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Updated: 5/25/02:

A'rright, my computer's back! Thanks to everyone who sent e-mails. In case you were wondering, the hard-drive WAS bad. My mom went and spent some huge amount of money and got the repair guy to do a file-recovery.

SOOOO what that means, I got most of my files back! ^^ It also means that there will be a comic update on Sunday.


Anywho, the repair guy gave me a bunch of random assorted MP3's... so I've been listening to Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire for the past hour and a half. It's been such a long time since I've read that book. XD I'm in love with Sirius.

Mrrerm, I scanned in some pictures that were drawn over the past week while I was gone...

First, the 49th page of chapter 9 of Strings of Fate was partially dedicated to me, so I had to draw some quick Long-dragon fanart because he's so cool.

Quick Singe doodle-y thing. bathing suit or something. I want summer now.

Apparently the 24th was Inuyasha's voice actor's birthday. So I doodled this. Megan added the caption. ^^;

Started reading the Great Gatsby in english class. I adore the quote that starts the book. Had to draw something silly based on it. And something with six legs.

...And after reading the newest installment of Strings of Fate I HAD to draw an oriental dragon. So I drew a random old Mandarin Dragon with some people on durros. I honestly have no idea, but it turned out really well.

Oh yeah, and since I have my files back... I'm still planning on selling prints at Otakon and such. So if you're going, please plan on giving me money. *grinn* I'm hoping to get together a Sango costume (Youkai exterminator from Inuyasha) ... dono what I'll do about that gargantuan boomerang, though... >_o

... maybe I'll just be Kaoru from Kenshin.

Oh! Almost forgot! I forgot to post this earlier, but you GOTTA see what FireEyes made me for my birthday! This is possibly the coolest birthday present I have ever received. I feel like such a bad friend...

... Aido has spoken.


ps... yes, I've been backing up ALL OF MY FILES.

Updated: 5/14/02:
<insert title here>

I'm not entirely sure if this will work or not.

Remember me mentioning those strange sounds from the computer? That was the sound of it dying. That's right... my computer killed itself last night. All of my files from the past year and a half were destroyed. The original files of the comic, my school work, my portfolio, hundreds upon hundreds of hours of work-- it's gone. I never had the wits about me to make backups. I was hoping I'd be able to carry around a little portfolio with printouts around to sell at ShoujoCon and Otakon (both of which I should be going to this summer) but mleh. I feel like an idiot.

So, what does this mean? I'm not going to be around for a while. For a lack of a computer as well as a short "mourning/kick-myself-in-the-ass" period. This also means no comic. I'm sorry. I just don't have the means or the heart to do it at the moment. I don't know when I'll be back.

Feels like I've lost an important part of myself. It's silly how we're taught to be so materialistic.


Updated: 5/13/02:
<insert title here>

*Aido sits, sips constant comment green tea, ponders life's mysteries, avoids writing an english essay.*

The story with Fallen. The file for the image was corrupted. I'm sorry, Meg... either Gabe doesn't like me or someone doesn't like Gabe. Still, my mom waved a magic wand and the Norton fairy went *poof* and the file said, "oh, okay!" and let me open it. It's still gi-normous, as most corrupted files are, and hard to open and save because of the waiting period. I may or may not get it up by tomorrow.

O-kay, I saw Spiderman twice over the weekend and I just wanted to put my little commentary here. Despite the fact that everyone I knew loved it, I was pretty disappointed. The CG was the least impressive part, or at least to me. It was completely unbelievable. (in the bad way.) Something in the physics or lack of textures... it just wasn't believable. With all the hype and improvements in computers and programs, they should give us at least that. It brings into question how well done the CG for the other upcoming Marvel movies-- the Hulk and DareDevil-- will be. Also, the script was mind-numbingly cliché. What's with the "I'll get you-- if it's the last thing I do!" and the "We'll meet again, Spiderman! <insert evil cackle here>?"
I did, however, enjoy the subliminal messaging with the Spiderman sponsors... well done with the Dr.Pepper, guys. Another thing I found rather pleasing was the attack of the B-actors. They had a slew of actors from the old Xena series... Bruce Campbell, Lucy Lawless, and that guy who played Joxer the Mighty who I don't remember the name of but had a crush on when I was twelve.

M'yyeah. I still think I'll stick to the cartoons they had on Fox in the early 90's. That voice actor had the per-fect Spiderman voice... sweet and sarcastic.

I'm sounding surprisingly bitter tonight. Apologies.


... snausage is a funny word. Snausage. Snaauussaaggeee.

Updated: 5/12/02:
(... that can't be a good sound.)

