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Updated: 8/25/02:

Many apologies about last night. I went against my morals... specifically the "thou shall not bitch or try to talk to friends through blog" moral. It's rude.

So. Ah. Anyway. I'm not depressed, suicidal, homicidal, blah-blee-blah. Don't think I am. I'm not that kind of person. Really. So. I'll be back from the Shakespeare Festival on Friday night. (I hope.) And Fallen WILL BE UPDATED NEXT SUNDAY! And I promise you, Gabe will be insulted yet again!

And Josh! I'll scan in the photos when I get home! Sorry it's taken so long!

Right... Canada-HO!


Updated: 8/25/02:
(I'm sorry.)

I'm sorry about this. I don't think Fallen will get updated this Sunday. (meaning today, if you're in EST.) I tried to, halfheartedly... but there are a lot of things weighing me down. Social things.

Meaning the things I do very poorly in.

Also, I'm not going to be here for the next week. I'm going to be in Canada from Monday morning to Friday evening. PLEASE refrain from sending me any really large files-- I don't have that much room in my e-mail left.

Erm, have some fun things. A picture of a death-spirit I doodled last night for Jess on my tablet. (They're called Grimms-- yeah, I spelled it wrong. Sorry.)

Also, (if you have quicktime) watch the Bilbo Baggins song. It's sung by Leonard Nemoy. As Stefan says, "It has a tuba solo!"

That's it for updates. If you feel like continuing on, I have a half hour left on the computer and I'm so stressed out, I might as use the blog as an outlet.

I don't have many friends. In fact, I think there are two people I've met over the years whose friendships have survived and who I love to a point that I would call them family. Unfortunately, I have recently found out what an ass I've been to my friends. All of them. Some more than others. But none of this has ever been out of spite. Simply carelessness.
I'm not a very smart person. And I cannot understand well the difference between misunderstanding and hatred. I am a careless person. And it seems that over the duration of the summer, I have slowly cut against my and my friend's friendship without knowing it. And if she's reading this, I am sorry. Sorry and frightened to a point that I am shaking. I am sorry.

I've already lost one of my dearest friends this summer-- and I'm afraid I've lost another one. Things aren't going well for me. At this rate... well, I don't want to think about it.

Oh, and to anyone going to the 5-year anniversary Sluggy Freelance party, I'm going. So you can see me all stressed out and such. Unless, of course, I get horribly maimed sometime over the course of tomorrow. Which may just happen.

In which case, I will probably not go to the party.



Updated: 8/22/02:

Hmm.. here's been my schedule for the week...

Monday: Go to the dentist for the tooth that's been causing me EXTREME amounts of pain for the past 2 months. He refuses to cap the tooth, sends me to a guy who specializes in root canals to see if I need one. Get a bunch of Lilo and Stitch stickers.
Tuesday: Go to the Endodonist (guy who specializes in root canals) Conversation as follows:

Doctor: Okay, you need a root canal. I can give you one now!
Me: .... meep.

Anywho, all went well, my tooth still hurts a lot from HAVING ITS INSIDES HOLLOWED OUT, but it isn't sensitive to cold anymore. Which I guess is a good thing. Plus the nurse gave me one of my nerves in a little plastic baggie. It's so cute! It looks kinda like an embryo. ^^

Actually, I feel pretty bad for killing the tooth... I mean, it's dead now. Forever. I... I'm a tooth murderer! What have I done??


SO. Anyway. Have some mindless destruction. Highly entertaining.

Also, here's the inked version of a picture I'm planning on selling on E-bay. It's Selal, the Guardian character who was just introduced into the comic. Gonna color it soon.... I'm all paranoid I'll mess it up.

Mmm, that's about it.


Updated: 8/18/02:

New Fallen

I've been working extra hard this week to have the new site for Fallen done on time. Ugh, that was PAINFUL to do. I went through about 5 different potential designs before I landed on this one. And it's still pretty simple. (I'm not very good at web design... >_>; )

I really don't have anything useful or interesting to say... so have a quick story and a link!

Once upon a time... I used to be acquainted with a girl named Aysha through Min Rho. She was about my age... maybe younger. A very talented artist. I came across her website by accident a few weeks ago and... it's shameful how skilled she's become. Y'know, it's rude to leave me in the dust like that. *sigh*

Anywho, check out her site.

Blarrhg. The End.

*takes a bow*

Jess.... 'ere.

Updated: 8/17/02:

O-kay, so I've finally finished my complete overhaul of the Fallen section of the site. It is now its own website! (... or at least it looks like one. ^^; ) I'll post it tomorrow with the rest of the update.

I'm also very happy because I get to introduce one of my favorite minor characters tomorrow. ^^ Hehe.

That's really about it-- I've been feeling bad about neglecting my blog. I haven't been drawing too much other than comic-type stuffs.

... I've also been seriously looking into selling stuff on e-bay since I'm lacking in the money department... except that would mean I've have to use mediums other than photoshop... >_o

Ookay, will post interesting things tomorrow!


Me: I think you have a soul-- it's just a little dirty. Y' just need to clean it off a bit.
John: What can you clean a soul with?
Me: Peroxide.

Updated: 8/12/02:
(okay, so it's monday morning.)

New Fallen

I'm late by an hour. So mleah. I didn't have the stamina to finish coloring the third page... so that'll be in next week's update.

Ye-ahh... and a few of my Otakon pictures...

Crossdresser #1
Domo-kun. XDXD
David Bowie and person- from- Labyrinth- who- was- too- annoying-to- remember- her- name
Evil Vash.
Guy in full samurai armor. X_x
Best Kodomo costume... ever.
Crossdresser #2
Girls with Choo Choo Bears
The parking lot next to the convention center. XD
John Barrett, a guy I met at I-Con.
San and Ashitaka
Ranma's Dad... Panda.... can't remember his name. >_o
Badass Renamon costume.
Pump it up is evil! XD
Vash the Stampede playing DDR! XDXD
... no one really knew.

