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Updated: 10/19/02: (2:00 am)

Okay, postage of sketchies, then bed.

Number one. Fanart for Mory's Education. It's Lilla and Elliot. They're new characters. Quite cute. XD

Number two. Animal crossing fanart-- it's kinda an inside joke with me and John. Seabass are the most common, cheap fish in the game. They're really annoying.

Number three. I think I'll draw something really freaky! What a good idea. I think I will.

Okay, that's it. 'Nite!


Updated: 10/17/02:
(duct tape cures all! XD )

Ookay, I don't have time to scan in doodles. Since I've fallen asleep in biology class every day this week and tomorrow's a big test, it would probably be wise to get to sleep as soon as possible.

Two things. First, it has been proven that duct tape cures warts. Once again, let me show my extreme appreciation and admiration for the stuff. XD

Second, I must plug Paul's site! Paul is an obscenely good artist from my school. Go! Ph33r his m4d html skillz! (I wanna be able to do that. ;_; )

Also, apologies to anyone using Netscape 4 to view Fallen-- apparently there's a big blank gap at the top of the page. I use Claris homepage to create all my layout and such and frankly haven't the foggiest of what I'm doing half the time-- but I'll get on it as soon as I can.

Also-also! I know this is really selfish of me, but I'm horrendously tight for money right now and Pete offered me a job for four consecutive Saturdays coloring the Sluggy Freelance Sunday comic. So, er... I... don't know if I'll be able to get Fallen out the 26th, 2nd, 9th, or 16th..... but I can try! ^^;;

Riight! That's it. Hopefully tomorrow or so I'll have some nice fanart for Mory's Education.


Updated: 10/14/02:
(OooooOOOoooOOOOooooooooOooooooo... )

New Fallen

Ookie, here's the deal! It's 8:30 and odds are I am not going to be able to finish the extra page I had planned for tonight-- BUT I went and completely revamped the layout for Fallen yet again. The last one really looked bad on all browsers except for mine. This one is more streamlined and friendly toward smaller monitors. (plus it still looks bitchin' in explorer. Hoo-hah! )

Mmmmm... that's about it.


Updated: 10/13/02:

New Fallen

Ookie, colored page is up-- I will hopefully have another one for tomorrow to make up for my lack of output lately. ^^;


Updated: 10/13/02:

In all hopefulness, I will have a nice comic update tonight.

Until then, I've opened up a store for Fallen. The wings on the shirts aren't Faustus', but they're pretty nifty-keen.

I need money! Go to the Fallen Store and buy stuff!

Thanks! ^^;


Updated: 10/7/02:
(stress brings paiiinn)

Okay, I have very little to say in very little time.

First, to attempt to make up for my lack-of-comic-ness, here's a b/w preview of the page I was supposed to post for Sunday which I haven't even been able to put text in. I hate school SO FRIGGING MUCH.

In the .28 second I have left, I'd like to make a plug for Ninjai. I hadn't checked the site in a while until today, and apparently they got new animators for the new episodes. It looks SO MUCH BETTER. I mean, it looked good in the first place, but now it looks GOOOOOD. I must buy a shirt from them.

That's it, must not get eaten alive by parents.


Updated: 10/6/02:
(mwAaaaaAAAAhhhHHHhhhHHH...?! )

First off, I have a message for Josh: YOU CAN'T EXPECT ME TO SEND YOU E-MAIL IF YOU AREN'T ACCEPTING E-MAIL FROM ME! <end message>

Okay, right. There's an excuse that fallen isn't updated yet. You see, I went to TWO birthday parties in a row on Saturday, which happens to be my usual "draw comic like mad" day. The first one was Dorney park, which consisted of walking around for 5+ hours, going on bigass, badass, mind-numbing roller coasters, and making reluctant friends go on coasters with braver friends and self. The second party consisted of refusing to play man hunt and sitting around and inadvertently saying stuff that probably offended my friend's severely conservative Catholic mother. Oops. -.-;;
Anywho, what I'm getting at is that I got home after 11:00 after being out since 9:30 that morning and CRASHED. Nothing done on Saturday.

