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Updated: 1/3/03:
(ooohh, newyears-y...)

Sorry about the lack of a New Years blurb/picture. I do have a picture for you people... just hang on for a second to let me complain for a bit.

I would like to take the time to say how tiring and cruel it is to make students not only go back to school on the second of January, but to have tests scheduled for the day they come back. (and in my case, the day after the day after they come back as well.) That's just not RIGHT.

For all of you teachers/potential teachers out there, don't do that. It's BAD KARMA.

I would also like to add, that at this point in time, I hate ALL COLLEGE STUDENTS. Because all of you out there don't have to go back to school until late January/early February. And here I am having to take AP Biology tests outta the wazoo while you folks get to stay at home and sleep in until noon.

That's it for my complaining. Thank you very much. *bow*

Anywho, here's my New Year's picture. It's relatively crappy and half-assed. Is she trying to grab Faus' butt? Suuure. Feel free to think so. I didn't draw it with that in mind, though.


Go away, you.


Updated: 12/30/02:

New Fallen

Hey! Remember me? Thought not. It's Pyr. Y'know, the bigass fire dragon.

Yeah, well Aido forgot my birthday. Again. It's not that hard to remember-- it's the day after christmas. Really, kid. That's pitiful. What has it been, six years now?

Same deal as last year-- Aido's kinda being punish-- I mean, is busy, so I get to take over the site for a day. Unfortunately, I didn't have the time to do a wonderful Fallen filler like last year. She actually did an update this time.

So, when do I get my guest appearance in the comic, eh?


This is all horribly boring, so that's it, folks. See you next year.


Updated: 12/27/02:
(how about that...)

New Fallen

Finally colored that page. Dang that was annoying. I'll try to make the update this time for Sunday. X_x

Anywho, my brother gave me the new gamecube Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets game for x-mas. It's so addictive.... and I couldn't tell you why. It's pretty... although some of the character models are really freeaakky. Madame Hooch frightens the jeebuz outta me.

They cut out Dobby. I can't say I'm upset.

Er, that's about it. I'm off to kick Draco Malfoy's ass and then break into the girl's bathroom. *teehee*

Ah yes, and I updated my
elfwood gallery... they rejected my Ent picture because it was "fan art!" If I had submitted that before the new LoTR movie came out, they would've been fine with it. Arrg. I have issues with the ERB.

Updated: 12/25/02:
(whee! christmas!)

Holiday-day! I got a digital camera. ^^ I be happy.

A couple things to update on. First. I desperately did NOT want to color Fallen yesterday. Don't ask me why. It was tedious. I'll have it done later, I swear.
Instead, I decided to be stupid. Really stupid. I drew fanart. Lots of it. I did a little tablet thumbnail sketchie for nearly all of the webcomics I read. (AKA all the webcomics I read that I have hope of receiving thanks/a picture in return.) See, stupid.

So, in alphabetical order, fanart:
Casey-- Altermeta.
Faith-- Demonology 101
Icymasamune-- Shadowlark Symphony.
Jen-- Strings of Fate.
Kelly-- Arcana.
Melissa-- Scrued.
NeonDragon-- TimeScapes.
S. Howell-- Nine Swords.
Slimu-- Directions of Destiny.
Vera-- Return to Sender.

So. I'm a big dork.

Also, I got a package the day before yesterday. It was from the Rochester Institute of Technology. I was accepted to major in Film and Animation.

I'm going to college. I'm going to be an animator.

I am pleased.

That's it. Hope you guys have a great holiday!


Updated: 12/23/02:

This is why there was no Fallen this week:

Friday: Present day #1. Get cool stuff. Parents printing out last-minute christmas cards on my computer because I have the good printer... all afternoon into the night.

Saturday: Additional present day. Get the most adorable dragon plushie ever. Name him Edamame because he looks like a string bean. (or a soybean.) Parents still printing out christmas cards. At dinner, my dad says, "By the way, you have to draw a special christmas card for my business associate. BY TOMORROW." I go, "eep."

Sunday: Desperately try to finish "special christmas card." Realize that it's the day that I got tickets to see Trans-Siberian Orchestra with friends. Leave at 3:00 pm, come back home at 1:00 am. Go nuts as they play O Fortuna from Carmina Burana. Get free donuts. Go to bed.

Monday: Continue to battle with postnasal drip. Color page that was promised to be posted on Saturday.


Moral: I love the trans-siberian orchestra. Yessi do.


Updated: 12/20/02:
(present day!)

Vacation time. I am so relieved.

Present day brings intense happiness. Not only did I receive presents, pekkages were received by people I sent them to! Woohoo!

So far, I've gotten a monkey scarf, black fingerless gloves (*melts*), the DVD version of The Nightmare Before Christmas (hah! hinting paid off!), a package of rainbow sharpies, a Sen To Chihiro manga, a nifty mini-water fountain, a cute lil' dragon figurine, and a Gorillaz t-shirt, among other things. The coolness is boundless. I love my friends.

I scanned in the picture I gave to Meo. ^^ I lum FFX.

Real conversation snippet with my friend who's back from college:
Adam: gimli rocks...he's so amusing and yet so deadly
Adam: and so compact
Adam: deadly, amusing, and compact...
Me: And so... tossable.
Adam: yeah....and fits easily into overhead storage bins...
Me: XD
Adam: he's like a grandmother!
Me: Woa, that's going a bit overboard.