And finally...


Hehe. I'm not obsessed. Really.


Updated: 8/11/02:

(time: 9:45 PM est)

I'm trying to color three pages of Fallen in a record time with a throbbing hand... I really have to wear my hand-brace more often. X_x

I'll also have Otakon pictures! Just gimmie a few more hours!


Updated: 8/5/02:
(agonyyy... )

New Fallen

(time: 11:40... furvect isn't FTPing... I'll keep on trying. -.- )
(time: 12:10... furvect STILL isn't letting me FTP....arrr. *brandishes wooden sword* )
(time: 1:30... okay, screw this. I'll try again when I wake up. )

N'ragg... page 35 is pissing me off. Not only did I have to flip the entire page and futz with everyone's heads because I drew Singe and Gabe in the wrong seats, the blocking sucks and it flows badly. NYAH. >_< Stupid non-symmetrical hairstyles.

On top of that, the tooth that has had next to no enamel on it since birth that the dentist refuses to cap is making it impossible for me to eat or drink anything cold. DAMMIT! Mrahhrg! *froth-froth-claw*

Speaking of good things, I've gotten a taste of .hack//sign, one of the coolest animes ever. I love Bear. He reminds me a lot of Pyr... crossed with William Wallace. ^^;

Aaaanndd... I didn't scan in the round-robin comic... sorry, John/Eric... I'll do it eventually.

In the meantime, I'll just get continually harassed by my mom waving around a college application. Yarr.


Updated: 8/4/02:

O-kay, here's the deal with the comic... I was away the entire weekend at a RIT seminar-thing and had no time to work on the comic. I REALLLLYY don't have the time to finish drawing let alone coloring today, so Fallen will update tomorrow! Sorry about this!

Here, have a preview of the comic. Poor Lynn.

Also, I'll try to scan in the horrendously strange round-robin comic from Otakon. (I still don't have my photos back... *sniffle* )


Updated: 7/30/02:
(I have walking sushi!)

(thought I uploaded this earlier-- oops.)

Four days of surviving mainly on instant ramen and peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. Hot diggity damn. XD Otakon was possibly of of the most entertaining experiences I have ever had. The main downsides were an excess of beggars and random asses in cars hassling the cosplayers. Otherwise, it was highly enjoyable and mildly lucrative. I am SO getting a table at the Artist Alley next year.

It was unbelievable the number of Vash and Auron cosplayers around. And I think I got photos of every single Auron. (Mmmmm.... .Auron..... ) I can't wait to get my pictures developed. There was even a person who made a giant Kuro Neko Sama suit who was staying in the hotel room next door. (although I didn't get a picture of her. *sadsigh* )

SPEAKING of which! Quistis! You have my mechanical pencil! E-mail me! ;_;

True, I didn't have the patience to stay in the lines to meet Largo, Piro, or Yashuiro Nightow, but it didn't really seem to matter much.

On the last night John, Eric, and I wrote a 12+ page round-robin comic about what would happen to Vash if he was in the star wars universe. I'm reluctant to scan it. It is exceedingly silly.

I wanna go to Anime Boston.

Oh! And I have exactly one fan. Her name is Barbara. ^^


One last thing... I need to ask everyone a favor:

I've heard rumors that there was someone dressed up as Faustus wandering around. (other than John.) If anyone has pictures of him or saw him or WAS him, e-mail me, please!

Mmm, that's about it. I'm going to go and play with my new spiffy flesh-colored markers.


Updated: 7/25/02:

W0000t. O-kay, I'm leaving for the pre-Otakon mega-crapmed-psyched-up sleepover in a few hours.... I still haven't completely finished my boomerang. That being because I ditched the paper mache idea yesterday because the thing got too heavy, so I wound up carving one of John's old boogie boards. (it's about a foot shorter than the paper mache one, but it'll be less awkward anyway.) Why didn't I think of styrofoam in the first place... >_<

SO! If you're going to be around, I'll be the person wandering around the con looking vaguely like this. (although I have an alternate outfit in the form of a generic schoolgirl uniform which I probably won't wear unless I nearly die of heat. Which I might just.) I didn't want to get a table in the Artist Alley because that means less fun for me... but I will be carrying around a portfolio of prints that I will be selling... if anyone happens to want to stop me. (I checked this out with the people running the convention... it's okay. So don't stop me and accuse me of being stingy. I'm just lazy.) I also got business cards. Ooooh, I feel so cool.

Arright, I think that's about it. I will return with many photos, stories, and perhaps (but not necessarily) a con report.

Bye! Fallen will return next week!


Updated: 7/21/02:

New Fallen

Yes! I have completed the myth! ... this also means that I can't use an outer glow and a cheap texture and say I've finished coloring a page. Alas.

The new design for the Fallen site is coming along slowly. I've come up with about 6 schemes and none of them have really worked well. Thank you to the people I got e-mails from who tried to help-- but I want to do this myself. I'll hopefully eventually reply to the e-mails themselves at some point. (I'm so behind on e-mail... *sob*)


The cat in the background of Trigun.
Find out what secondary animated character you are.

 Anywho, I got pretty pretty shiny Jen-fanart! W00t! I have much happiness. Lookie! Eouen! :D

... about other fanart-type stuff... I know I have some that I haven't peered at in my in-box... but that's all in the great evilness of the e-mail situation that I'm in. I SWEAR I'll reply to e-mails. Really! Send me fanart! ;_;

Mmm, that's about it. I have to go and design crap.

Happy Sunday!



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