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Updated: 12/1/02:
(Yess! I am SO COOL!)

New Fallen

Hoo-hah! 2 pages of Fallen! I've finally finished that section! Now for the semi-almost-fan-service-section! Woohoo!

*Aido's 3 male fans cheer*

And say goodbye to Selal... we probably won't be seeing her for a while.

And finally! I just noticed... my number of hits no longer fit into my counter! When did THAT happen? Am I seriously that interesting?

So... ah... thanks!


Updated: 11/29/02:
(Mmmm, pie.)

New Fallen

Lookit that... it seems that hell has frozen over.

....Fallen is updated.

Okay, that wasn't funny. Anywho, I'll have another update for Sunday.

Also, my elfwood gallery has finally been updated! (seems that my picture of the chaos dragon was a moderator's choice. ^^; ) Also also, sluggy's selling the pictures that I colored! (turns out they're being sold as prints.)


... it was bound to happen. Animal crossing fanart.

Updated: 11/24/02:

A'rright. It's 10:40. I finished my english paper less than an hour ago.

My point? Fallen... once again.... isn't going to be updated today. I'm going downstairs to start the new page RIGHT NOW. I am planning on updating some time in the middle of the week.


*brandishes spear*


Here, have a sketch from my attempts at breaking in a new sketchbook. Yay for uncharacteristic style! W00t!

Updated: 11/24/02: (2:30 am)

Okay, let's have the deal. I spent all day: 1. Freezing my bum off at a football game. (One of my least favorite sports EVER, mind you. I'm in the pep band. Ugh.) 2. Coloring two t-shirt designs for Pete. 3. Doing other assorted things that were not related to Fallen. Many of which consisted of eating chocolate and complaining about how much my back and neck hurt.

My point is that I have two pages all nicely scripted and blocked out, but nothing drawn. And it's past 2 in the morning and I have to finish reading War of the Worlds for English by tomorrow so I can write some kind of reaction paper on it... and write an AP Bio lab... and maybe, if I'm lucky, eat something and/or go to bed at some kind of normal-ish hour. But probably not.

SO! I will do my BEST to have something drawn for tomorrow. But no promises. This was the LAST week that I had to color Sluggy stuff. I'm done for the time being. This means I will have time for my OWN comic in the following weeks! (which, unfortunately, pays nothing.)

WHY IS THE PLOT MOVING SO SLOWLY?? This section is so boorriinnggg... ugh. (don't answer that question.)

By the way, this makes me happy...

I'm an atheist!

Which Enemy of the Christian Church Are You?

Robert and Tim Creation

No, I'm not ACTUALLY atheist. I have myself a set of beliefs, none of which involve a singular "giant-head-in-the-sky" god of any kind, but it all involves a nice, healthy heap of spiritualism and a sense of morals. But I don't actually follow any kind of church or organized religion, so I MUST be a heathen. Yes, that's it. Kill the heathens.
Why yes, I do realize that I'm going to hell.

Thank you very much. *continues to offend everyone*


Updated: 11/11/02:
(Sorry again.)

More often than not, things don't come out how we want. And sometimes, one's faith in humanity can be crushed in a moment of recklessness. And sometimes, that moment isn't so reckless after all.

Once again, there will be no new Fallen today. I am very sorry. Some unpleasant things have come up that I had no control over.

Sorry to sound so cryptic. Anywho, I have to go and work. Check out tomorrow's Sluggy. Once again colored by yours truly.



Updated: 11/16/02:
(Harry Potter-ness!)

Yay! I found out what was wrong with my scanner! My screen was set to 256 colors.

... so, in actuality, there was nothing wrong with my scanner in the first place. Eh. Heh-heh.


I'm such an idiot.

Right! So! Here's my "Yay! The new Harry Potter movie is out!" picture. Serik doesn't really fit into Hufflepuff house, but he's close.

Saw the HP movie on Friday. I am appeased. Much better than the first movie. More scenes with Oliver Wood. It wasn't as good as the book (which is to be expected), the violence was dulled down, especially at the end of the movie, but that's to keep it as a PG rating, I suppose. (Oy, what are they going to do with Goblet of Fire?) Still, I miss the line where Tom says something to the extent of, "You're dying. Look, even your bird is crying for you." Damn do I love Fawkes.

As with the last movie, I was relatively unimpressed with the CG. Except for one thing.

The Basilisk.

Ye-GADS, I want me one of those. He... he was so beautiful....

So... beautiful.... ;_;

So, all in all, it was definitely worth sitting in a movie theater full of kids for three hours. Me likey. Me wanna see who they cast as Sirius. And Lupin....
Mmmmmm....... favorite characters.... so happy...

"Soo... if anyone would want to find something... they should follow the spiders.... err, yeah..."


.... I miss my Ravenclaw scarf.


