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Updated: 4/9/02:
(... and then aido went insane.)

New Banners


finished the Research Paper of Death and General Unhappiness®!

.. and then everything went *kaboom*

ah, yes.


A deer skull suddenly appeared in the art room and he kindly asked me to draw him. I gladly obliged.

Ball-point pen on crappy manilla paper.
Freehand random prisma markers.

It's really too bad... the skull is from a really young deer.



What bishounen type is your favourite?

By ShoSen of
Totally Kawaii!


Updated: 4/7/02:
(Whee UMASS! ^^ )

New Fallen

Okay-- as promised, one new page. Behold the panel where no one has arms.

Massachusetts was muchly fun. I got to watch Fruits Basket! XD It really is like SoF (which, by the way, had a badass cliffhanger update yesterday) --except minus the angst and plus a barrel and a half of pixie sticks. Get more episodes, Katie!

School work of death now. Buhbye. X_x


Updated: 4/4/02:

Arright, I'm going to be gone from Friday to Sunday night. Huzzah for college touring with cool people in Mass. I DO, however have my comic-update prepared for Sunday, so don't fret-- although it is a measly one page.

In the meantime, play really nifty obscenely cute flash games! Yay!


Updated: 4/3/02:
(woa... colors... X_x )

Huzzah for food poisoning. I got to stay home and not move today. Lotsa pain.

Anywho, after feeling a bit better, I doodled a bit in Photoshop with my trusty one-button mouse....

Sobe with a weird background. (he's the water dragon-kin who stands around and doesn't do much in the comic.)
In dissolve-o-vision!

And then I decided I really wanted to be masochistic and drew a masked demon. Whoo.
... and then I
colored it.

Wheee... I'll go write a research paper now.



Updated: 4/1/02:
(I feel so unimaginative.)

Fixed Fallen

Happy April Fool's day or somesuch. Can't think of a inventive or convincing enough lie to tell you people to get you all panicky, so I won't bother.

There were loads of spelling errors in the comic pages I put up last night, so I went and fixed those. And then a nice fellow named James Morgan pointed out that I've been mixing up "bifocal vision" with "depth perception" all my life. So I fixed that in the comic, too. Plus I put up the title image for Foresight.

uhm. yes.


Updated: 3/31/02:

New Fallen

I tried to have 4 pages for this update, but I got about 75% through coloring the last page and realized I'd run out of time. So you can have three tonite. There is FAR too much narration on these pages. They look really cluttered and messy.

Yes, Megan... he's coming soon.


People are better artists than I am.



<insert something interesting here>

*listens to Cake cd*

Updated: 3/26/02:
(... wark.)

Okay, so Disney and Squaresoft are still releasing that game with all of the Final Fantasy characters.

I swear, I'm not upset.



Erm. Anywho. I haven't used my AOL e-mail account for a good month and upon checking it I discovered over 100 spam e-mails. Impressive.

And A Beautiful Mind is evil. Arrrr.



Updated: 2/24/02:

New Fallen (barely. -.-; )

Much workness to do. Many bad things. Stupid 2-point perspective.

Jess added Kyuuei into Mory! XD That's far too silly.

And SoF has a new, super big update! Whee! :D

You are Kermit!
Though you're technically the star, you're pretty mellow and don't mind letting others share the spotlight. You are also something of a dreamer.

I'm done here.


Updated: 2/23/02:

Ho-tay. First, I *will* have a very VERY small comic update tomorrow. I'm having a REALLY hard time with the script and I also have a bunch of projects for school to do. Arg.

Also, WATCH MY FLASH MOVIE. Watch it now and be amazed. A'great many thanks to my mom and John for helping me make the button work.

... I gotta work in Flash more often.

I still have over 100 e-mails in my in-box and I gotta go see if I can finish coloring the comic... whee.

Oh! Before I forget... some person named Christy Silberman has been giving out my e-mail as her own. If you think my name is Christy, you're WRONG. I've been getting e-mail for her for weeks and it's driving me nuts.

Tell Christy to stop giving out my address! Stop e-mailing me!


Ah, yes... happy berfday, Jen. ^^

Updated: 3/21/02:
(ziggy boogy dude.... oww.)

