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Grigori (grig-or-E)

Grigori are the class of Guardians between the Uthra and the Taubri. Although they have free will, they are expected to be completely subordinate to the Taubri. Still, they are given responsibilities far higher than any common Uthra and are trusted to make decisions on their own if it comes to that. These are the earth-bound angels, meaning that they only have physical forms.
Grigori is the only class that will accept "indentured guardians," or will temporarily "adopt" mortals for a period of time. This is because Grigori, unlike the Uthra cannot simply be "renewed," and if for some reason one is destroyed or falls, they cannot be replaced.
Name Origin: The Grigori are named after the class of angels Grigori, which were the "watcher" angels.

Cairn (carn)

The Cairn, as most know, is the caste that Gabe belongs to. They are the interceders, the ones that are sent to sort out mortal problems before they become potential large-scale, icky problems that might need true divine intervention. (namely wars, rebellion, and such.) This caste is composed mostly of indentured Guardians, since they have the most tolerance and compassion for mortals.
Name Origin: Derived from the word "carn," a pile of stones used as a landmark to help find one's way.

Lailah (lie-la)

The Lailah are the true guardian angels. They are sent to protect or mentor a particular person who either is fated to have an important part in history, or is simply favored by a higher being.
Name Origin: Named after the "lailah", a caste of guardian angels.

Vrelil (vrel-ill)

The Vrelil are purely the subordinates of the Pemuel. They are the true watchers of the Grigori, never interrupting in the flow of events-- simply wandering, watching, and recording everything they see and reporting to the Pemuel.
Name Origin: Derived from the name "Vretil," an angelic scribe.

Saud (sawed)

The Saud are the diplomats. They are used to speak for a god or Taubri when a Nahdel is inappropriate. They are also used to speak on behalf of a higher being to mortals when that being is too lazy/busy to see them themselves. The Saud do not accept indentured Guardians.
Name Origin: Derived from the name Sadriel, the angel of order.

Naekur (nay-ker)

The Naekur are the Guardians who judge the souls of mortals, mainly to see whether or not they are to be used as indentured Guardians. This caste does not accept indentured Guardians.
Name Origin: Derived from the name Nekir, an Arabic angel who was believed to interrogate souls of the dead.


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