go start your own webcomic.)

And I just found this in my e-mail. Shao seems to be redoing his site (again) but he still has his comic to go and oogle over.

*rummage-rummage-rummage* Hmm. Okay, that's all I have in the order of pictures. I love getting stuff. *_*

Speaking of stuff, I do have a picture of that MEN'S sign in the back of my car, since some people seemed really intent on seeing it... but my digital camera is elsewhere and I don't feel like fetching it.

Onto more stuff!

I have pictures to share!

There's about a page and a half of explanation for these two pictures, mostly involving the Pants Press Sketchblog, Satan, and how much I hate cherubs. If you're really interested in reading, go check out the forum.

Number one. No, I did not make the two cherubs look like Sam and Frodo on purpose. But it makes everything that much sillier, doesn't it?

Number two. I didn't feel like coloring Erros. Specifically, I didn't feel like looking up the coloration of a black shouldered kite again. >_o And yes, Megan will indeed kill me once she sees this picture.

And then came a random wing-y picture which I am currently inking and a really stupid doodle-comic.

Seems there's going to be another attempt on my life. *sigh* Some people seem to think that I have a knack at drawing sexy men. Nay, I say!

And then came links...

Going through old Caelith e-mails creates much wasted time. Like Lego Tarot Cards and reading about redneck neighbors.


... and this is possible the worst thing to ever descend on our planet. Shield your eyes and hide the children... Adam has a website. *DUNDUN-DUNNNN*

Yep, that's it. I'm going to bed now... and tomorrow, I'm eatin' sushi and playin' lazertag.

Life is good.

Holy crap.

Updated: 4/22/03:

New Fallen

O-kay, it's not quite Monday anymore, but there's two new pages of Fallen anyway. I'm loving spring vacation. *content sigh*
I know I've complained about this on the forums, but drawing the inside of a snake's mouth is a pain in the ass. Plus there's no pictures out there of the inside of a constrictor's mouth, everyone's all interested in poisonous snakes, yeesh. Give some love to the boas and pythons for goodness sake. So many apologies for the biological incorrectness of the inside of Amadeus' mouth.

Oh yes, and Strings of Fate has been wonderful lately. I can't believe that Jen's auction has gone up to $50. *sigh* I gotta get myself an e-bay account because *certain* people won't help me.... >_>

And I finally got my copies of Mostly Acquisitions. And a personal note from Bill! Ah, bliss...


Updated: 4/20/03:

Okay, forum's back up. I am in the process of building a shrine to Ashley in my garage.

Also, I might as well share some joy... a doodle of Riley the sex-god. From Nine Swords. (now officially not suitable for children under the age of 13! yay!)

Also-also, Return to Sender is fiiinally back up, after being on infinite hiatus. So many kudos to Vera.

And I would just like to reaffirm the fact that I love Slimu.

Waitwaitwait, one last thing I would like to share with the world before I sign off tonight. I want to subscribe to
Girlamatic like nobody's business. Peering through the free samples, I happened to take a close look at the new page of L'il Mell and Sergio. That one page is littered with badass comic artists drawn as kindergarteners. Jen, Bill, Erika, Dylan, Kevin, there's others I'm sure... (Yes. In my mind, I am on a first-name basis with all of them.) That's one fine piece of work. And I can only think to myself, "One day... yes, one day, I will have friends." And then I laugh maniacally to myself.
Oh yes, and Inferno:Prayer is freaking beauuutiful.

Updated: 4/20/03:
(out of service...)

New Fallen

Alas, the forum seems to've been a bit too popular and completely filled up my host's space. 0_o It'll be back as soon as possible.

I'm hoping to get another update in tomorrow. See if I can get through this part of the plot...

I have discovered a Japanese snack food tastier than men's pocky. It's these little chocolate mushroom things with crushed macadamia nuts in it. I only have three left... need to find more...

That is all.


Updated: 4/18/03:
(diva wannabes are silly.)