Go here if you have a free half hour-40 minutes. I didn't time how long it took... but it's a long time. And it's painful....

I take it back... no one should ever watch that.



you have been warned.


Updated: 3/18/02:
(convert and get a free phone! :D )

Gotta love Landover Baptist. Go here.

Sett wants a plug. Visit Sett and lookit his comic. Because comics are highly entertaining.


Oh, and the phone offer is a parody.

in case you couldn't tell.



... meow.

Updated: 3/17/02:
(I love bad music.)

New Fallen

Sorry Furvect was down last night.

As I said last week, I only colored that old black and white page. Hooray for me and my wonderful schedule. *groan* I'll try to have something nice for you next week.

I saw Mulin Rouge a few days ago. That is the trippiest movie I have ever seen with the one exception of Yellow Submarine.

I have nothing particularly interesting and/or worthwhile to say. So you can have the lyrics to a song I have on my playlist. I don't know who did it. Stefan gave it to me. Because he is far more interesting than I. Plus he usually has something interesting and/or worthwhile to say.

Take stuff from work!
It's the best way to feel better about your job.
Never buy pens or pencils or paper.
Take 'em from work.
Rubber bands, paper clips, memo pads, folders--
Take 'em from work.
It's the best way to feel good about your low pay
and appalling working conditions.
Take an ashtray, they got plenty!
Take coat hangers!
Take, uh, take a trash can!
Why buy a file cabinet?
Why buy a phone?
Why buy a personal computer or word processor?
Take 'em from work!
I took a whole desk from the last place I worked!
They never noticed and it looks great in my apartment.
Take an electric pencil sharpener!
Take a case of white out--
You might need it one day.
Take stuff from work.
It's your duty as oppressed worker to steal from your employers!
It's going to be an outstanding day!
Take stuff from work and goof off on the company time.
I wrote this at work.
They're paying me to write about stuff I steal from them!
Life is good!

Bite Me is back up. ^^ Much happiness on that subject.

Oooh... Scrued... it's all in color... OoooOooOOoooohh..... (I love it when people make up big complex societies and worlds for their comics. It makes me feel like less of a loser. *snicker* )

In other news, I have over 100 unanswered e-mails in my in box.



Updated: 3/14/02:
(torpor is good.)

New Fallen

I only finished the title image for Ink and Metal. It's been sitting there for a few days now, but might as well boost my self-esteem and say I actually finished something.

Scanned some stuff in... I've recently become the vice president of the school's new Renaissance Club. (in part because I'm the only person in the school who can spell Renaissance.) I made a flyer for the first meeting, which the student advisor immediately rejected, saying it was "gender biased" and "false advertising." (now that I think of it, I think the girls outnumber the boys two to one... haha) But that's okay because the student advisor looks like a penguin. I then made another crappier half-assed one at lunch which he reluctantly accepted.

And a doodle-y marker experiment I did... trying to redesign old characters who will have a small, vague part in the comic. Has a bunch of water color markers and ball point pen and stuff in it. Trying to make Tristan actually look like a traditional eastern dragon.

I finally got a letter back from the Governor's school. I received the most generic rejection letter ever. "We appreciate your participation, but- to- be- frank,- we- don't- think- you- have- any- talent- so- piss- off." Personally, I didn't want to go to Governor's school, it's basically a whole summer wasted, but the fact that I didn't get into the counties was kind of a crushing blow... more so because a girl from my school got into the semifinals for art last year and I know I'm much more skilled than she is.

Makes me wonder what they'll think when I send in my AP portfolio or apply for college.

Huzzah for oodles of self-doubt.

And SAT's are on Saturday. >_o

Onto cool things.

Ghost Hunters is a exceedingly shiny comic. It's done in pretty pretty traditional anime style. Looks quite professional.

I found a nifty site through my tracker! The Swerve links to me! Check out the LoTR art! So much niftiness!


don't look at this. mock not Domo.

Updated: 3/11/02:
(the masochism factor.)

Okay, rather than do something important, I think I'll... color a random doodle in photoshop! Okay, sounds like a plan!

I'll color this one, too. Woa, background and perspective.

Don't ask me where they came from... I think I've been reading Demonology too much. >_0


poke the bunny. you know you want to. (thanks fer the link, hyperchu. ^^ )


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