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site moved.

www.fallencomic.com is up and running now. In the meantime this site will run as a mirror while I get a few bugs ironed out.

I'm going to be at Ubercon this weekend if anyone's going.


new page.

This happens every time I go back to school.

I'm sorry.

I'll try to keep on track from now on.

I also have a bad habit of worrying about other people's comics over mine.

Sorry about that, too. >_>


a note.

I'm sorry there hasn't been anything going on since I got to school-- my problem is that everything takes 5X as long to do here than it does at home.

The comic will be updated before the end of the week.

I'm sorry.



I've gone to bed at 6:00am two nights in a row because of this one comic. It took me probably a total of somewhere around 10 hours to color. I'm sorry it's late. Please love it.

... and my e-mail address is still at abadon (at) gmail.com.

Should I put a parental warning on my site? This page was pretty graphic. I'm starting to get paranoid that I'll get hate mail from some 11-year old kid's mom or something...

what do you mean it's not finished??

Only the people who donated money know what a difficult coloring job this has been. I'm almost finished, but it's past 5:00am and I can't see straight. I haven't had a page this complex to color since the one with the chaos dragons.

It'll be up some time Monday afternoonish. I swears it.



E-mails with gifts have been sent to everyone who has donated. (Excluding the one person whose donation didn't clear.) Please e-mail me if you DID donate and did not receive an e-mail from me! abadon (at) gmail.com!


e-mail problems!

OOKAY, I fixed the problem with the donation button. To everyone who donated, YES, I RECEIVED THE DONATIONS AND I LOVE YOU ALL. I did not, however, receive any notes that people may have added to the donations because, as mentioned many many times before, my evilemail account is full. I have changed the e-mail that my Paypal is attached to and will be able to get confirmation notes and whatnot. If you sent me a note with the donation and want me to get it, send it to abadon (at) gmail.com.

Sorry for the mix-up and thank you all. I'll start sending stuff out tomorrow. I'm unbelievably exhausted right now. @_@


two new pages.

Not much to say. It's past 5am. I should change the update day to 'some time in that grey area between Sunday and Monday.' I made the extra effort this week into making two pages. TWOOO. Hollacrap.

The sexiest page in the world comes nest week. BE READY FOR IT.

I'd like to test something out-- my paypal account has been more than a little dry for the past several months. Sam and Fuzzy has just released a new t-shirt design that I desperately want to get my paws on. So, I'm going to play the incentive game. This week, I did a rare thing-- I drew next week's comic page in advance. I'm going to do a horribly unscrupulous thing and let people BRIBE me to see this new morsel of graphite joy. That's right, this week and this week only, you get to see the future of this horrifically confusing comic if you donate to my paypal account ANY AMOUNT OF MONEY. I will also give you a funky little exclusive wallpaper as well. Because I'm a nice person like that.

That's right, if you were to be an ass and donate $.01, you could receive the pencils for next week's page and a wallpaper. Now THAT'S what I call whoring myself out.

Remember, Fallen is for free and will always remain free. I don't demand that you give me money. In fact, I discourage it. Please, don't give me your money. Go buy yourself a sandwich. I'm serious, I don't really NEED anything. BUT if you do happen to want to give me money, I'd like to give something in return. So there you have it.

Goodmorning to you all and my apologies if any of this was just as incoherent as my comic has been lately. It is, after all, 5:30 in the morning.


finished coloring!

Done and done.


one new page.

Oh, hey there. Didn't see you. Well, as promised, there's a new page. The coloring isn't completely finished, I have a pretty awful headache and don't think I'll have the stamina to finish all the shading. I'll do it tomorrow. Because I LOVE YOU. I LOVE ALL OF YOU. @_@

I'm sorry, I'm a failure at life.

Anywho, the new e-mail is still abadon (at) gmail.com, the evilemail account died, blablabla. Oh, and check out my livejournal if you want to see something tasty that'll come around the end of August.

It's 5:20am. *sob*