First, let me express the joy of my car getting cooler. You see, a few days ago, I went to the local Marshalls with my mom. (what a great store...) The store has been getting a face-lift for the past few weeks, so while trying on a sweater, I noticed that the signs had been changed for the men's and women's dressing rooms. Upon leaving the dressing rooms, I noticed that there was a perfectly good Marshall's "MEN'S" sign sitting in the trash. I promptly swiped it.
So now, my car not only has dragon seat-covers and a Kuro Neko Sama and Totoro in the back window, but it has a relatively large MEN'S sign in the back window as well. I'm so happy....

Continuing on with more interesting things.

I owe Slimu a good thousand or so plugs. Since being in the TokyoPop manga contest and being the number three frigging finalist, Directions of Destiny has been noticed by some VERY IMPORTANT PEOPLE. Well, specifically, really cool people who I like a lot. More specifically, the people of Pseudome Studios and Arcana, since those are the two I know about.

And has anyone seen the other finalists? My ego just imploded.

And then came the nifty links.
Becky (yes! I have more than one friend!) sent me over to
Origami Boulder. Some day I might just have to buy one on principle. XD Also, Jerint from the forums posted this tasty tidbit a bit ago. (Literally. Well, almost literally if you want to be nit-picky about the real definition of the word...) Everyone should go watch the musical adventures of Kikkoman. It will give you a new appreciation of soysauce. (For anyone confused about the shape of his head, the mini-soysauce containers that come with bento are usually in the shape of fish. I used to collect them when I went to Japan, but they've all disappeared...)

And then came the art.
After watching the
newest Strong Bad e-mail and having everyone at the forums say that Void would be scary if she acted cute, this came about. It's all that Kikkoman.
Also, I went to pick up my dad from the airport with my mom today. While waiting for the plane to arrive,
this woman passed by. Too much mascara, oversized lips, bleached hair, and wearing that exact outfit. Fake snakeskin flares and all. She wasn't talking on a cellphone, but I can imagine her being that kind of person. Just... ditzy and generally annoying. She was also somewhere in her late 30's. Which makes it even weirder.

The comic page from Sunday is still not fully colored. Am going to do that now. Will have it done for tomorrow.

By the way... the forum now has 212 members. As Jess said... "it exploded."


Updated: 4/13/03:

New Fallen

Words cannot describe how much I love you people. The forum now has 44 members. The discussions have been civil and intelligent.

Fallen has the coolest fans... EVER.


Updated: 4/13/03:
(FORUM! :D )

Fallen Forum!

Yesss!! Check it out! Forum for me! *dance-dance*

(comic will come later tonight.)


Updated: 4/11/03:
(fish smell funny. i think it's because they don't blink.)

Big things are coming! I'm working with Ashley, the person who's hosting me (actually, I'm more or less helplessly prodding her than working...), to get up a forum for Fallen. I'm going to really try to get it up this weekend. Also, there is a potential oekaki board in there somewhere.

First, I was pointed towards this place by a friend from school. It's insane. Absa-freaking insane. The art... it's so cute and innocent... but so homicidal... And the English "Home English Home" flash movies are just weird.

Also, I want one of these. "For every occasion... except bungee jumping." XD

But enough of that.

Crappy art for all to behold. Fanart for Jen because she is cool. Fanart for Sylvia because she was stressed out.

Strange photos for all to behold. (Aido loves her digicam.) It really started out with the snow on Monday which led to the creation of the greatest architectural achievement of our time. I mean, look at it. Isn't is great? It wound up half-melting and falling apart by the end of the night, though. (I swear, that's how in naturally fell.)
This insanity led to the further insanity of taking pictures around my house. Starting with the
back window of my car. My Kuro Neko Sama keeps on falling over because his head is too heavy. Poor guy. And then I took a picture of the rusty wind chime on the japanese maple in the front because I was feeling artsy.

Also, Jen (not SoF-Jen, but just as cool) sent me thhhheeeeeesssee. The picture isn't of all of them since some got put on my backpack and some stolen by my mom, but they're still so very pretty and shiny... I love them as though they were my own children.

And now... comes the long, long story of what happened to me today. Starting with what happened to me yesterday. And a quick prologue.

