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Updated: 3/16/03:

No update... AGAIN? The hell's wrong with Aido?

I know, I'm sorry. My friend was suddenly diagnosed with appendicitis and had to have surgery immediately. I spent most of my afternoon/evening on and off the phone and at the hospital.

Curses, and all that comicing time lost.


Anywho, in apology, I have a few pictures...
Random picture of Kosai (Ms. Nazka) in a flapper dress. Forgive me, the Chicago-ness is inescapable. Also a small picture of a character design for someone who'll come in later.
I didn't want to post this until I actually finished the picture... but here it is anyway.
Faustus roadkill. It'll be covered in blood and AudioSlave lyrics when I'm through. Whee-hee!

I AM working, though! Really, I swear! Next week! You'll see! Next week!

Also, I would now like to point out that this past Friday was pie day. Well... technically, day. (Y'know... March 14th... 3/14... 3.14...) In celebration, pie was eaten.

Mmmm... pie.

Dangit, I missed Children of Dune... rharr... >_>

Also, remember to check
Mory! My guest comic will be shown some time in the next fortnight!

Updated: 3/13/03:
(many alterations of game sprites...)

I'd have some nifty scanned art, but I'm far too tired right now to do squat. So I'll share what I did earlier this week.... I went and jumped on the bandwagon and made a Capcom vs SNK sprite for Pyr. It took me a while to figure out how to make transparent gif's again... >_>

Also, I would like to wish a very happy, very late happy birthday to Jess. I'm sorry I forgot about the Fortnight! You have to remind me of these things! I'm doing my comic, really! o_0;

One last thing I must share... Shao drew another comic involving me. E-hehe... I love my bag. XD


Updated: 3/9/03:
(vision.... blurring...)

New Fallen

I'm not sure if words can properly express how completely exhausted I am right now. Finishing up that page took more out of me than doing stage crew.

Only two more shows left...


Updated: 3/6/03:
(damned snow.)

I can't believe I'd be upset to have an early closing from school. Stupid, stupid snow... they CANCELED THE MUSICAL! ... actually, they postponed Thursday's show until Monday. But saying "cancel" is so much more dramatic, don't you think?

Anywho, so school got out a little after noon. Driving home in two inches of slush was life-threatening, as usual. Once again I ask myself, why the hell am I going to college in Rochester.

So, I got home and figured that I'd color Fallen, since I said I'd have it by the end of the week. But did I? Noooooo, of course not. Instead, I colored a sketch of Jhnih and Riley from Nine Swords. I love Riley. And it's not because he's a badass vampire who looks like Faustus.

Yeesh, I'm such a fangirl.

In short, the colored Fallen page will be posted (hopefully) Saturday. All I have to do now is shade, but I'm too tired and sore to do it now. Tomorrow, I will have no time, since it's technically now opening night. I still haven't gotten work gloves to work the scrim. Curses... -_-

I dreamed last night I got on the boat to heaven...
And by some chance, I had brought my dice along...
And as I stood, and I hollered, "Someone fade me!"
But the passengers, they knew right from wroooonnnggg....

Ah, the drama geek-y-ness of me. I wish I could act. *sigh* Alas.

Ah yes, and revel in my new obsession:
Crash Pad. Mickey's in it! She's still aliiiivvveee! (I love mickey.)
Now if they only updated more often... I need more Megatokyo mockery!

Updated: 3/2/03:
(Stage crew! RHARR!)

New Fallen

I'm on stage crew. It's messing up my comic schedule. (That and the AP bio test tomorrow... eh... heh... I'm dead.) Posted a niftily disturbing partially colored page and no eastern god section. Makes me unhappy.

"Oh, woe is me, I can neither sing nor act, and working as student artistic director every year for the musical isn't enough, sooo.... I'll bust my ass doing stage crew so I can get yelled at constantly! YES! I'm such a genius."

I'm sure that was exactly what was going though my head.

The musical's Thursday through Sunday next week, so I don't think I'll be able to do anything for the comic. Uggh.

Guys and dolls... we're just a bunch of crazy guys and dolls..... *humm-dee-um*


Updated: 2/27/03:
(whoo, dissolve-y...)

New Fallen

Ah, thank you dissolve filter. The confetti devours my soul.

One new page of comic is up. As expected, it kicked my ass. My posture has been sucking lately from the amount I've been at the computer. Grrr.

I'm hoping to get the eastern god's section up. The world should know how much Dhio kicks ass. Ah, my sweet, sweet metal god...

