Holy crap! Reader participation!

From the 24th of June to the 21st of July, Aido will be GONE. That means no comic! She needs something to fill the huge gap of updatelessness! Will YOU help fill that gap?

That's right! I'm asking for guest strips from anyone and everyone. Before doing anything, please read the general rules below!



1. Please do NOT send files over 200K. Otherwise they will fill up my in-box and I will be very unhappy. Also, that means that I will have to resize the files myself and that will make me displeased.

2. This is not a contest! You will not win anything by entering and all comics sent in will be shown.

3. This is whatever you want it to be! It does not have to be colored. All you have to do is draw a comic using the characters from Fallen. It does not matter whether they are in-character or not. (except when it is related to rule #4.)

4. No slash, no yaoi, and please keep it PG-13.

5. All comics with dialogue or text entered must be readable! If it does not have legible writing, I will ask you to alter the comic.

6. Illustrations and pinups are welcomed as well, just not as preferred. If a person does just enter a picture, it must be finished and not a sketch.

7. I need strips by Friday, the 20th of June! I will take them later, but I won't be happy about it.



That said, please send any guest strips to: angry_cherub@hotmail.com (See? I even got a new e-mail for this so the files wouldn't bounce!)


Okay, that's it. Go back to Fallen.