It's not a big secret that my least favorite vertebrate is the squirrel. Specifically, the common Grey Squirrel that lives around my house in swarms and, while he was living, used to steal all of my dog's food. They are the most common roadkill to be found around this particular area of New Jersey, probably more than all the deer and raccoons and small birds that fly into windshields massed together, simply because of their sheer numbers and incredible stupidity. It is for these and other reasons that I gave Reijt, the fallen god of Altae and overall asshole, the beast-form of a squirrel.

Now, yesterday (actually, I think it was the day before yesterday, but that's irrelevant), I was driving to Megan's house for one reason or another and, out of no where, a squirrel started darting across the road about 10 feet in front of me. I was going about 30 mph at the time and there was little else to do but to hope that it would go between the tires.

Well, it didn't.

Yep, I gave my first major contribution to the great circle of running things over to make the crows happy.

Really, I have nothing against roadkill. As unnatural and cruel it is at times, nature always makes sure that nothing is wasted. I happen to have a great appreciation and like of the local crows and vultures, and a high tolerance for the lot of assorted flies, maggots, and bacteria.

But that doesn't mean it wasn't on my conscience. As much as I despise squirrels, I would never wish it upon anything to die. I mean, I'm the oddball person who plays with spiders and picks up earthworms off of the pavement and puts them in the grass after it rains so they won't get stepped on. I just can't stand the idea of having the death of anything weighing down my karma.

And then came today.

It was raining all this afternoon. Driving home from school, I happened to spot a bit of movement at the side of the road. A wounded squirrel was sitting right outside the lane, it looked like it was licking its tail. Immediately seeing the chance to repair my damaged karma, I sped home and retrieved a large shoe box, an old rag, and a pair of gardening gloves. (This really annoyed my mom. She wanted me to leave it as owl-food. She was probably right.) I've never actually seen a squirrel up close before. And certainly not a bloody injured one. It was so small, and squishy and warm and fragile. Her (it was a she) muzzle was covered in blood, and she couldn't move her hind legs. Since it has been raining all day, she was wet, her fur matted and covered in gravel. I picked her up with the gloves and put her in the shoe box with the rag. She just lay there and breathed.

As soon as I got home, I dropped the shoe box in the garage and ran to get the phonebook. Clueless, I called Megan. She yelled at me for my stupidity, then gave me the number of her dogs' vet, saying that he took in injured deer occasionally-- but as it turned out, no squirrels. The office was nice enough to give me the number of a wild animal hospital, though. So I called that number.

... and got a florist shop.

"Er. Hi, I'm looking for Brookview Wildlife..."
"Well, although I do admit we're wild--" (direct quote, I swear.) " but we only have flowers. No animals."
"Is this <insert phone number here>"
"Yes, it is."
"Ookay.... sorry to bother you, then..."

Just in case I screwed up royally, I called the number again. Same man. (He thought all this was terribly humorous.) So I looked up the place on the internet. Same number. So I went back to the phone book to look up vets who specialized in rodents. Finding a local one, I called.

"Hi, I was wondering if you took in wild animals.... it's kinda a long story, but I have a squirrel here that was hit by a car. Would it be possible if I could bring it in to be put to sleep or something?"
"Sure, I suppose. But you'll have to pay for it."
"Er, sure. Could you give me a figure then?"
"Yeah, I'll ask the doctor when he's out. It'll be about 5 minutes."

So I gave her my number. 20 minutes later, no call. She probably thought I was either joking or just an idiot kid.

"Okay, screw this."

Finally, I got on mapquest and found the directions to the Brookview Wildlife place (which turned out to be about 10 minutes away from my house) and had my mom drive the squirrel and myself there.

Brookview Wildlife is in the middle of a residential area in the middle of no where. Actually, it's a shed-like building about the size of a walk-in closet in the back of this lady's house. It was fantastic.

Well, first, I got chastised for not calling before I came. (She probably thought I was either nuts or just dyslexic after explaining the predicament to her...) And then I walked into the actual clinic. It was lined with cages containing possums, chipmunks, moles, voles... but mostly squirrels. It was perfect.

