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(Note the severe lackage of female characters. This will be remedied in the near future.) 

Name: Singe (Eve)
Importance: main character
Gender: female
Age: early-mid 20's
Profession: anything that pays
First introduced: part 1 page 1
Notes: Faustus' reluctant roommate. She'd like nothing better than to be rid of him, but he's just so damned cute.
Sin was originally supposed to be a much darker character than I made her out to be. (I found out that I can't write dark characters. Eh-heh...) So I gotta go back to the beginning and change that.

Name: Faustus
Importance: main character
Gender: male
Age: unknown
Profession: ex-guardian (aka fallen angel)
First introduced: (seen) part 1 page 3
Notes: Faus isn't used to being mortal, but he's slowly getting there. The only time he actually shows strong emotion is when Amadeus is around. *snicker*

Name: Void
Importance: main character
Gender: female
Age: unknown
Profession: reluctant baby-sitter
First introduced: part 1 page 2
Notes: Sure, she looks cute, but that's about it. Void smokes a lot and complains about her job even more. We'll find out some deeper stuff about her later.

Name: Amadeus
Importance: animal sidekick
Gender: male
Age: 7-ish
Profession: snake
First introduced: part 1 page 45
Notes: Amadeus really never has a major part. He's there just to be cute and scare the b'jeezus out of Faustus.

Name: Ronian
Importance: weapon of choice
Gender: who knows.
Age: unknown
Profession: cursed scythe
First introduced: part 1 page 43
Notes: Not much is really known of Ronian as of yet-- but Void can (or thinks she can) talk to him/her/it.

Name: Tobias Kenner
Importance: guy-who-will-be-more-important-later-in-the-plot
Gender: male
Age: 30's-ish
Profession: freelance
First introduced: part 2 page 1
Notes: Tobias is Tiger-kin, meaning he has ancestry with a tiger demigod who mated with a human. (note: kin are relatively common.)
Tobias is actually based on my childhood friend... a giant stuffed tiger of the same name that I've had since I was about 8. I needed a character, looked on my bed and decided Toby needed some credit.

Name: Selal Caeh'l
Importance: everything and nothing
Gender: closest to female
Age: pretty damned old
Profession: reluctant baby-sitter (oh, the irony...)
First introduced: part 2 page 41
Notes: Selal is a Caeh'l, one of the most powerful castes of guardians. She has also been stuck with the job of watching over Void, since no one else wants to. Despite her cold exterior, she is one of the most sympathetic of the higher guardians towards mortals and their affairs.
Selal is probably my favorite secondary character. Expect to see her in the future.

Name: Gabriel Macrae (Gabe)
Importance: secondary character
Gender: male
Age: 1000-ish
Profession: Indentured Guardian. Type: Cairn
First introduced: part 2 page 20
Notes: Gabe is an indentured Guardian, meaning he was once mortal and was more or less "hired" to be a Guardian for a certain period of time after his death.
Gabe is the only character in the comic who does not belong to me. He is actually the brainchild of my best friend, Megan. I needed a character and offered to stick him in. (please note: I hate drawing characters with curly hair and Gabe's dialogue is really annoying to write because of his &@#*$'n Scottish brogue.) Also, note that in my infinite geekyness, the scarf he always wears has a Macrae-clan tartan pattern.

Name: Ves (Real name unknown. We think it's Wesley.)
Importance: secondary character. (handy plot device!)
Gender: male
Age: late-20's-ish (?)
Profession: unknown
First introduced: part 1 page 20
Notes: Ves was originally a spontaneous convenience. I needed an Avian Kin for a plot device and was going to have him run in and out really quickly, but he gained a lot of popularity, so he's going to replace another character in a major role later in the plot.
It has also been decided that he speaks in a cockney accent.

Name: unknown
Importance: unknown
Gender: unknown
Age: unknown
Profession: unknown
First introduced: part 1 page 41
Notes: The bird will have a more important part in the comic. It'll just take a while to get to that point.

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