Yes! That is all I have to say! Goodnight! I'll go study for biology!


Updated: 2/24/03:
(... *cry* )

I've... been linked by Strings of Fate.

I am so happy.

So very... very... happy.....



Updated: 2/24/03:
(Oooh, light source-y....)

New Fallen

Finished coloring that page I put up last night. I'm really proud of how it turned out, so go look! No new pages yet, though. Try me Wednesday or Thursday. The next page is going to give me a really hard time, I can tell already. -_-

I'm so happy! FireEyes got my pekkage! I'm so proud of my pekkages. Among many other useless things, I sent her a small box of Bernie Bott's Every Flavor Beans, because I believe that everyone should partake of their highly amusing horridness. "UGHHHHHH! I just ate a "dirt" bean.... and it really does taste like dirt, ACK!!!"

Muahaha! Trogdor strikes again!

.... where did that come from...?


Updated: 2/23/03:
(Curse you, research paper!)

New Fallen

I can't believe I only got to color one page for today. I worked my bum off drawing until about 2-3:00 Saturday night (well, this morning technically...) and I had to work the entire day on the research paper that I've been putting off all week. Rharr!

....well, not exactly "all day"... I did spend a couple hours here and there checking webcomics and looking up Harry Potter fanart. It's shameful how many Sirius/Lupin slash pics there are. Kinda screws with your head. Especially because they're my favorite characters. At least no one touched Bill... he's way up there... with long hair, earring and all... E-hehehe....

*ahem* Right-e-o then.

Very much hoping to color the next two pages some time in the middle of this week, if possible. Disturbing scenes to come. Oh-ho-ho....


Updated: 2/22/03:

Hmm. My mom made me take down the picture I put up last night, calling it "sexual." Screw sexual. It's my fricking website.

I'm pissed off.


Updated: 2/22/03:
(mmm, sleep...)

Shao is obscenely cool. Lookit what he drew. XD Ahh... it makes me giggle with happiness.

Ghost Cat is silly. Been quoting this comic all day.

And watch this flash movie.

That's it. I'm going to bed.


Updated: 2/20/03:
(doctors bring paaiinn)

Ah, it's time to update on Aido's life. The fun never ceases. W00t!

Anywho, I spent most of my morning and afternoon in/around doctor's offices. Many various flavors of pain were to be had. Over the course of the entire day, I think I had a total of four shots of REALLY PAINFUL CRAP injected into my bloodstream.

The morning consisted of me getting a meningitis shot to prepare for college, which wasn't all that bad, considering that I got a band-aid with Bubbles on it and a sticker of a UFO. What was bad is the continual pain which always follows injections for about for about 3 days. It feels like someone attacked my arm with a golf club. X_x

In addition, my afternoon was spent... DUN-DUN-DUN.... at the dentist's getting my bad tooth FINALLY fricking capped. (I don't know how many times I've complained about this same tooth on this blog, but I've had a total of 3 fillings on that tooth and a root canal and it's STILL bothering me. My dentist says its root is cracked. Ugh.) So after getting stabbed by a couple needles full of novicane and getting completely bloodied up, I now have a temporary cap over my first top left molar.... which is great, except for the lingering bitter taste of whatever cement they used...

At least I got about 5 stickers from them....

Hehe, dinosaurs....

So... my day really wasn't as bad as I'd like to make it out to be... considering that I did zero schoolwork and got to watch about 10 episodes of Inuyasha...

Okay, that was my day in a nutshell. Hope it entertained someone.

And on a side-note... I went to Shao's birthday party yesterday. It was kinda weird, since I was the only person invited not hearing impaired and I don't know a whit of ASL except for the alphabet, the sign for thank you, and the sign for bacon.... It was nifty-keen anyway. The people were nice, the deserts were fan-tabulous, and Shao liked what I got him.

I suppose I should have a nifty link for the day... I've been hopelessly addicted to the Strings of Fate messageboard since its opening. It's gotten me thinking of making a message board for Fallen... although I know it won't get as much of a crowd as SoF...


Updated: 2/18/03:
(copy and paste time!)

New Fallen

Once again, I'm just copying and pasting the blurb from the Fallen site because I find it amusing...

Okay, it officially being nearly 2:00, is isn't exactly "tomorrow" in relation to Sunday. I have an update nonetheless! (even though it's all redone pages... at least Singe 1) now looks like she's 15 in the flashback and 2) no longer looks like a deranged narcoleptic elf. )

One thing to clear up: I'm sure EVERYONE has been completely confused by the switch of Holly's name with Hall. I realized something a bit after I wrote the first flashback, one of the most important aspects of Holly's personality... her great need for versatility and ambiguity. This is the reason she changed Singe's name and cut her hair. Therefore, she would go by a unisex name rather than a blatantly female one.

