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Taubri (taw-bree)

Taubri are the highest angels, immortal, and controllers of the Grigori and Uthra. They are one of the two main groups that have free will. The Taubri hardly ever directly have anything to do with "earthly matters", usually sending Grigori to do their dirty work. Since they are extremely powerful entities, they can take any physical form they wish.
Name Origin: Derived the name Taubri from the name "Tabris," the angel of free will.

Zethar (zay-THarr)

Zethar are the highest caste of the Taubri, and the most mysterious. There are only three members of this group, basically "governing" over all other groups. Few have seen the true forms of the Zethar, even other Taubri such as the Caeh'l, their seconds in command. Little more is known of these angels.
Name Origin: The Zethar were named after Zethar, the angel of immortality and confusion.

Caeh'l (kai-hell)

Caeh'l are the second highest caste of the Taubri only to the Zethar. There are fifteen of these angels, one for each letter of caeh'l, the angelic alphabet. This group is split into five divisions of three, each led by the Caeh'l whose names are vowels. Selal Caeh'l is a member of this caste. See the caeh'l alphabet.

Beliar (bell-E-R)

Beliar are the warriors of the Taubri. When you think of the wrathful, super-powerful angels of olde, that's the Beliar. This is the largest group of Zethar, consisting of probably several hundred. To add onto their numbers, they have a caste of subordinate Uthra soldiers, the Mai, which number in the thousands. The Beliar have a long-held silent rivalry with the Pemuel, considering them too "bookish."
Name Origin: The Beliar were named after Beliar, the angel of hostility.

Pemuel (peh-mel)

Pemuel are the recorders of the Taubri. They are the keepers of lost information and records of the world. The Pemuel have a caste of Grigori subordinates, the Vrelil, which wander the earth, gathering information. They have a long-held silent rivalry with the Beliar, considering them too "brutish."
Name Origin: Derived the name Pemuel from the name "Penemuel," a fallen angel who taught man to write.


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