Okay, no new Fallen. I tried... but two crashes later, I realized it wasn't meant to be. I then tried to take a cropped shot of one of the finished panels to post here and... well, the computer started making really strange noises and I think the file got damaged and I REALLY REALLY don't wanna redo all that work. *cry*

... anywho, I'll try to rebuild the desktop and kick the tower a few times and see what happens. Me and my technical expertise.

I've recently discovered the gorillaz homepage. Everything's so pretty and interactive! The music videos are so very very badass. I love Noodle. XD

Now, then... I'm off to kick something important looking.


Updated: 5/9/02:
(elves don't like walls.)

Of COURSE elves don't like walls. Everyone knows that. Especially Robert Frost.

Other than that, I have nothing interesting to say, except for a nice image update.

After a 2+ week hiatus, Strings of Fate updated. I was so ecstatic, I had to draw fanart with my super-pretty shiny Wacom. (*gasp*) They're so cute together when Mao's not trying to kill Tony. ^^

And I learned that tablets are also useful for tracing stuff. Here be Dhio's huge blind badass evil Nazgul-looking Clydesdale-ish warhorse. I think Clydesdales are the most beautiful horses... they're shaggy. ^^

Also, upon receiving a nice .5 lead interchangeable red/blue/black mechanical pencil, I decided I'd try to challenge on myself on Monday by trying to fill up a 8.5x11 page of computer paper with as many of my characters as I could possibly fit. (fear the run-on sentence.) I got up to 17 and decided I was finished. If you're as confused as everyone else was (except for Megan) here's a color-coded list of everyone. Because I'm a loser like that.

I fancy Elves.
The only one that will ever look good in tights. Oh yea.
Which culture from Middle-Earth do you fancy?
Hannah and Dani

Eat that, Rai. I like my men pretty. ^^

Mmmm, pretty men....


Oh my... that is so cute...

Updated: 5/6/02:
(... oy.)

... my karma died today or something. Or last night. As a result, my GPA spontaneously exploded. As did my mom. Which leads me to the conclusion that I must not tell my parents anything ever EVER again.

At least Sachs is still alive.

Love the Adult Swim.

... and high amounts of violence involving magnifying glasses is entertaining. Mmm, fire. (you should probably have a cable modem if you want to play.)


Updated: 5/5/02:
( X_x )

New Fallen

Sorry, only one relatively crappy page tonite. I'm gonna be up all night studying for history... then physics... then math... then english...




Updated: 5/1/02:

Seems everyone wants John in one way or another. Mine, dammit.

... anywho. Watch this movie NOW.

... because Piccolo is a cucumber.

love Brak.


Updated: 4/29/02:
(no more lightning storm!)

New Fallen

A'rright! My computer happily didn't blow up. As promised, there's some new comic-y pages, colored with my super-deluxe-happy Wacom tablet. There is a total of one word and one onomatopoeia in the entire update. ^^

Also, as promised, I have some tablet-y sketchies and stuff from I-Con. I'm not actually supposed to out up the photo of me and Billy Boyd (the guy who played Pippin in LoTR)... and since my mom checks this site, I won't. :P

Okay, pictures!

There was only one picture that was doodled at I-Con that turned out okay. Random Silhouette-y thing of Pyr.
Tablet doodles! I wanna be a
pirate! (about the shirt... I got that for by birthday. It's Gir from Invader Zim. ^^; ) Chibi Faustus! Non-original-posing picture of Pyr! Blindingly bright rave.. thing..!

... Faustus makes a cute elf.

... and that's it. I have to go rewrite a english research paper.

Parenthetical notations of death.


... GAH! I'm over 50,000 hits! I didn't even notice!

Updated: 4/28/02:
(liiiightning stoooorm...)

Okay, there's a lightning storm outside, so I can't update for fear of my computer blowing up... I'll do it after school tomorrow.



Updated: 4/25/02:

Wh'yeee... I ehm schoooo toiyerdd.


Anywho, thank you SO MUCH to everyone who sent me birthday greetings and pictures and such. (I'm 17 for all those of you wondering.) I am undeserving of people such as you.

I still haven't bothered scanning in the doodles from I-Con, I'll do that within a few days... I gotta work on the comic, too. Eh.... heh.... >_>;

Anywho, much happiness, for I got a Jyiis-package and a Jess-package and my mom got me a super-shiny Wacom tablet! HUZZAH!! It also came with a nifty keen demo of Painter which I will play with thoroughly.

In the meantime, I shall verily treat myself to a birthday going-to-sleep-early.

Oh, and I passed my driver's test... I am now the proud owner of a.... G.D.L.. Those bastards.

Arr, I gotta go change the filter of the fish tank.