This is the problem with bringing pre-created characters into a new story. The character Holly is actually older than Fallen's story... she was a character in a short story I wrote way-back-when. I named her Holly because that was my favorite name back then.

I was a weird kid.


Updated: 2/17/03:

New Fallen

Currently in the process of being snowed in. Dammit! Why does the big blizzard of the year have to come when we're OFF school? >_<

Anywho, the comic update is really measly today. I'm going to have another one tomorrow to make up for it. Actually, it would be later today, considering it's technically Monday now... And check out the backgrounds I made!

The ABSOLUTE coolest thing I've heard in the past week: Toonami has taken up .hack//sign. I love Bear. Mostly because he reminds me so much of Pyr. And the dub... isn't bad. I'm hoping it's not as convoluted as the fansubs it out to be... that would be upsetting. Especially because after the 15th-20th episode or so it seems that they start recycling the same information over and over... in the badassingest kickass pretty anime style EVER. Oh MAN I wanna have a .hack//sign RP.

Yeeguz, a plow just drove by... it's 2:00 in the morning. I'd hate that job. Plow drivers, I salute you!

Oh, also... I finally finished that dang TimeScapes guestcomic. It's really silly. >_> I feel like I've been plugging that comic a lot in the form of complaining about doing that thing... (mine's "dragons have no taste.")

Whoo! That's it. 'Nite!


Updated: 2/15/03:
(Forget the fact that it's a day late.)

Ooookay, I must continue with my Valentine's Day tradition. *sigh*

I know 80% of the people reading this won't understand what I'm talking about, so to make a long story short... for the past three years for Valentine's day I've been drawing pictures of Izzy-- one of the manymany characters that live in my head-- rather scantily clad. Erros, one of my avian kin characters is always stuck in there for the cute play on his name... y'know, Eros, Cupid, Greek/Roman god, etc.. (He hates it.)
here's this year's contribution. It took me HOURS. It's actually a compilation of four different pictures. Younger viewers be advised... it has boobies.
Here's the picture that was cut up in the back.

That's it... I don't know how big I'll be able to make the Fallen update tomorrow... I really want to finish my guest strip for TimeScapes today, being the last deadline for strips and all... but this week is winter vacation, so I hope to get a lot done for next week.

... I hope.

By the way, the latest installment of Strings of Fate fills me with giddy fangirlish joy.

Shao! We're gonna go to college together! Congrads, that kicks ass! XD

Updated: 2/9/03:
(jellybeans! )

New Fallen

Fallen update isn't as big as I'd like it to be. (then again, it never is.) I didn't get to redo any pages this week. Yarrg.
Also, the gods section has been updated. Suitachi is preeettyyy.

Here, have a silly little comic I drew and screen toned. It really isn't very funny. Ah well. It's based on actual events. Pity John.

Most entertaining thing I've heard in a while:


Updated: 2/2/03:

New Fallen

"If brave people never died, then there would be nothing special about bravery." --Andy Rooney

I'm the lai, with no sort
Of grave, solemn thought,
And I
Will never be caught
By miseries sought,
Nor sigh;
Where battles are fought
Or arguments brought,
I fly.

What Poetry Form Are You?

I've gotten hooked by Outsider, an incredible comic which seems to be linking me. Yeesh, what's with this popularity thing and Fallen? Anywho, read it. The art's better than mine. And there's fabulous 3D modelling, oh yes.

I'm lazy, so I'll just paste my blurb about the comic from the Fallen site here:

This weekend... did not go as well as I wanted it to. I WOULD like to have a gods section, a cover for both part 3 and the new section for this update-- but I was kinda tight for time this weekend. I mean, I have all the art-- just not the time to work on fixing it up and making it viewable.

I'll just have to see what I can do tomorrow. I'll try to have the Northern Gods section up sometime in the middle of the week.

Anywho, I've started redoing pages from part one. I really wanted to start at page one... I want to get the beginning replaced as SOON AS POSSIBLE because it is ABSOLUTELY SHAMEFUL... but I started on the flashbacks from part three and decided it'd be easy to redo the flashbacks from part one while I was at it. Originally, I had the flashbacks planned to have a rough, unfinished look. It came out to have a crappy, half-assed look. So I've changed my method by adding a red blur to everything. It's more likable. I wanted to have all 6 pages of all of the flashbacks done for today, but, as mentioned before, time restraints bring death and half-assedness of english homework.