Sunday comes. Yay, whooppe, I'll catch up on the comic today. Wait, no... I have brain-numbing soul-devouring acrylic painting of death due tomorrow. Well, damn.
So I work nearly all day on the brain-numbing soul-devouring acrylic painting of death... and then do an AP Bio lab and fail to find information on the Iliad and acquire a copy of War of the Worlds to read for a in-class writing that we're supposed to be doing tomorrow in English. Once failing to do previously mentioned tasks, I proceed to madly try to draw Fallen update at 10:00.
11:00 rolls around and the page is half drawn. 11:00 is my "go to bed at this time or you will not be able to wake up tomorrow at 6:30" bed time. It is now 11:25.

And that's my story.

As a side-note, I'd just like to mention that I hate acrylics.

In other news, Wednesday was my first fencing lesson.


My teacher kicks ass and I get to take my class not only with John, but a guy who looks uncannily like Stephen King.

Hoo damn. XD

I will hopefully set up my e-bay auction as well as finish up my cafepress shirts THIS WEEK. (... but knowing me it might just be two weeks. )

Here's what I'm going to be auctioning this time around.

That's it... my hand hurts from excessive painting, drawing, typing, and holding onto roller coaster harnesses too tightly.

check it out...
Strings of Fate has posters... XD I wanna sell paraphernalia...

Updated: 9/29/02:

Kinda new Fallen.... but not really.

Eh. Heh. So I didn't really get to do a real comic update again.

But I have some art, if that makes up for anything... maybe.

Doodle of Faustus
A "mailart" project for class with Ranthanadethrycie and a kitty.
Chaos dragon.

Aaaannnd that's about it. Yippee!

by the way, did I ever mention that MacHall is a fabulous comic? Well,
it's fabulous.

Updated: 9/25/02:
(been a while, hasn't it?)

Sorry I haven't been around much... eh-heh-heh... I've been doing a lot of college application-type work. Speaking of which, I'm going to be gone Friday into sometime Saturday... going to check out Carnegie Melon. (because my cousin went there any my dad automatically wants me to go there. Whooppee.) This means that I, once again, might not be able to reach my comic deadline.

I'm so tired... I think I've fallen asleep in AP bio class nearly every day this week. And I like that class! >_<

Anywho, I have a bunch of stuff to do... specifically scan in a bunch of nifty-keen doodles, but I don't have the time at the moment. Plus I'm far too tired to go out and fetch my sketch book.

Well, I was going to post a quick rant about how some new teachers who have been appointed as the new advisers for the literary magazine who want to take over MY MAGAZINE-- MYYYYY MAAGGAAAZZZIIINNEE----- but I'm not up to it now. Maybe I'll bore you people later.

Mweeh, I haven't even finished my homework for tomorrow... screw it, I'm too tired.


hehe, Voltron.

Updated: 9/16/02:

New Fallen

Okay, comic's late. Hooray for religious holidays for people who have no religion! W00t! :D

Mrerm, anywho, I gotta go write up a few labs and and English paper and a paper for AP Art. Why a paper for art class? No one knows.

Oh, and go visit the Hand Puppet Theater. ^^ Much fun.


Updated: 9/14/02:
(not the quickest crayon short of a picnic, are we?)

Erm. I just got my grubby paws on some new images and movies from the game, Kingdom Hearts.

For anyone who hasn't heard of it, Kingdom Hearts is a video game created by two elements that should never have been mixed: Square... and Disney. That's right, it's a game that contains both traditional Disney characters and characters from EVERY FINAL FANTASY GAME AFTER 7. (except 9... because no one liked the character design for 9. )

And you ask yourself <excerpt deleted for profanity>.

As do I.