Updated: 11/14/02:
(stop playing with my fricking scanner! )

Okay, so I would've had a cute little 3-panel comic about me being excited about going to the new Harry Potter movie tomorrow, but SOMEONE'S BEEN SCREWING AROUND WITH MY SCANNER. The settings are off. After 20 minutes or playing, I can't figure out what's wrong. And I have to go to bed or my dad's going to harass me like there's no tomorrow if I stay in the attic another 5 minutes.


Huzzah for me update:
I've officially gotten my first battle wound from fencing class! I feel so cool. I wear my glow-in-the-dark Band-Aid on my collar bone with utmost pride.

That's it for tonight. I'll yell at various people for killing my scanner later.


Updated: 11/10/02:
(oh, the painnn....)

New Fallen

Fallen is updated! The plot continues to shuffle along.

My entire body is aching from the amount of time I spent in front of the computer today. (Plus I have horrendous posture. Oy. ) But Sluggy is colored, Pete seems to be happy with my work, and I get a weekly paycheck. So in reality, all is well in the world. I'm just going to be walking with a cane before I'm 40.


Updated: 11/10/02:
(eh? Oh... oh, right.. yeah.. website.)

Well, it being officially Sunday and all (1:30 am) I might as well update the blog. Eh-heh.

Only one truly interesting thing happened this week. And it was updated an hour and a half ago. This. That's right, I DID A FILLER STRIP FOR SLUGGY! Hoo-hah! Can you f33l the power ooooozing through me? Can you?? Ph33r my badass bragging rights!
(Can you tell that I just spent the past two hours finishing up the
Mac Hall archives? I bet you can.)

So. Continuing on.

I watched the Transformers Movie on Thursday. You know, the one from the late 80's... before transformers was turned into a sad, bastarded child of gundam and pokemon. (Transformers Armada makes me sad, by the way.) So I got the Transformers Movie DVD for John for his birthday back in September and we finally got around to watching it. That movie sums up my childhood. I haven't seen it in about 7 or 8 years and I could STILL quote pieces of the movie.

OooOoOOooohhh.... Nall here says that they're thinking of doing a sequel to FF7 after they finish the sequel to FFX... damn that makes me happy. (huzzah for the mingling of Arabic and roman numerals!) I have a long rant as to why Sephiroth is actually alive at the end of FF7. I won't get into it.

Also, I should probably put a quick apology for how pissy I've been lately. I blame it (almost) completely on my lack of sleep, since I've been getting 6 hours nearly every night and then crashing on Fridays and Saturdays in hopes of relieving myself of sleep-debt. It's been taking a bigger toll on me than I thought, I suppose.

Oh, and I'll have a Fallen update tonight. By the way.


Updated: 11/3/02:
(12:25 am! check sluggy!)

okay, so ignore my last entry. I was in a funk. A funk that could only be remedied by playing shallow pointless fighting games with my boyfriend. All is well now.

So... there's still going to be no comic update tomorrow since I didn't draw it and have an ASS LOAD OF HOMEWORK to do tomorrow, but er, here! Have a tablet doodle! It's the ghost-y guy from Sen to Chihiro. ^^


Updated: 11/2/02:

I'm exausted. And sore. And upset. There won't be any comic update tomorrow. I'm not doing so hot.

Erm. Check out sluggy tomorrow. I'm really happy with how the coloring turned out. It should... took me most of yesterday and today.

It's 6:00. I'm going to bed.


Updated: 11/1/02:
(Happy... er... Halloween...? Almost? )

Okay, so it's a day late. I would've updated this yesterday, but I kinda had to go trick-or-treating. (yeah, I know I'm too old for it.)

So... have my mandatory Halloween picture! It's just Dusk, Serik and Fluffy this year. Since I was already on the Tim Burton kick, I figured I'd try to add Faustus as Edward Scissorhands in there, but I got too lazy. Maybe next year. >_o

They're dressed as Sally, Jack, and Zero from The Nightmare Before Christmas, by the way. *cough*myfriendsshouldbuymethedvdforchristmas*cough*

I may or may not have a comic update this week. The Sluggy coloring job is kinda large this week. That'll probably wind up taking up most of my time. -.-

Happy late Samhein! I'm off to find out if there's such a thing as sugar poisoning. ^^


Updated: 10/27/02:
(m'nah, m'nah, m'nah.)

New Fallen

2:30. Copying and pasting stuff from Fallen blog so I won't have to type anything else.

Updating early because I won't have any time tomorrow. (it being 2:30 right now.)

You wouldn't believe how achy and exhausted I am. I spent ALL DAY coloring sluggy for Pete and came home at 10:30 to color Fallen. My neck is killing me. I don't think humans were built for this kind of monotonous work. X_x

So, er. Don't forget to turn your clocks back.