Ah well.

Updates might get kinda choppy in the coming weeks with the switching between chapters. I want to appease fans and move the storyline, but I also want to make this comic something I can be proud of.

By the way... this is decidedly favorite chapter. I'm looking forward to drawing it. You'll see why soon. Things... are about to happen.


Updated: 1/31/03
(big... numbers...)

Look at this... I wonder which day I was linked by Poisonwind...

2003-01-22: 362
2003-01-23: 816
2003-01-24: 268
2003-01-25: 490
2003-01-26: 589
2003-01-27: 561
2003-01-28: 458

GAH! I usually hardly ever reach 350 and I get over 800 hits in one day? Sweet b'jezuz!


Anywho, I have arts! Here's two of my eastern gods, Kaijyu and Dhio, looking obscenely cute. They're dressed as their beast forms. And then there's Ranthanadethrycie. Muahaha.

One quick piece of news: Shao has a webcomic. So go read Jun Ren! (Jeez, thanks for telling me you had a webcomic. I only see you... y'know, EVERY DAY.)

Also, to inform you all... I LOVE Neil Gaiman. A quick excerpt from his weblog...

  I know that at this time of international tension, it's completely inappropriate for me to see the headline on Excite news: Bush to Argue Saddam 'Is Not Disarming' and find an imaginary conversation going through my head along the lines of:

"But George, you were dancing with Saddam all night. You must think he is the most disarming man on the planet."

"I do not. That man is not disarming. I was only dancing with him to please papa."

"George Bush, I do declare that you have started to blush! Mary Lou said Saddam Hussein was the most charming man at the party."

"I am not blushing. He is not disarming, and he is not charming, and he, he's a terrible dancer. Now leave me alone, or I shall tell papa!"

Hehe. That.... makes me happy.

I'm going to be working my ARSSSSE off tomorrow for Fallen. Let's hope I get somewhere.

Strings of Fate is updated again! W00t! Zhong Go!

Updated: 1/27/03:
(bad Wynthrop! Bad!)

New Fallen

Grr. Wynthrop, my computer, has been acting up. He's lagging and doesn't feel like letting the scanner work. Pissing me off. Bad Wyn! No cookie!

Next time I update there'll be art.

And pardon the half-assed coloring on the new page. Ah well, at least chapter 2 is done... I get to see what I can do to fix chapter 1 now.

Also, I had new and interesting experience today... I bought a box of Bernie Bott's Every Flavor Beans... and ate... a sardine flavored one. It tasted like sardines. Or maybe just old fish. Very... very scary. The pepper ones are actually quite good. I'm not looking forward to trying out the boogers or vomit. Maybe I'll give those to John... >_>


Updated: 1/26/03:
(ugh, siiick...)

New Fallen

Fallen's up. One more page and more godly info tomorrow.



This is the most AMAZING biological animal I've ever seen. Look at this pretty bastard! The Microraptor Gui, a relative of the Archaeopteryx, but with 2 pairs of wings. Holy crap, I want one. Too bad they've been extinct for 100 million years.

Once again, my elfwood gallery has been updated. I'm not entirely sure why I've been updating it so much lately, I think it's because I like the compliments of fanmail without the responsibility of having to respond to it. (I really am a bad person. >_>; )


Updated: 1/23/03:

Gracious me! I've been plugged by Poisonwind! o_0;

...... GYAAAAHHH!!! *fallover-thunk*


Updated: 1/22/03:
(Hoooooolllllaaaa crap.)

So. After I came back from today's midterms, I basically did one thing. I decided that I wanted to play with screentones. So, from about 7-8 hours, I drew, inked, and colored ONE picture, just so I could play with screen tones.... and, of course, so I can please you Fallen readers with a bit of love angst. Hoo-HAH.

Here, have some love angst. Ignore the colors, they're crappy. The B/W and sepia versions are better. For some reason, it reminds me a lot of Slimu's style.

.... oy, my head hurts. I've been sitting in front of a screen too long. X_x


Updated: 1/21/03:
(midterms?? MIDTERMS???)

O-kay, so midterms are tomorrow. If senioritis hadn't set in, I'd be in deeeeeep trouble. But since I don't care, it's all good. Kinda.

Anywho, I'm off to sleep. But first, I'd like to say a few things.

First, Men's Pocky is daaamn tasty.