But there's a problem here... because it's pretty. Plus it brings back characters that we've been itching to see alive again... Aeris... Sephiroth... And not only that, but all characters have voice actors. And since Disney is probably the biggest, wealthiest animation company in the world, they're GOOD VOICE ACTORS. I've heard the voices for Cloud, Squall, Aeris, and Yuffie-- and they're all about how I'd expected them to be. (although Aeris sounds a little young. >_o )
Plus it runs on a nifty timeline, after Final Fantasy 7 and 8 and before 10.... Wakka and Tidus are so cute as little kids... and Squall grew his hair out... :D

I'm so lost... I want to hate it, but I also can't help but be thankful because Sephiroth is alive and is animated decently.

Feel my angst!

And was Nightmare Before Christmas really Disney? When did I miss that?

... So. I'll just link to the two galleries that John showed me:
First-- larger, more pictures, and movies.
Second-- pictures of Sephiroth.

Individual movies:
Intro 1 | Intro 2 | Hear Squall, Aeris, and Yuffie... with Donald and Goofy. X_x | Cloud! ... talking to Hades. | Sora (main character) with Cloud

Individual pictures:
PH33R!! Sephiroth got a new coat! XD | Notice how Cloud has Sephy's opposite wing| Black feathers | Sephy is so badass... *_* | Mini Tidus! :D | Mini Wakka! | Squall with shaggy hair... mmm. | Squall and Yuffie | Cid's all scary...

So, anyway. I don't know how to feel... but I'm going to play the game before I make any decisions that may hinder my chances of seeing Sephiroth.

In conclusion, have a chibi gryphon.

The End.



Updated: 9/9/02:
(eh... heh.)

New Fallen

Erm, so the comic's kinda a day late. Sorry 'bout that. My friends and I went to the Renaissance Faire all day Saturday and that completely threw off my comic schedule.

So on behalf of the Ren Faire-ness, have some doodles.

Here's my costume. I tried to get together some kinda pirate-wench costume because pirates kick ass. ^^
(short story) For my costume, I wore a pair of heeled boots that are about a size and a half too big for me. (how I acquired these boots is a completely different story.) By the end of the day, my feet felt like they were oozing blood. So John wound up
carrying me for most of the way back to the car. He's such a sweetheart. ^^

... aaand that's about it. I gotta get to sleep.


Updated: 9/7/02:

Okay, it's Friday! (well, friday night. technically saturday morning.... >_o )

Anywho, before I fall into a deep, well-earned slumber, I'll share some freshly scanned in school doodles from my newly-whipped-into-subordnance-ed computer.

A doodle that I didn't scan over the summer. Human-Pyr-something.
What I wore on the
first day of school. And a horse-ish kirin. And a chicken... thing.
Daemon without wings. I like drawing him without his wings. He has nifty masked demon markings.
And finally, Sui in an
anthro form. He's so cool. XD

Oh, and go to Smite Button. Ali, you kick ass.

Wheeee.... I'm going to bed.


Updated: 9/5/02:

Frigging frick-friggity arg-yarr-nyarrfrickarrg piece of crap computer die-die-die-die. Yarrr.

... right.

I was going to scan in a bunch of nifty-keen doodles from school, but my computer decided it didn't want to let the scanner, mouse, or keyboard work.... so I worked for over a half hour trying to get them to show any sign of life.

So. They work now, but I gotta go to bed or else I'm going to fall asleep in school again. This work-schedule is killing me.

... isn't senior year supposed to be fun?

Blaarrg. X_x


Updated: 9/3/02:

Summer's over. School's tomorrow. I'm feeling very... grrr-ish.

I don't have anything else to say, nor time to say it in.

On a lighter note, I've found the bucket hat that I bought in Canada for a dollar which went missing yesterday sometime.


Updated: 9/1/02:
(yay for canadaness!)

New Fallen

Back from Canada! I wanted to scan in some doodles from before I left, but I have no time. My best friend is staying over at my house for a few days. (Megan says, "I am muy cool." John says, "Yay for condiments!" )

... right. So. Read Fallen.

Oh, and one other thing. For anyone who's ever watched Forever Knight on the Sci Fi channel, the guy who plays Nicholas Knight... played Henry Higgins in My Fair Lady. That man kicks ass.

... I think John just died. He doesn't like My Fair Lady.



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