So I filled out a quick information sheet, got a brochure on diseases spread by wild animals, and gave a donation of everything I had in my wallet (which wasn't very much), and went back home.

And then I ate chinese takeout, went to the talent show at the school, and am about to go to bed. And that.... was my day.

Now that my karma-tank is refilled, I can go on with my life hating squirrels.

Ah yes.

And I have a
great love of this Mory comic. XD

Updated: 4/6/03:
(you people kick ass.)

New Fallen

Jeez, I didn't think I'd get a response from my griping. Thanks so much for the nice e-mails. ^^ I got a really sweet one from Jen which I haven't responded to because I want to send her a prezzy with my reply.

By the way, Fallen is going to get weird for a section or so. Dream sequence is starting. Many happinesses of drawing gerbils. XD

Onto more interesting things.

The third animatrix is up! I like this one much more than the previous two. Very cool, very badass style. It looks like an animated screen toned manga and the main character reminds me so much of Spike from Cowboy Bebop. I'm so happy... *bliss*

Project I'm working on for my portfolio. Going to be in watercolor. It's a spoof on the story of Romulus and Remus with the she-wolf. I don't like drawing babies.

Ah, Mac Hall. I hate having to explain that my work isn't deep. I just draw it to look nifty. It's just that I'm a shallow person. *snigger*

>_>..... <_<...... >_>...... *plug!*



Updated: 4/5/03:
(I be home.)

Yep. The RIT open house was full of ice-stormy goodness. Ice, fog, and slush frigging everywhere. I really do hate the weather in upstate New York. Why didn't I want to go to college in California? Why??

Anywho, onto the real reason I'm posting. Pictures and movie links. Because that's the only reason you people come around here anyway, isn't it?

First. Jess asked for a picture of Faustus ala mode. (I've been asked for stranger things.) This is what came of two minutes scribbling on my tablet. Ah, yes. Quality up the wazzoo.
And on the subject of Jess and
her endeavors, I'm starting a campaign to get Guyth and Lily together. I mean, just look at how cute they are together! (that's a really horrid scan of some fanart I sent to Jess for xmas, by the way.) Yes, I will be victorious. Yeeessss.

Continuing on.

Slimu asked a bunch of his friends to draw birthday presents for Zephan, the main character of Directions of Destiny. (Zephan's birthday was apparently yesterday.) Here was my contribution. It was actually one of the nicer of the lot. Most people just drew the poor guy in drag.

And... I... I think I have a problem. I've been playing too much pokemon. It's probably bad for me. And my characters.

Onto movie links.

Muffin films. I... really can't say much more than that. Watch the muffin tree. It's fan-tabulous. Kinda like this.

Also, everyone should watch this. It seems to be a movie about what happens when Karl Marx is juxtaposed into a funkadelic Yellow Submarine world. At least that's what Stefan called it. I really have never been able to watch Yellow Submarine all the way through, so I honestly wouldn't know.

Okay, that's it for interesting things. Onto short rant.

Looking at things people did for april fool's day, like the nutty comic switches between Kagerou and Nine Swords, and PVP and Penny Arcade, just brings out so much respect and jealousy in me. Respect because these people have badass comics and planned ahead of time. Jealousy because I really don't have any friends online who have comics. (well, other than Jess.) Screw it, I have something like 3 total online friends who I'll actually chat with occasionally. (once again, mostly Jess.) I suppose it's that I isolate myself so much from my readers and make myself so unavailable. Or maybe it's just that no one likes me and my drawing skills suck. Dammit.
I just really want to want to doodle on a oekaki board with some other artist some time. Or have an art-war. Or do something else only a complete art geek could appreciate.


okay, done here.

I'm not entirely sure why, but I find
this appealing. Done by a guy who does to the SoF message boards. No one younger than I am should ever read anything from that website. Ever.

Updated: 4/3/03:
(Yay Rochester!)

I'm heading out in about a half hour to venture into the wilderness of northern New York... basically, I'm going to the RIT open house for accepted students. Yay, I get to miss a day of school. ^^

So that's where I'll be at for the next two days. In case anyone's going to be attending. I'm the half-asian looking one in the torn up jeans with the glasses and perpetually messy hair.

