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Eastern Gods

Eastern Gods

Followers of the eastern gods can mostly be found in Arnika, the eastern continent. See map.

Eouen (Owen) <image>

Type: primary cardinal god
Gender: female
Direction: east
Animal: phoenix
Element: fire
Metal: platinum
Represents: refuge, growth, motherhood, rebirth
Symbol: sun
Patron: refugees, mothers, all kin

Eouen is the second oldest of all the gods, after Suitachi. She has the most biologically unsound beast form of all the gods: an 8-winged phoenix. (believe me, it's all for show.) Eouen is seen as a mother-figure, the guardian of refugees. All of her temples provide refuge to anyone who will ask of it. She is also known as the protector of all kin, because it is believed that one of her priestesses, for whom Eouen's continent was named for, was the mother of the first kin.

Dhio (D-O) <image>

Type: secondary god
Gender: male
Direction: east
Animal: jackal
Element: metal
Color: black
Represents: craft, sometimes death
Symbol: horseshoe, bell, various weapons
Patron: artisans, blacksmiths, equestrians, swordsmen

Dhio is the most feared and misunderstood of all the gods. (And he couldn't care less.) He could be seen as the anti-god-god, caring little for the rich splendor and responsibilities of a deity's life. He does exactly what is expected of him and little more. Dhio has no priests, religion or temples, and has a relatively small, loose "following", mostly of artisans and blacksmiths who pay homage to him. It is rare that he will show favor on any individual, and tends to stay secluded from anyone, immortal and mortal alike-- with the exception of his fellow eastern gods. Dhio is usually seen in human form, wearing a large black cloak and grate-like mask, and riding Keir, his black warhorse. It is widely believed that he is the personification of death.
Dhio is my favorite god. As you've probably guessed, he's my own nifty version of Anubis.

Keir (keer) <image>

Keir is Dhio's horse, an unnaturally large midnight black shaggy clydesdale. Keir is blind and is always surrounded by fire-like black whisps of smoke which it uses to sense its surroundings. Not much is known about the horse, but its appearance has gained Keir the nickname "death stallion," among other titles, and it is believed to be the animal version of the grim reaper. (And people wonder why Dhio is believed to be the personification of death...) Offerings of oats or vegetables will often be left near sick or dying animals to convince Keir to let them live. No one is quite sure of Keir's gender. Except for Dhio.
Name Origin: Keir means "black" in Gaelic.

Kaijyu (ky-djoo) <image>

Type: secondary god
Gender: female
Direction: east
Animal: drake
Element: fire
Color: red
Represents: healing, mortality
Symbol: feather
Patron: priests, humans

Kaijyu was originally one of Eouen's priestesses. Then Reijt decided to make an idiot of himself and get kicked out of the godhood and she happened to be the most convenient person to replace him. So now she's the secondary fire god. Kaijyu isn't very popular among the gods for this-- Reijt was popular and she is looked down upon for being of mortal blood. Despite all this, she has become one of the most popular gods among the general masses, perhaps second of all secondary gods to Oria.
Despite her unfriendly relationship with most other gods, she's found a close friendship with Dhio. And I do mean close.

Reijt (rate) <image>

Type: fallen god
Gender: male
Direction: east
Animal: squirrel
Element: fire
Color: red
Represents: luck, commerce, wit
Symbol: coin
Patron: gamblers, merchants

Reijt was a bad boy. He got jealous and tried to take Eouen's place as a cardinal god. Wasn't very popular for it. Got himself booted out of his position of secondary fire god, then got replaced by a mortal of all things. Was comfortably living as a demigod private citizen for a while, then disappeared after a couple hundred years. No one quite knows what happened to him...
Note: I couldn't help it... I had to make the fallen god a squirrel. Anyone who knows me well enough knows that I hate the little buggers.

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