You people are cool.



Updated: 4/21/02:
(ooh, espresso flavored jolt...)

Tired. Must get up at 4:00 am tomorrow to drive to Rochester.

Back from I-Con. People were cool. Pete and co. are cool. No one knew who I was except as the kid who colored the Sluggy Sunday twice, but I showed off my sketchbook to what was probably a total of three people on the last day and they were impressed, so I felt cool.

We were sitting next to John Barret (aka Roxi) the entire con and at the end of today (the last day) a guy named Spam handed me a fill-in-a-panel comic-y thing and John looked over at what I was doing and said "hey, that's really neat" and we started talking about furry art and the like and it seems we know of a lot of the same people. And I was happy. And I met two guys from Obsidian Graph-X who really didn't want that plug I just gave them. They gave me a free poster which I left in Pete's car along with my Cake cd. They were looking really tired so I went and bought them some coke. I also met Efrain, who apparently personally knows Neo Geen, who did a trade picture with me a few years back. Wow, trippy stuff.

I am so tired.

Excuse the run-on sentences.

I got to meet Billy Boyd-- the guy who played Pippin in LoTR. That man has the most wonderful accent I have ever heard. Trillian got a picture of us. He is so very very cute. Very nice guy. Didn't seem too phased by the excess of fangirls. Pete was mocking the hobbit-yness.

He got his tattoo on his heel.

I'll go do something now.

Be back Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning.

--Aido the tacoless

Updated: 4/18/02:
(hiatus! woohoo!)

Okay, it's official: I'm going to I-Con with the Sluggy gang! My first convention! (Pete is one of the most generous people I've ever met. ^^ ) Look! I'm mentioned at Sluggy! :D
Sooooo if you want to meet me and you're around the Long Island area, stop by the Sluggy table. I'm the really short, skinny asian girl.

...This unfortunately means I'm not going to be updating Fallen this weekend... sorry. I'll do something next weekend, I swear!

Also, don't hope to see me around much this week... despite the fact that it IS my spring break, I'm going to be out a lot looking at colleges. I'm coming back from I-Con Sunday night, leaving to check out colleges in northern New York on Monday morning. (4:00 am to be precise.) Coming back Tuesday night.

I'll post a blurb on either Sunday or Tuesday or so.



Updated: 4/17/02:
(Oooh, lord of the rings...)

If I learned anything today, it's that the the movie version of Lord of the Rings far surpasses the cartoon version. Sure, the animation's great, it was breakthrough for the time (the early 80's or so...) -- they traced over live action stills and the characters have great movement. The problem is that most of the movie isn't animated... it's live action that was put through a filter to make it all monochromatic. The second half of the movie is mostly live action. Eww.

... plus, most of the major characters aren't wearing pants. (which earned it a wonderful amount of MST'ing.) Aragorn, Boromir.. they look like they're wearing miniskirts. And they shave their legs. The orcs are wearing togas. Gimli looks exactly like Boromir, except for their hats... Boromir is wearing a viking hat and Gimli looks like he stole Link's sock-cap. And the Balraug (did I spell that right?) is Mothma. Gandalf's "death scene" is the funniest part of the movie.

... but Legolas is wearing pants and is pretty. And I am appeased.

Anywho, to show what a lazy ass I am, I finally finished Stacy's birthday picture.... her birthday had to be about 2 months ago.

It was snowing last week. It was about 96 out today.

No, of course the world's not coming to an end.

I believe you.



emergency pants... what a novel idea.... hmm...

Updated: 4/14/02:

New Fallen

I wish I could have a better update than just one page. >_o

Aaand... I still have mail from January in my in-box.

Aaaaannnnddd... I have to go and do history homework.


My elfwood gallery's been updated. (finally.) Feel free t' leave comments.


Updated: 4/10/02:
(hooray for being productive!)

New Gallery

*groan* That took a while. >_o

The navigation of the galleries looks a bit nicer, plus I put up the fanart gallery. It's quite apparent that I don't draw much for other people. I'm such an ass.

Ye-ah... anywho! Have some art. We're not doing anything important at school, so I spend my time being constructive... like trying not to be outdone by a 14-year old. I wanna tablet compatible with my G4. *sigh*

Sketch of the Eastern gods

A bit of a modernized dragon-portrait. The wings are far too small. There are too many things wrong with it. Nyar.

I really should work on my e-mail.

... oh, and I should mention that my AOL account has deceased. It has ceased to be. It is an ex-e-mail account. It... *gets smacked*

Ooohh... dialectizer. The MFoD sounds really weird... "hacker" setting scares me. Because I know people who type like that. *twitch*


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