Once again, I love my friends. Fallen is being colored.


... I couldn't help it. I had to draw a random Ent. They're just too nifty.

Updated: 12/19/02:

Sickness brings pain. I'm going to bed now. Hopefully I'll be well enough to go to school... at least I didn't have to do my English homework.

.... It had to be done. I.... adopted a sprite. But isn't Chibi-Pyr adorable? He fits perfectly right under my counter! Thanks fer the link, Jess. ^^;

I.... will try to finish coloring Fallen tomorrow. No promises. Definitely by Saturday.


Updated: 12/18/02:

The Two Towers was seen. Happiness was abound.

(slight rambling nonsense spoilers ahead...)

Gimli is great comic relief. Uruk Hai riding spiffy keen hyena-y steeds. Gollum is creepy and bipolar, yet strangely likable. Frodo... is just becoming creepy. Legolas is so daamn cool I want to make him my love slave forever. I want a pet Ent. Specifically a bansai Ent. (there was a conversation made about bansai Ents in the car on the way back. )

I'm sick. Getting sicker. Starting to feel dizzy and achy. It's either strep (which I don't quite know how to spell) or some virus that's been attacking my high school.

Mmmm, Legolas. Mmmmmm.


Updated: 12/15/02:
(Treasure Planet? Maybe.)

New Fallen

Black and white color page this week. Color will come soon. Hopefully. -.-

(Oooh! Let's hear Aido nit-pick about animation! Sure, that sounds like fun!)

Well, I went to see Treasure Planet yesterday... I was kinda disappointed, to be honest. Especially with the character design of Jim. Something about his face design bothered me. His eyes and the low placement of his nose and mouth. Didn't quite work. >_o The alien designs weren't NEARLY as inventive and cool as in Lilo and Stitch... that was very sad. When I see aliens, I want them to be super-sweetly-badassingly-cool. Not generic and unmemorable as they were. And... I'm really not the biggest fan in the world of 2-d/3-d integration. Especially when it's so gratingly obvious. At least to me.
Still, animation is animation, and being the giant dork I am, it was still some good eye candy. The character designs for Silver and Doppler were really great. I have a great many love for the animation team that did Doppler. He was a fantabulously done character. And plot-wise, the movie was pretty good. For a one and half-hour long movie, the relationship between Silver and Jim was really developed.

... I can't help but see the huuge number of similarities between Treasure Planet and Titan AE. H'mmrm.

... I think I'll stop bitching now. Why am I such a design-freak? Ahrrg!

So. Er. That's it. I'm going to bed.

Go see Faustus have a bit of personality.


Ah yes! Jess, I love you to itty bitty pieces. I know I thanked you before, but thank you for the pekkage! I love me pekkages. And I love Michael Whelan. Yeeesssssss...
Fergot to mention this before, my mom made me another Ravenclaw scarf! It probably took her about a month of knitting. I love her so much. ^^

Updated: 12/11/02:
(OoooOooohh... nekkid color...)

New Fallen

Yeah. Check the naked color-y-ness.


Updated: 12/5/02:

New Fallen

Go check Fallen! Singe is naked! WOO!


Updated: 12/5/02:
(OooOoo... art...)

Snow day today! I went home and slept for nearly 6 hours. Oy.

Sooo.. instead of doing homework, I did art stuffs! Yippee!

Playing with inks brings much enjoyment! I've learned that ink splatter with straws with photoshop is endlessly entertaining.

Also, while poking around galleries of better/cooler artists than I, I decided that I need to work on my costume design. So I did so.

And finally, this was from a couple nights ago... I was probably really tired. Don't bother reading the text. It's stupid. But isn't my belt cool? I love my belt.

That's about it. Tomorrow is Friday. Friday is good.


Updated: 12/3/02:

I'm... a bad person.

I got my homework done early for the first time in a good... well, probably a good forever. (I'm a procrastinator like that.) Instead of taking a nap like I was planning, I decided to go through old e-mail. I HAVE E-MAIL FROM THIS MARCH.

YEEGUZ! I feel awful! How did I let my e-mail get so out of hand? These people must think I hate them!

Well... the good news is that I now have under 300 e-mails in my in-box... I have something like 295. The better news is that my in-box isn't in danger of exploding violently every time I open it.

So... it's safe to send me files now... they won't bounce any more.

It's just that it might take me a couple YEARS to get through all this mail.

*cry* I'm such a bad person....

Anyway... I'm really sorry to do this... but I'm going to be deleting nearly all mail from before June. If it has a file attached or if I believe it desperately needs replying, I will reply.


... oy.


Updated: 12/2/02:

It's nearly midnight. I just finished writing an AP Bio lab that was due today.

Well, that's what I get.

Now, let me take this time to make a complete idiot of myself and flaunt my personal life....

Ready? Okay!

Happy anniversary to us... happy anniversary to us... happy anniversary to UUUSSSSS.... happy anniVERSARY to UUuuUUSSSSSsSSsSSS!!
I love you, John. Many love. ^^


Also, I've started reading Poison Wind stuffs... from the 10 or so pages I've read so far, it's quite similar to Fallen. But better told and in a better art style. Creepy, really. (Then again, most comics I read are better than mine.)


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