Oh, and Pete-- sorry for leaving you to do all the shading. I do feel bad about that. I'm just... really slow.


Updated: 10/24/02:
(what the CRAP?? )

New Fallen

A'rright, I finished coloring that page that I posted on Sunday.

I gotta put a few things down here, so bear with me for the moment.

Late last year, something strange and unpredictable happened. My mom... knitted something. What did she knit? A scarf. For me. My mom went out of her way and relearned how to knit and spent one or two weeks knitting a 7-foot long winter scarf for me. Why? Because she's a cool person.

... that, and I asked her to. But that's beside the point.

The point is, she knitted a scarf for me. But not ANY scarf, NO. It was a Ravenclaw scarf. Y'know, as in Harry Potter-- the house at Hogwarts. Heavy alternating royal blue and bronze stripes. Very cool. I'm a big HP nut.

Flash forward a year.

The temperature has been dropping into the mid 40's and 50's-- mid 30's in the morning-- and I've been wearing the scarf to school every day. On Monday, I accidentally left it in my locker overnight. The next morning it was gone.


My school isn't widely known for crime. Nor should it. I live in one of the wealthiest towns in this county and my highschool is in the top 10 in the state. Basically, I go to a small high school filled with spoiled brats.

So why in the hell would anyone want to steal a hand-knit scarf? No one's going to go and sell it on the street for an outrageous price, and I can guarantee you that the person who took it wasn't freezing to death and was in desperate need of warmth.

This is what is called "stealing for the sake of stealing." It doesn't matter if the thing's valuable or useful, just as long as it isn't yours and you didn't earn it. Sophomore year, I had a notebook stolen. I left in on a lunch table for a few periods and I came back and it was gone. It was a fricking notebook... it had notes and doodles in it. Hoo-hah, used paper-- valuableness galore.

What I want to know, is why do people pull crap like that? It's like shooting wild buffalo while you're passing by in a train. (woohoo, history reference.) It's not helping anything. It's not worth anything. It's just killing a big, dumb animal and leaving its carcass to rot on the plains, ultimately depleting the population of that particular big, dumb animal until point of near extinction.

I put up missing posters for my scarf all around the school today. I got a few people stopping me in the halls and empathizing with me. It's nice and all... but I really just want my scarf back.

... and my "BEWARE PICKPOCKETS AND LOOSE WOMEN" magnet... they took that, too.


That's the end of my rant. I'll move onto a nicer topic now.

Super nifty keen happening to partially weigh out crappyness of losing prized possession:
<quick back story> There's this big "ninja" thing going on at my school. Apparently, about 30 or so people are going to be dressing up as ninjas on Halloween since a bunch of guys have really gotten into I'm joining. Because I'm a dork like that. Plus, ninjas are totally sweet. <end quick back story>
So I told my my parents that I wanted to go out and get a ninja costume for Halloween. My dad said that there was probably an old ninja costume from my half brothers in the attic somewhere... so I go into the cedar closet and poke around a bit... no ninja costume. Buuut... tucked away in the back-back-back area of the cedar closet is... a small, black trench coat. Looks exactly like John's... red lining and everything. The shoulders are a little wide on me, but it kicks ass anyway. Turns out it was my dad's when he was a badass biker dude in Japan. (I'm serious.)

Y'learn something new every day.

Anywho, it belongs to me now. It's really cool. Wore it to school, got a few comments on it, with the "sorry to hear about your scarf" comments. Nifty stuff.

Okay, end of that story. One last thing. I swear.

I've been really getting into watching the HomeStarRunner flash shorts. They're ridiculous. XD I have a great love for Strong Bad, especially the e-mail section. Fabulous stuff.

Sooo, that's about it. Fallen has color now. Mmm'yeah.


Updated: 10/19/02:

"By the way, your niece's christening is tomorrow morning. We'll be gone all day."


.... okay, so I have to drive to Pennsylvania tomorrow at 6:00 am to go see some religous-y ritual with people who don't like my side of the family. Yay me! I love hanging around people three times older than I am who hate me by association! Woohoo!

What's my point? I don't know if I'll be able to color Fallen's update. If not, I'll post SOMETHING. Half-colored, black and white, something. I feel so damned inadequate with the lack of updates recently. I. Hate. School.

On an off-note, a quick episode from earlier today of "why children are all evil."

Neighbor's kid: I'm turning 8 on Wednesday!
Me: Really? Wow! You're getting really old!
Neighbor's kid: Yeaah! How old are you?
Me: Er. I'm 17.
Neighbor's kid: Really? I thought you were 12!
Me: ......

And then there's the fact that during the first week of school TEACHERS were asking me if I was a freshman. This is humiliating. People are going to be carding me when I'm 40.

.... right. So.

Moral of the story: Aido would much rather stay at home and watch reruns of M*A*S*H.


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