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*** Please, before you e-mail me and wait 3+ months for me to respond, look through here! It might make your life a bit easier! ***

Q: Faustus is really sexy!
A: I know. ^^

Q: The first question was a statement.
A: shut up.

... anywho.

Q: How do you draw/color the comic?
A: I get this question so often... all I do is draw on regular computer paper with a mechanical pencil and color in photoshop. Since I'm a lazy ass and hate inking anything, I gave up that step a long time ago. Mechanical pencil gives it a much more organic feel anyway. If that's important to you.
Maybe at some point I'll make a quick little tutorial going through the steps... but it's pretty simple.

Q: What's your schedule like?
A: Mon-Thurs: slack off. Fri: poke at script, block out a page or so if I'm feeling productive. Sat: ignore friends, draw a lot. Sun: ignore homework, color a lot. Update some time close to midnight. Repeat.

Q: Can I link to you?
A: Yes-yes-yes! Banners for Fallen are

Q: Can you link to my comic?
A: Uh... I can't really make promises... but send me a link and I'll take a peek. I love reading comics. ^^

Q: Why were the first 20 pages done in greyscale?
A: Because I was lazy. After a while the marker fumes started driving me crazy and I got pestered to bring the quality level up, so I started coloring it in photoshop. Hopefully, I'm going to be redoing the first half of the first chapter in the near future. They're shameful.

Q: When are you redoing the first 20 pages?
A: AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. Hopefully once I finish part 2. Maybe I'll work on part 1 and 3 simultaneously. I'll figure it out later. There are a bunch of things I want to change for the first chapter.

Q: Are you planning on making a hard copy of Fallen?
A: At the moment, no. First, I'd only consider it once I finish the ENTIRE COMIC. Which will probably take several years. Second, I'm too unhappy with too much of it to think of trying to sell it to people. Plus, why buy it if it's free on the internet?

Q: How about merchandise?
A: Erm. Maybe. I was thinking about making shirts through Cafepress, but they only have white shirts. I really dislike the color white. >_o

Q: How long will the comic last?
A: Erm... I have 7+ chapters in my head. Possibly more. This is going to be going on for several years. *cry*
Q: ... You have no social life, do you?
A: Yeah, basically.

Q: Are you planning on doing this as a career?
A: Erm... maybe. I'm actually hoping to go to college for animation. Because I'm masochistic like that. But we'll see where I get accepted to. If I can survive senior year... >_>

Q: What gender is Void?
A: Er. Female. I was hoping people would be able to tell....
Q: Void speaks parseltongue!
A: Indeed she does!

Q: So how DO you pronounce Faustus?
A: I've always pronounced it as Faw-stus, with the au sounding like the words "saw" or "gnaw", but it seems more popular to pronounce it as Fow-stus, with the au sounding like the words "cow" or "now". (ugh, I feel like a Sesame Street skit...) Right, so... you have the right to pronounce my character's names any way you want. I still say it's pronounced Fawstus. Even though the dictionary says differently. -.-;

Q: What's with the bird?
A: Erm, the bird will be important later.

Q: Are we going to be seeing any gods in the comic?
A: I only have Eouen (phoenix goddess) and Dhio (metal god) planned out in the far, FAR future. But you're not supposed to know that.

Q: ... I'm confused.
A: Er... sorry. ^^; If it's really bugging you,
e-mail me. But, unless I screwed up a lot, everything should be explained. Eventually.

Q: You didn't e-mail me back!
A: Ye-ah... I tend to ignore e-mail. A lot. As in I still have e-mail from February. I'm bad about e-mail. Don't e-mail me if you can avoid it. ^^;; (note to self: get a guest book... )



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