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Updated: 7/21/02:

New Fallen

Yes! I have completed the myth! ... this also means that I can't use an outer glow and a cheap texture and say I've finished coloring a page. Alas.

The new design for the Fallen site is coming along slowly. I've come up with about 6 schemes and none of them have really worked well. Thank you to the people I got e-mails from who tried to help-- but I want to do this myself. I'll hopefully eventually reply to the e-mails themselves at some point. (I'm so behind on e-mail... *sob*)


The cat in the background of Trigun.
Find out what secondary animated character you are.

 Anywho, I got pretty pretty shiny Jen-fanart! W00t! I have much happiness. Lookie! Eouen! :D

... about other fanart-type stuff... I know I have some that I haven't peered at in my in-box... but that's all in the great evilness of the e-mail situation that I'm in. I SWEAR I'll reply to e-mails. Really! Send me fanart! ;_;

Mmm, that's about it. I have to go and design crap.

Happy Sunday!


Updated: 7/19/02:

Hah, I survived the trip home.

Okay, the trip to Arizona was.... long. It was an interesting trip, but I still had enough free time to START AND FINISH FINAL FANTASY X. 95 hours. I am such a loser. Booyah. Auron is my god.

There was a severe lackage of inspiration there.... I mean, the some of the big interesting highlights of the trip were having a bird getting stuck in my half brother's apartment and getting bitten on the face by the larger and scarier of his two dogs.

So, because of aforementioned fact, there isn't a large amount of art to be shared... and most of it is... *gasp*... fanart. (yes sorry, folks.) Here we go...

Doodle of Auron.
Doodle of
Lulu. (with Wakka in the corner there...)
Somewhat redesigned
Valefore... Squaresoft has a beautiful ability to make the most ineffective, biologically unsound creatures ever. I love them so much.

And the one thing that I drew that's worth looking at that isn't fanart, something that kinda looks like Faustus.

Strings of Fate just had the COOLEST UPDATE EVER. Go look at it. NOW. Full color. Badass.

Also, if you didn't see my guest day at Mory's Education, go check it out.


Otakon is NEXT WEEK! (My costume's not done! Argg!) This means I will hopefully be wandering around Baltimore with a small portfolio in a Sango costume with some loud girls and a few sexy, long-haired boys. Be warned! There WILL be an update of Fallen this coming Sunday, but there probably will NOT be the Sunday after that.

Yeaah, that's about all I have to say. G'nite!


Person: You remind me of a friend of mine! She's schizophrenic and bipolar!
Me: Uh. Thanks...?

Updated: 7/1/02:
(Arizona.... wheeeeeeeee.... X_x)

New Fallen

Once again, the update is about an hour late of Sunday. I'm leaving in about 12 hours to go off to Arizona for nearly three weeks... mnehh. :P

This means that Fallen will not be updated for the next two weeks. Do not expect updates neither the 7th or the 14th of July because I'm not going to be here. I'm coming back the 18th so I'll have an update on the 21st. And I'll finish up the myth. (I like telling the stories... lets me make quick, panel-less pages. ^^ )

Also, some time around the end of next week, keep an eye on Mory's Education-- I may or may not have drawn a guest strip which may or may not be displayed on the 19th.

*ahem* Anywho.

I'll be off-- hopefully I'll return with some interesting sketches or something. >_o


Updated: 6/27/02:
(late again... :P )

Big, BIG thunderstorm before. Hadda turn off all the computers. Meant to update earlier. >_o

So! Art! Right!

Random doodles in red pen...

Sketches of a Nox Demon. (they're my favorite. ^^ )

I forgot this was in my history notes... Ranthanadethrycie strikes again.

My sad attempts at redesigning my design for the Fallen site. (no, I didn't draw a disney character, what are you talking about... >_>;; )

There are far too many things wrong with this picture for me to like it enough to color. Arg, stupid action poses. (Nerrah'll be in the comic later. Much, much later.)

Drew a relatively generic cat-girl for some certain... friends... of mine.... Once again, far too many things wrong with it. I'm losing my touch.

.... That is, if I had a touch in the first place.

Curses. :P


Updated: 6/26/02:
(neosporin is your FRIEND.)

Wheee! I spent half of the afternoon drawing... I don't have time to scan stuff at the moment, so I'll post it later. I spent the SECOND half of the afternoon making a giant mesh boomerang. In a tank top. (this is for my Sango costume fer Otakon by the way... which I'm just about finished now... gotta finish sewing the top shirt-y thing. ) Hehe, protection such as gloves and long sleeves are for the weak! I have cuts all over my arms and hands now. See? I'm so proud of me. ^^

That is all! Art will be posted tomorrow! Good night!


Updated: 6/24/02:
(it's still sunday in some countries...)

New Fallen

*ahem* sorry... I was expecting to have more done and at an earlier time... but I didn't get started on today's update until this afternoon. ^^; I'm SO tempted to put in little pissed-sounding speech bubbles from the angel-dude in page 29. XD
I also changed the name of the section... merged the current section with the next section, creating a super-mega section. Ooooohhh....

News from the past week time!

School's over! YESSS!! I'm a senior! I get to... be bossed around by underclassmen. *sigh* Still, things are happy.... I even pulled a B for the year in math. I'm muchly pleased about that.

I saw Lilo and Stitch twice this weekend. And despite my general hatred of Disney, this was a really cute, intelligent, funny, well-done movie. The alien designs were fun to drool over. John and I were oogling over the raptor security guards. XD

Also, just a quick heads up... I'm going to be gone from the first of July to the 18th. I'm being sent off to my dad's ex wife's house. I don't see the mentality in it, either... but I'm not going to be updating in that two and a half week period.

I get to go to Becky's house and work on my Otakon costume tomorrow! W00t!

Mmmm, summer.

(who is still waiting for the promised
Strings of Fate update...)

Updated: 6/17/02:
("... I guess if you were dead you really wouldn't have to work much...")

New Fallen

Long day today. Bought a new script-book for fallen since the one I have now is nearly filled up. Studied for tomorrow's math final. Had strange shared experiences with a multidimensional being who was hanging out at Megan's house. Maybe he'll come back.

Sorry the update is so late. I'm becoming increasingly unhappy about how the story line is unfolding in this chapter. It's moving very choppily. I hope the last half works a bit better. This weekend should have 2-4 pages... the next part will be easy to draw and is already mostly blocked out. ^^

I'm going to get harassed by my dad very soon... gotta get up early for the math final.



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