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Updated: 6/17/02:(technically Monday, but I say it's still Sunday.)

I'll update tomorrow. I want to finish the second page. :P

Sleep now. Must not get yelled at by angry parents.


Updated: 6/13/02:
(she... did.... WHAT??)

O-kay. Pay no attention to my title. I'm going to have to kick someone in the proverbial ass once my brain unscrambles itself.

Erm, haven't been around much, haven't been checking/responding to e-mail... sorry about that. Finals have started and I'm all twitchy and stressed and my hand hurts from writing upwards of 10 or 12 pages of nonstop essays and poetry analysesses. (I have no idea how to spell the plural of analysis. Please don't e-mail me with a correct spelling, I won't respond and I won't care.) Plus I've been staying at the high school for 2-4 extra hours every day for the past week and a half trying to get the lit. magazine together with my coeditor. (Yes, singular. Adam didn't do SQUAT, ya' bum.)


Finals end on Wednesday. I'll try to make the comic-deadline on Sunday, but there are no promises. I'll probably be able to color that extra page I meant to post for last week.

YO, RAI. In return for having you breaking 400 hits in one day, how about giving me some credit for giving you that Angelology book? ;_; Oh, and your past two layouts have been really unfriendly with macs. The last one cut off a good portion of your text. For the new one I have to scroll down a good deal to get to your blog. I'll make a screenshot of it for you if you want. It's... interesting. >_o

Proceeding onto the strangeness. Just about every year I've been in the literary magazine I've done some really REALLY strange picture for the last page for my school to gape at and wonder why I have any friends at all. This year Adam (my co-editor-person) ordered me to draw this. I don't understand it personally. It's some inside-joke between him and Chris. (Chris being the editor who actually does work.)

On a side note, Alexander Hamilton is PHAWTT. I wanna be as phawtt as him.

Take the 'Which Archangel are you?' Quiz!
Which Archangel are you? by Xera

H'm. Speaking of Gabriel, I believe I've failed to mention that Gabe (in Fallen) is the only character in the comic who does not belong to me. I'd never be masochistic enough to create a character with a Scottish brogue and short curly hair. If anyone dares to ask me if their character can be in Fallen, I'm going to... erm. Get really pissed off.

I'm getting yelled at.

Sorry for sounding all pissy. Finals make things unhappy.


Updated: 6/10/02:
(yay. :P )

New Fallen

Woohoo... finished lettering.

Hehe... I feel popular. You're welcome, Rai. ^^;

Oooohhh... cool animated music videos.... lookit the Get a Clue music video... really well done. *_*

Laaaahhh... I'm thirsty. I'm gonna go get something drinkable.



Updated: 6/9/02:
(again! >_< )

Okay, I thought I'd have 2 pages out today, I couldn't finish one. Whoopee. I would be able to update if I had about 20 more minutes, but I know my dad will come to bite my head off any second now. Sorry, will definitely update tomorrow after I get home from school. (which will probably be around 5-6:00 pm EST. I have a magazine to put together. -.-; )
Blame it on the ocarina... I made one for my end-of-the-year physics project and it took me 2 days to get the whistle to work. It can't even do a decent octave. it looks like a human heart. >_o

Here, have a preview of tomorrow's page. Yaww.

Random things:

Mwaah... Jen ebay auction... must have picture of Feng... *_*

Hagrid can't die. Hagrid will never EVER die. Don't say that. *cry*

... I'm addicted to Monster Rancher 3. My next monster is gonna be a dominatrix pixie. I think I'll call her Lilith. ^^

Uhm... yes. *toots her horrendously off-key ocarina*


Updated: 6/6/02:
(whee... X_x )

I can't believe it, my hits are still down from when my computer died for a week. I still got over 60,000 hits... wow. I can't wait until I get 66,666 hits. XD

Fun things stolen from Rai to do whilst procrastinating on an English essay...

01. I hurt: my tongue.
02. I love: Wiggemous. He's ma' cow plushie.
03. I hate: parasites... in both the literal and figurative forms.
04. I cry: occasionally.
05. I fear: my dad.
06. I hope: to survive highschool... X_x
07. I sadden: during sappy movies
08. I feel alone: quite often
09. I kill: SQUIRRELS
10. I talk: to myself
11. I listen: to very silly music.
12. I break: their fall
13. I see: people who aren't there.
14. I smell: dinner burning... >_>;;
15. I taste: like chicken
16. I work: far more than I'd like to
17. I remember: very little
18. I hold: what doesn't seep through my fingers
19. I hide: my smutty porn. (joking, really. >_>; )
20. I pray: to Ranthanadethycie.
21. I walk: barely ever. Rather, I canter. I skip. So nyah.
22. I drive: poorly.
23. I read: webcomics.
24. I burn: everything. Mmmm, fire....
25. I breathe: fire.
26. I play: with my mind
27. I miss: some people more than others...
28. I touch: the keyboard. *tickety-tap*
29. I learn: when I'm not doodling excessively.
30. I feel: really hot and sticky. Damned humidity.
31. I know: very little.
32. I said: "I'm a lazy ninja monkey!" No, really, I'm serious.
33. I dream: about... uhm. Nevermind.
34. I have: to write my english essay...
35. I want: to be 2 inches taller.
36. I fall: asleep during school.
37. I wait: for school to end. Even though I know it never EVER will.
38. I need: sleeeep...
39. I live: in a dream. A very happy dream at that.
40. I die: just as slowly and quickly as everyone else.
41. I thank: the people who actually visit my site. Thanks! :D

Whee, doodles. (don't ask for it to make sense. more character spoilers from fallen. >_<; )


Updated: 6/5/02:
(slowest... week... EVER.)