Second, you should watch this flash movie. You probably should have played though a final Fantasy game or four to truly appreciate it, though. >_o

That's all I have to say.


Updated: 1/20/03:

New Fallen

Okay, Fallen is updated. Its World section is also updated. I have info on 2 groups and 10 sub-castes of angels. I have.... a long way to go.


Updated: 1/18/03:

New Banners for MFoD and Fallen

I realized that I really disliked my banners. So I made new ones. It makes me happy. I also changed my links section a tiiinnnny bit. Took out a small handful of broken/dead links, added a few Flash site links. I really don't want to link to all of the webcomics I read because they're all linked from Fallen and I don't feel like putting the time into futzing with banners and such.

"aido is hogging centre stage with his fly open"

That's it.


Updated: 1/17/03:
(Meishuu! XD )

Dang, I would've posted this yesterday if my internet was working....

Anywho! First thing's first. Strings of Fate is back. It now has its own domain name now, isn't that beautiful? Some day I'll have my own domain name for Fallen. *sigh* I can't believe I'm saying this, but somehow the art looks even better than it did when act 1 ended. How can that happen?

And on the subject of kickass webcomics, Cascadia is updated. Take a closer look at the first panel of page 3. Recognize the badass reincarnation of a certain rat god? Not me...

Also, my elfwood gallery is updated if ye care to add comments... which would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks to Aisling for proving to me that ERB mods are human. I feel like such an ass for complaining all those times. >_>

Also-also... I have a new hero... Fireball of Kagerou. Spifftacular art. So... shiny...
And for the heck of it, I'll plug
Nine Swords. It's a nifty-keen comic.

I like to suck up to other comic artists far too much. Should probably do something about that.


Ooh-ooh! And people in the new Harry Potter movie! Gary Oldman has been cast as Sirius! I've seen a SLEW of potentials for Lupin... and all I have to say is, if he isn't a mighty fine piece of sexy man-flesh, I will by very, very upset.

That is all I have to say.


Updated: 1/15/03:
(holy CRAP!)

Just when I thought I couldn't like Strong Bad anymore, he makes a tutorial on drawing dragons. The HomeStarRunner site's been really slow lately, so be prepared for a long load time. But... it's... it's so silly...

Also, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix is supposed to be coming out June, 21st. It will be 768 pages long. I be happy. ^^


Updated: 1/14/03:
(ooh, art...)

Contrary to popular belief, I AM actually working on the World section of the Fallen site. I have redesigned nearly all of the costume designs for all of the gods and have been slowly working on all of the art that 12 main gods, one fallen god, 2+ minor gods, and about 12 castes of angels require. (as well as a good deal of demigod species... oy.)

So, in my extreme workage of website and extreme slackage of school work, have some Reáleigh art. Here's a costume design sketch for her and Baelae, her just-as-psycho-as-his-mum pet mask and a picture that I drew during school today of her climbing out of a relief of herself in one of her temples. (don't ask me, she can do what she wants.)

For a quick FYI, Reáleigh (pronounced ree-YAH-lee) is the chaotic secondary god of air, also patron of thieves and actors. Her beast-form is a white praying mantis and can usually be seen in human form with her mantis wings, which make her look like an insane pixie.

That's my blurb for today. I'm off to see if the ERB doesn't kick my ass again.


Updated: 1/12/03:
(keep on forgetting the '03...)

New Fallen

Yess! 2-page update! The Between Gods section is done! YESSSS!!! *victory dance* I'm almost done with chapter 2!

Anywho, apologies to anyone who took my "hatred toward college students" blurb seriously. Actually, I got a pretty nifty e-mail about it. *snicker*

Please don't hate us poor college students. We get fed crap for breakfast, lunch, and dinner; we all live in fear of the time when we will be forced to conform to societal norms; and my school makes us come back as soon after New Year's Day as it can.

Thankees, Scipio. Don't worry, I'll be joining the ranks of drooling, sleep-deprived college students soon.... seeing as I am a drooling, sleep-deprived high school student and all.

So. Er. I don't hate college students anymore. Since I'm kinda dating one and all.

Have I mentioned how much I love Strong Bad? E-hehe.

Yeah, that's it. I'm going to bed.


Updated: 1/6/03:

New Fallen
About Me section

Fallen was updated last night, but I didn't have enough time to put a blurb here. It's colored now. (since it wasn't last night.)

Let me say right now how much I hate doing snowy textures. >_<

Also, the About Me page was starting to really get on my nerves. Gave it a bit of a revamp. You can see how weird I am.

Thaaat's it. I'm done.


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