Okay! So I'm starting the whole gallery-thing. Yay for me. It only took nearly a year. Forgive the simplistic layout-- I'll think up something more creative in another year. *wry laugh*
Right now I only have the finished art gallery open, but that's the only stuff you people would want to see anyway... the rest is icky sketches and general blarg that really has no business here.

You have no idea how annoying it is getting this stuff in chronological order.

Ye-ah. Go and look at art.

FINISHED ART: Basically anything that's colored. There's some pencil things in here that I liked, but it's mostly photoshop stuff.

FANART: Pictures I've done of other people's characters. Gifts and the like.

SKETCHES: Stuff that's not quite sloppy and quick enough to be considered a doodle.

DOODLES: Pictures on lined paper, stuff that I don't particularly care for, and some other assorted junk.



I'll do more later. In the meantime, look at my web gallieries or something.


Elfwood: Elfwood has a nice atmosphere for any beginner fantasy artist; you can get some nice feedback and it's just a generally friendly place with an assorted bunch of people.

VCL: (has about 6X the amount of pictures as elfwood... some good stuff... but some icky random sketchy crap that I haven't gotten around to deleting yet)


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