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Northern Gods

Northern Gods

Followers of the northern gods can mostly be found in Le'Eran, the northern continent. See map.

Suitachi (su-E-tah-chee) <image>

Type: primary cardinal god
Gender: male
Direction: north
Animal: dragon
Element: air
Metal: silver
Represents: prophesy, dreams, truth, neutrality
Symbol: lantern, moon
Patron: philosophers, monks, pacifists

Suitachi is the oldest of the gods, and therefore their unofficial leader. Above all the other cardinal gods, he seems to have the most wits about him. He is also the closest of all others to the Zethar, the high angels. Sui's season is spring, the beginning of the year for the Altae calendar. Naturally, it is traditional to have a celebration in his honor on the new year.
Yes, I do realize that suitachi means "first" in Japanese.

Taishou (tahE-show) <image>

Type: secondary god
Gender: male
Direction: north
Animal: bat
Element: electricity
Color: yellow
Represents: writing, travel, communication
Symbol: scroll, road
Patron: scribes, intellectuals, travelers

Taishou is the only god whose common form is that of a child. He is the big intellectual of the all gods, and their official note keeper. It is said that he is the inventor of the written word. Taishou is said to have a horde of small animals, mostly birds, some lesser wyverns and drakes, at his command to send messages. He is often depicted as a human boy with a staff, accompanied by song birds.
I hate drawing bat-feet. Taishou's a god. He can have normal looking feet if he wants.

Reáleigh (re-AH-lee) <image>

Type: secondary god
Gender: female
Direction: north
Animal: praying mantis
Element: air
Color: white
Represents: trickery, disguise
Symbol: mask
Patron: thieves, actors

Reáleigh is never seen in her beast-form. She is the least sane of the gods and rather enjoys wandering around in different forms, playing tricks on the masses. She thoroughly enjoys the theater, seeing people pretend they're someone else and all. Even though Reah has become the official patron of actors, she will do little in their favor. (Then again, she'll do little against their favor, which is good.) Reah has a great love for masks and will usually be seen around wearing one from her vast collection. She is often accompanied by her favorite mask, her creation Baelae, even though he is not a mantis. (rather he's some pointy feline saber-toothed cat-demon looking thing.)
I know it sounds like it, but Reáleigh's name has nothing to do with the city Raleigh. Her name is actually based off of the word, "reah," which is the word for "air" or "wind" in Krei, a language I made up way-back-when.

Baelae (bay-lay) <image>

Baelae is one of Reáleigh's children and is considered a minor god. (child being a creation, not necessarily offspring.) Usually, Baelae looks like a nasty looking mask carved out of a red wood, but he has the ability to turn into any kind of decapitated head he wishes. (Blame on his mum. )

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