Gotta go finish packing. Whee!


Updated: 4/2/03:
(young'ins should not be reading my blog. now shoo.)

I'm being forced to write an apology here. I'm sorry, based on my one midwest experience, I was always under the impression that people from the midwest all called carbonated beverages 'pop.' It seems that I was wrong.

So... I apologize, everyone west of New York and east of California! I have misjudged you all! A valuable lesson has been learned today!


Updated: 4/1/03:
(I'm sorry, I'm really a man.)

New Fallen

Okay, if you didn't see yesterday, the page of Fallen got colored completely. Woohoo for me.

Also, since I haven't shown off any art in the recent days, here's a scan of a picture I did today last minute for art. I'm so bad with my art homework. It's really sad. No one understood the subtle irony of having a dragon-princess. *sigh* I guess I'm just smarter than everyone.

Oh, the woes of being as perfect as I.

By the way, my apologies for being so weird in this post. I'm completely doped up on excessive amounts of caffeine. I chugged two sodas and a frappichino at Megan's house while *cough* studying for the Bio test tomorrow. I'm twitching all over the place. That might be a bad thing...

This website consumes your soul and replaces it with rainbows and egg yolks. I'm serious.

Soda. Haha. I live on the east coast. Pop is for Midwesterners. Pop. Hehehe.

Er. And Happy April Fool's day....? I'm still female, by the way.

At least... physically.


.... *ahem*


Updated: 3/30/03:
(.... ROD!)

New Fallen

Would've had today's update completely shaded if my brother hadn't called and insisted on verbally berating me about... well, everything.



Updated: 3/27/03:
(What is that? Is that candy?)

I would've liked to update when I had something interesting to show off. Ah well. I have a few things to say.

First, my Mory strip was up on Sunday. Direct link here. I don't like it. Idea was good, execution was bad. Alas.

Second, everyone who likes 1.) Skeletor or 2.) Chinese (at least I think it's in chinese...) people singing Village People songs, should watch this flash movie.

Third, everyone who likes 1.) That old Dungeons and Dragons sound clip of what REALLY happens in D&D (which is generally true, by the way...) or 2.) Those flash movies that are popping up everywhere with the original FF1 sprites, should watch this flash movie.

.... thus I condemn thee! Go forth!


Updated: 3/23/03:
(pokémon... it beeeccckkkooonnnsss....)

New Fallen

Uncolored page. *sigh* Health project of slackerdom, Taiwanese guests, and pokémon sapphire take over my weekend.

Yep. Sleep time.


Updated: 3/19/03:
(gas masks for ALL!)

Two things. First thing first, I've accidentally deleted most of the e-mails I received this week in a raging get- cheap- life- insurance- and- a- free- digital- camera- for- your- naturally- enlarged- penis-ing fury. Someone sold my e-mail address to a slew of spammers and I'm PISSED OFF. I'm very sorry, but I am now blocking anyone with a e-mail address that contains 'kaido' in desperation to keep my in-box somewhat clean. (not as though there are many people out there with kaido in the e-mail addresses except for me...)

Second thing second... my mom cut an interesting article out of the newspaper today... apparently, about a year ago, someone left a shipment of 120,000 Russian-made gas masks at a storage warehouse... and never came to pick them up. The warehouse, naturally, legally came into possession of these 120,000 Russian-made gas masks after a certain time. The government refused to take these masks because they were Russian, or something along those lines... so the warehouse was stuck... with 120,000 Russian-made gas masks.
Recently, with the whole duct-tape-and-plastic thing going around, someone had an idea. Sell the gas masks to the public. Super-cheap. (I think the article said that this model usually sells for something like $30 or $40.) Sooo... for barely more than it takes to pay for shipping and handling... you can have as many gas masks as you want for less than $10.00 each. (As long as you live in the continental US.)

In conclusion, go to and get yourself a gas mask. Not because they are better at removing pathogens from the air than duct tape and plastic, but because they're damned nifty.

Me? I'm getting one, naturally. Things like that come in handy when using spray paint. ^^

That... is all! The Aido hath spoken. *bow*


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