I hate school with a burning hatred of a thousand suns. Nyrarr.

This is me.
la. la. la.

Make yourself.



Updated: 6/3/02: (11:00 pm)
(dialogue corrections...)

Fixed Fallen

Megan pointed out some dialogue I should change to make everything sound a bit more "brogueish"... I'm pretty sure that isn't a word. Anyway, stuff has been done, gods have been appeased, I really need to sleep... as well as study for tomorrow's history test, read Death of a Salesman, see the trippy movie version of Death of a Salesman, write an essay on Death of a Salesman, finish reading The Great Gatsby, do my physics homework, put together a magazine for the school, kick people to help me put together the magazine, bring up my math grade, bring up my physics grade, study for finals, reply to my now nearly 200 e-mails in my in-box, create a new website for Fallen, maim small mammals.... uhm.... sleep.

There's a new cartoon on Toonami. It's about hamsters. I love anime so much.

Long is so cool. I order you to worship Strings of Fate now.

Hey! Look over there! (I still haven't read the story... >_>; )

I'm Akaimu!

Take the test, and read the story!
Brought to you by

Ookay, I'm done here.


I got to rode on a hot air balloon today! Wheee!

Updated: 6/3/02:

New Fallen

Sorry it's not much! Being rushed! I gotta go! Gwaah!



Updated: 6/2/02:

Sorry, I don't know if I'll be able to make the deadline tonight. I spent all weekend helping a friend do a project for her english class and didn't have much time for the comic. I'm just about finished the coloring, but I don't think I'd have time to add text before I got yelled at by my mom. Plus I gotta take a shower. :P Nya.

I'll probably wind up updating tomorrow after school. Sorry again!


Updated: 5/30/02:

Death-deathity-death-death. X_x Wheee...

My mom had me enter a picture into an Adobe contest. (which I know I'll never place in.) So I was up until late hours last night finishing this picture of Eouen which has no sense of design or composition. There's more detail in this than I've ever put in any other picture before, though.... plus there's a BG. Most of which isn't shown in the picture. -.-;

So... lookit the details I made of the picture. Ookie, here's the statue... and here's the really cool hill I did all freehand with the tablet... and here's a random close-up of the grass.

.... and then I had to shrink it down to 72dpi and under 800X600 pixels and.... <insert technobabble here>


I'm changing the Fallen-area of the MFoD soon. It needs its own private design. I'm thinking of this. It'll probably get changed in a few weeks or so... and if not, after school ends. Which is June 22. My school is evil.

And other art!

I finished up that map of the Fallen-y world with terrain and such.

Not a picture of Dusk.

Not a picture of Noodle.

Picture of Ranthanadethrycie with his unfinished design. He looks different now. Pronounced: Ran-thuh-na-deh-thrice. god of life, death.... and pudding. 17 letters in case you were wondering.

Hello, Eric. *evil laughter*
Sett: That's..very, very troubling ^_^;

In other news...

Congrads to Caelith for being the first person to e-mail me about the 4 capitols! (with additional huzzahs to Megan, Spike, and Katie for also knowing.) In case you were horribly curious, they are the 4 winds of Greek mythology. I'm so inventive, aren't I?

Oh... and Caelith gets a cookie. Or at least an animal cracker. >_o

In other-other news...

I saw Spirit... and was pleasantly surprised. The horses... they don't talk. Every emotion is conveyed through body language and expression. Non-disney plot. Dreamworks kicks ASS. I want to be like Dreamworks.

Whee! Okay, goodnight.


Updated: 5/27/02:(12:30 am)
(I just realized...)

New Fallen

... Fallen has been running for over a year. Aren't we proud?

... actually, it'd not REALLY a year because I took the entire summer off since I was at RISD. >_o Let's just pretend.

Anywho, in celebration, I drew a happy-birthday picture for the comic. I'm all proud... did it all on the tablet. ^^

Plus, I finally got around to drawing a map of the world Fallen takes place in. No alternate Earth for me... I gotta be all masochistic and start from scratch. :P The map isn't finished, but I wanted to post it. The city the comic is in right now is Midcross. We'll be tromping all over Runel and southern Arnika. *grinn*

First person to guess what the capitols of the continents are named after gets a cookie or something.

Wheeee... *thunk*


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