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Uthra (ooh-thRUH)

Uthra are the lowest angels. They have no free will, no personality... as Void often says, mindless drones. All Uthra have a "limited warranty." After about 500-1,000 years, they are usually destroyed and replaced by other Uthra. These angels have no physical form, although some have visible forms. Some are used by gods, Taubri, and sometimes Grigori to communicate with each other and the "mortal world." Others do mundane jobs that no Taubri or Grigori in their right mind would do.
Name Origin: Named after the generic Mandaean word for "angel."

Abadon (Ah-buh-dawn)

As most people have figured out, Abadon is what Faustus is, an "angel of death". Abadon have two main jobs: natural-related death and vengence related death. They will retrieve a departed soul from any higher organism and pass it to a Telvi (another Uthra), or will be used by Taubri or gods to smite a mortal down by simply ripping their soul out. Good times.
Name Origin: Named after Abadon, angel of death.

Telvi (tell-vee)

Telvi are the "harvesters" of the Uthra. Their job is to collect a soul from an Abadon and tote it around. The soul can be released, recycled into another body, be brought to a Naekur to judge whether it will be used as a Grigori, or any number of things.

Mai (my)

Mai are purely the subordinates of the Beliar. They are the fighters of the Uthra and know no other purpose.

Doumah (doo-ma)

Doumah, or Muses, are controllers. If a god or Taubri wishes to sway a mortal's mind, they will send a Doumah to "muse" them, or basically possess them.
Name Origin: I derived the name Doumah from the angel Duma, the Egyptian angel of silence.

Erelim (air-limb)

There are two types of Erelim: Eyes and Voices. Higher beings tend to have anywhere from 10 to 100 of each at any time. Eyes can be possessed by gods or Taubri to see anything at any place the Erelim is sent. Voices can be possessed to go anywhere and speak for the possessor, even though they may not be there.
Name Origin: Erelim are named after the angel class of Erelim, who were said to have infinate eyes and tongues.

Nahdel: (naw-dell)

Nadel are the messengers-- they basically go from place to place to deliver messages. They can be used by gods, Taubri, or Grigori.
Name Origin: Derived the name Nahdel from the angel Nadiel, the angel of migration.


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